Short stories funny and interesting from people's real life

Almost every person loves good jokes. Especially funny people short stories, funny and funny, happened in real life. Such cases will be a great entertainment for any company. Short stories, funny, original, funny - this is exactly what you need for a pleasant pastime. They are a kind of anecdote. However, the difference is that taken from real life, they sound much more interesting. Over these comic, famously twisted plots can be very long laugh without stopping.

Short stories. Funny Cases from Life

So, if you are going to rest in a circle of friends,be sure, everyone will like this entertainment. Short stories, funny cases are capable of instantly cheering people around. And if you have a good memory, you probably have a lot of them. Short stories - funny, kind, comical - about your friends and friends will give you smiles and a lot of positive emotions. Consider where the most often occur different situations.

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Military service

Often you can hear, for example, interestingstories from people's lives - funny, short - about the military. For example, this. The man tells about his period of service in the army. During his watch at the checkpoint, a married couple of age approached him. The woman began to wonder where the tank unit was in the vicinity. The son allegedly served there, she said. The guard on duty tried to explain to the couple that there was no tank unit around. In response, the couple tried desperately to prove that the son would not deceive them. The last argument of the woman was the photo shown to the person on duty. On it was a young "tankman" with a proud posture, leaning out of the sewer hatch to the waist with a lid in front of him. You can imagine how the soldier on duty laughed. Such interesting stories from people's lives (funny, short) among the military sound very often.

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Cases with documents

Where else can we meet funny funnymoments? Surprisingly, you can often hear stories from life, funny, short, related to working with documents. Here's one of them. The man needed to get a certificate for the notary office in the GBR. The bureau employee asked how urgently he needed a document (the cost of registration for three days - sixty-eight rubles, two - one hundred and five). The man stopped at the second option, as time, as they say, was pressing. Having paid money at the cash register, I received the answer: "Come on Monday." And it was Thursday. The girl explained that on Saturday and Sunday they are closed. "And if I paid for three days?" - asked the man. The girl explained that he would still have to come for a certificate on Monday. "Why did I pay forty rubles more?" - asked the man. "Like this? Time is running out. To get a certificate the day before, "- explained the girl. Of course, such stories from life, funny, short, at first can only make you angry. However, in time you will remember such cases with a smile on your face.

On a rest

The next option. Short funny stories from real life related to rest are no less popular than the above. A lot of curiosities can be seen on the beach. How fun it was, for example, for vacationers, who watched the next picture. On the seashore, a married couple with a little boy of eight years old was resting. Panamki only to take with them the family has forgotten. His wife went to the room for her headdresses, leaving the child for her father. When she returned, she did not see her husband, but her son ... He was buried in the sand. One head protruded. To the question "Where is Papa?" The boy answered: "He's bathing!". "Why are you here?" Asked my mother. The child cheerfully declared: "Dad buried, so I'm not lost!" Such an act, of course, serious to call it hard, but it was fun everyone!

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Short funny stories from real life sometimeshave a continuation, growing into longer, protracted. One of them tells the guide. A group of Russian tourists (hockey players) went on a boat tour along the mountain river. Often guides provoke water battles between holidaymakers. This time the Germans got into the rivals Russians. And the tour was conducted on May 9 ...

You could imagine how they got startedhockey players, having learned with whom they fight. With shouts of "For the Motherland!" And "For Victory!" They furiously splashed the ashes on the water. However, and this quickly fed up with them. Turning the opposing guide along the way, they rushed to the enemy directly on the boats, quickly turning them into the water.

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It would seem that the fun is over. But in the evening the following fact surfaced: both groups settled in the same hotel. Hockey players loudly celebrated their "victory" right by the pool, singing patriotic songs. The Germans did not even leave their numbers.

At work

Very often there are also funny stories frompeople's lives (short) in the workplace. For example, such a case. One man bought himself a book on handwriting analysis. Bringing her to work, he decided to try it on his colleagues. His employee wanted to "check" his daughter. The man agreed. The next day my colleague brought an envelope with a note. Opening it, the man immediately gave out: "Your daughter is 14 years old. She studies "perfectly". He likes riding and dancing. " The woman was just shocked and immediately ran about everything to tell her friends. The man did not even have time to tell her about the contents of the note: "I am an excellent student, I'm 14 years old, I love horses and dances. And your mother thinks you are a liar. "

Cases with animals

Funny stories about people's lives, short and notonly, quite often they are connected also with our smaller brothers. For example, such an interesting case occurred with a middle-aged man. Somehow a tired old dog came to the courtyard of his private house. However, the animal was fattened, on the neck there was a collar. That is, it was quite obvious that the dog is well taken care of, that she has a house. The dog approached the man, gave himself to pat and followed him into the hallway. Slowly passing through it, he lay down in the corner of the living room and fell asleep. After about an hour the dog went to the door. The man released an animal.

The next day, around this time, the dogagain came to him, "greeted", lay down in the same corner and again slept for about an hour. His "trips to visit" lasted for several weeks. Finally, the man decided to ask what was the matter, and pinned to the collar a note that read: "I'm sorry, but I want to find out who is the owner of this lovely lovely animal and whether he knows that the dog is sleeping in my house every day." The next day the dog came with a fastened "answer". The note read: "The dog lives in a house with six kids. Two of them and not yet three years old. He wants to sleep. May I come with him tomorrow? "

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The youth

Happens, others bring funny stories totears. Short stories from the life of young people are especially common among students, applicants, high school students. However, this case is not so. No one was offended or disappointed. Two young guys walked leisurely along the streets of the city. Stopping near the newsstand, where they also sell various stationery and other small things, they decided to buy a small ball on an elastic band, fun flying, if you jerk it - just as they say, for fun. The problem was one thing: the guys did not know the name of this toy. One of the boys, pointing to the ball, turned to the saleswoman: "Give me that fennu!" "What to give?" - asked the woman. "Fenku!" Repeated the young man. The guys left with their purchase. The next day they again passed this kiosk. A price tag with the inscription "fenka" appeared on the window near the ball.

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Cases with children

Funny short stories people necessarilymake a smile if it comes to toddlers. Here is the case with a three-year-old boy. A large friendly family came together at the same table. The child sat and watched calmly as his grandmother and mother fried pancakes. All this time he only quietly uttered: "This is all mine. I'll eat first. Who will eat without me - I will punish! "The women, at last, finished cooking and pancakes were folded on a plate with a pile. The family took out the jam and sat down at the table. Hands to wash last went to the boy. Before that, he warned everyone: "I'll go away. But all the pancakes will be counted, so that without me you will not eat. " Near the plate followed: "One, two, five, twenty, thirty ... Everything! Do not touch! "When the child returned, one pancake was eaten. The boy began to shout: "I told you, do not eat without me!" Relatives asked: "Did you really count?" To this the kid replied: "Do not you think? I can not count! I turned over the top pancake! "

Indeed, it turned out funny. After all, none of the adults could not guess to turn the top pancake fried side down.

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Hospital history

Very often, comic events occur inwalls of medical institutions. As a rule, interesting stories (funny, short) from maternity homes about young fathers are the most common among them. For example, here such. A man gave birth to a wife. Twins expected a wife. However, the sex of future children was not known to them. The woman gave birth to a girl and a boy. An agitated man was waiting for the doctor at the door of the ward. Finally, a midwife appeared. The father ran up to her with the question: "Doubles?" "Yes!" - replied the woman. The husband, smiling: "Boys?" She: "No!" Dad, smiling even more broadly: "Girls?" Midwife: "No!" The husband, dumbfounded: "And who?" Such cases occur a lot every day.

On road

Real funny stories, short and long,often associated also with the traffic police. At one of the motor depots of Novosibirsk, for example, this is the case. One low driver was working there. When he was driving KrAZ, it was not even visible from the outside. Once the chauffeur went on a flight, without fixing the back number on the car. He just put it in the glove box. As usual in such cases, the traffic police officer stood at the intersection. Seeing the car without the driver, he was very surprised and whistled. The chauffeur found a way out of the situation. He set the car so that it would be possible to slip into the second door unnoticed, and fix the number. Risky, but this is the only way to avoid a fine. So, the car stopped. The patrolman slowly approached, stood and, without waiting for anyone, looked inside. Of course, he was very puzzled, looking at the empty cockpit. The driver, meanwhile, fixed the number, and all returned to their seats. Even more surprised was the traffic police officer, when, listening to the command of his staff, an empty car wound up and drove on.

That's just funny

And one moment. Much depends, in fact, even on the mood of a person. Funny short stories may not have a so-called special story. Sometimes a person just has fun and joy in his heart. As they say, the laughter has got into the mouth. This is most likely explained by the fact that people face different stresses every day, small and not very much. All this, of course, is stored within each of us, adversely affecting the nervous system. The person of this, of course, constantly does not remember. But in memory all the same, all these unpleasant moments remain. Accordingly, the body from time to time have to do a nervous discharge. After all, laughter heals. Thus, the healing process manifests itself in the form of a cheerful mood.

So do not be surprised that at timesit happens. You can walk down the street with absolutely absurd thoughts in your head, look at others, and you will be funny. You can cheer yourself and their clothes, and gait, and facial expression. Trying to contain your laughter and a smile, you thereby cause a counter-reaction among the counterparts. Well, if something happens, it happens ... For example, a gust of wind throws a sheet of paper, or a packet, or something like that into the face, this story will seem to you especially cheerful.

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