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The sequel to the original Blade film is a worthy sequel to this mystical saga. In this picture, the viewer will see both new and old characters, whose roles are played by all the same actors. "Blade 2" still stirs spectator nerves and makes you sincerely empathize with the heroes who are fighting evil.

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In the second part of the film, Blade, having learned that his mentor is alive and captured by vampires, goes in search of him. He is determined to rescue him from the clutches of evil, but the bloodsuckers themselves find Blade and ask him for help. The fact is that a new kind of vampire has appeared, which threatens the existence of not only humanity, but also the vampires themselves.actors blade 2

The film "Blade 2", whose actors adequately act out their roles, is an excellent kinokomiks, it combines well the features of a comic book, action movie, mystical saga and gloomy noir. The film was highly appreciated by both ordinary movie fans and professional critics.He has several fairly prestigious awards, including the TAURUS Award and the nomination for the Saturn Award.

Actors of the movie "Blade 2"

The main role in the action movie played Wesley Snipes, who perfectly got used to the role of Eric Brooks. It is noteworthy that Snipes was already a rather eminent Hollywood actor when he began acting in the first part of the film, so his fees for the first two films were very impressive.

The film's budget amounted to 54 million dollars, which does not make a world-class blockbuster of the film, since such a budget, although not small by the standards of 2002, is difficult to call too large. This is the usual mid-budget picture, which is Blade 2. Militant actors, not counting Wesley Snipes himself, mostly agreed to relatively small fees, because they were not included in the unofficial list of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood.blade 2 cast

Among the rather famous today, but little-known then, the actors in the film played: Norman Reedus, Ron Perlman, Luke Goss, Leonor Vare, Thomas Kretschman, Matt Schulz, Donnie Yen and others. Many of them today are famous actors. "Blade 2" was not a catalyst for their ascent up the career ladder, but still had some meaning.


The lover of this franchise and just fans of action films and kinokomiksov for the most part known to all the main characters of the film and actors. "Blade 2" is not the most outstanding film in its genre, but it is worthy of attention because it is made at a good level. It has a good, albeit simple, plot, a worthy acting game, an interesting action and fight scenes, in general, everything that people go to cinemas for in films of this actors blade 2

With a budget of $ 54 million and marketing expenditures of about 25 million, the film collected more than 155 in the world film distribution, which clearly indicates the commercial success of the tape, therefore, just 2 years later, another part about Blade came out. In the final film, most of the characters are new, of course, their roles are performed by other actors. "Blade 2" moved to the third part of the main character - Blade himself, who was last performed by Wesley Snipes. All other attempts to make a film about Blade (there were several of them) were unsuccessful. Perhaps because the key role was played by another person.

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