Shopping in Turkey - a popular event

Turkey occupies one of the leading places in the world market for the production of high-quality textiles. That is why the goods from this country enjoy stunning popularity among consumers.

Shopping in Turkey is a useful, exciting andan interesting event. Anyone who visits its shopping centers, markets and shops, makes his purchases with real pleasure, even if he is not a great fan of shopping. This is not surprising, because the process of acquiring any thing goes in parallel with a kind of communication. Often, sellers give their customers small gifts and treat them to something delicious.

shopping in turkey

Trade outlets in Turkey are practicallyat every step. But the most famous and popular place is the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Its vast territory contains more than four thousand stores, rich in various goods.

Shopping in Turkey is popular and in free zonestrade. The goods purchased there are not taxed. Such zones are located away from famous resorts, but it is easy to get to them. There is even an opportunity to purchase an organized excursion. At the same time the bus delivers tourists to the vicinity of Kusadas, Antalya and other resorts in order to purchase the goods they need.

Turkish industry organizedproduction of goods from various world famous brands and brands. Shops located at factories sell real branded things and products from collections of past seasons at very low prices.

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Shopping in Turkey involves primarily buying:

- products made of fur and leather (belts and bags, jackets and coats);

- cotton textiles (towels, bed linen and clothes);

- products made of gold, the price for one gram of which is approximately equal to ten dollars, and also of silver.

All these popular goods among tourists can be purchased either in small shops or in large shopping centers.

Shopping in Turkey has a number of features. So, the process of buying is a kind of ritual, the key point of which is bargaining. And to bring down the price is necessary almost everywhere and always. The exception is only the points indicating a fixed amount for the goods. The lack of bargaining causes the seller a sincere resentment. At the same time, the buyer can bring down the price offered to him from ten to forty percent.

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Things from Turkey are fake. In this regard, the purchase of expensive goods is better to produce in the company store. And in the case when you buy watches, gold or pearl jewelry, you need to make sure of their quality, asking the seller for a certificate.

Shopping tour to Turkey is an interesting andfascinating occupation. Its start can be laid directly upon arrival at the hotel. It is there that often large shopping centers selling fur and leather products are brought to show their collections. They are shown as an evening show, causing tourists to wish to make a purchase.

An unforgettable experience of shopping will leavetourists and visiting the eastern bazaars. They impress with their color and benevolent sellers. Do not forget only the most important rule: always and everywhere bargain.

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Shopping in Turkey - a popular event Shopping in Turkey - a popular event Shopping in Turkey - a popular event Shopping in Turkey - a popular event Shopping in Turkey - a popular event