Shock absorbers on the "Gazelle": what to choose, how to install

"Gazelle" - one of the cheapest and easy to maintain cars. The car is built on the basis of the "Volga", so it is not surprising that the suspension scheme is the same here (except for some moments). In today's article we will pay attention to one of such elements - the shock absorber "Gazelle".


What it is? A shock absorber is an element of the suspension that serves to dampen vertical oscillations of the body, which are caused when driving over a hole and other road surface irregularities.

installation of a shock absorber on a gazelle

It is the shock absorber that eliminates the buildup of the car at speed and prevents the so-called pendulum effect. Therefore, this element is designed not only to increase comfort, but also traffic safety.


How to understand that the shock absorbers on the "Gazelle" have become unusable? Outwardly, this can be figured out by characteristic streaks. Inside the element is an oily liquid, which serves as a kind of damper and moves from one chamber to another.If there was a breakdown, the oil will flow out, and the driver will feel the deterioration of the car’s handling.

how to choose shock absorbers for gazelle

The machine will begin to sway significantly. This is especially noticeable when fully loaded. If the rear shock absorber is faulty, the Gazelle will constantly sway from the slightest bump on the road. Also, a faulty cylinder causes characteristic thuds. They are heard both in the cabin and on the street. Another sign - increased stiffness of the suspension. The car badly “swallows” irregularities, the blow is transmitted directly to the frame, and then to the body.

Which to choose? Types of shock absorbers

There are two types of data elements:

  • Oily.
  • Gas.

Which is better to choose? To answer this question, we consider each type of shock absorbers "Gazelle" separately.


Such elements are installed on all "Gazelles" from the factory. Oil contains a small amount of gas. Thanks to the oil, vertical oscillations are damped by the piston. What are the advantages of oil elements? Reviews say that such shock absorbers better quench the bumps, because they are softer.

photo of the shock absorber on the gazelle

Smoothness of a course and power consumption of a suspension increases.These shock absorbers are much cheaper than their gas counterparts, since they are simpler to manufacture. But they have drawbacks. Reviews say that such elements more often fail. The resource is from 10 to 30 thousand kilometers. With prolonged exposure, the oil in the cylinder heats up significantly, and as a result, the risk of breakdown increases. Yes, and the properties of the oil deteriorate from high temperature. Also, the oil does not like cold weather, so in winter, such shock absorbers flow most often. During the night, the liquid in the cylinder substantially thickens. At the beginning of the movement and in the first holes, the shock absorber suffers enormous loads, as the piston moves in spurts. If you do not warm up the oil (for this you need to move smoothly the first 2 kilometers), you can easily ditch the shock absorber.

The next minus is the side lurch. Every owner of the Gazelle knows how much the car rolls in corners. With oil shock absorbers, the maneuverability of the machine is significantly reduced. With a full load and on sharp turns, it is better to pre-brake.


Initially, such shock absorbers were designed for sports cars, but the Gazelle is not one of those.Why is gas elements put on Gazelle Business and Sobol? It's simple. In the design of such shock absorbers there is practically no oil. Accordingly, there is nothing to warm up and thicken. Especially well maintain such elements winter.

gazelle absorbers

The density of air in the cylinder is much less than the density of thickened oil, so these shock absorbers can not warm up and not be afraid that they suddenly fail and flow.

Another plus is handling. Gas shock absorbers are a bit tougher than their counterparts, so the car doesn’t roll so much when cornering (although it’s still far from a sports car). But at the same time such elements have a disadvantage. Since the stock moves a little harder, such a shock absorber extinguishes roughness worse, which means the suspension will be uncomfortable in the pits. But, as noted by the reviews, the smoothness of the "Gazelle" is not much different from the one that comes with oil shock absorbers. The difference is felt only when the car is empty.

Due to the fact that there is almost no oil in the construction, such shock absorbers on the Gazelle serve twice as much. But you have to pay for the resource.The price of gas elements is always higher compared to oil analogues.

What to choose?

Among import it is worth noting the manufacturers "Kayaba" and "Hola". The price of a set of shock absorbers will cost 3.4 and 2.4 thousand for the first and second brands, respectively. But the problem is that the real "Kayaba" does not produce shock absorbers for the "Gazelle". This will be a Chinese copy. Reviews say that such products are not of high quality. But how then to be? It is worth paying attention to the domestic manufacturer. The SS-20 shock absorbers are produced in Samara and are in high demand among owners of domestic cars. This company manufactures products for all Russian cars, and Gazel is no exception.

types of shock absorbers

If we talk about oil shock absorbers, the Optima SS-20 element will fit on the Gazelle Business. According to the manufacturer, they have increased energy intensity, which contributes to a more comfortable movement on a rough road. But reviews say that there is no significant difference between SS-20 and other oil elements. The only difference in resource - these shock absorbers are really durable. How much are these shock absorbers on the "Gazelle"? The price of the kit is 3.5 thousand rubles.

There are in the line and gas products.How much are these shock absorbers on the "Gazelle"? The price is 4 thousand rubles per set. The resource of elements is about 70 thousand kilometers. The car behaves moderately hard, the suspension does not tolerate significant blows. Also note that the manufacturer provides an annual warranty on its products.

What are the shock absorbers on the "Gazelle" fit with other cars? For those who want to save money, there is the option of installing elements from the 53rd Gas Lawn, but they only fit on the rear axle. Such shock absorbers are much cheaper, for example, the Aurora product for GAZ-53 costs about 450 rubles per piece.


The replacement operation is simple, it can be done without a jack and a viewing pit. To replace the front shock absorber on the "Gazelle", you need to unscrew the lower bolt of the shock absorber head at 19, remove the washer and unscrew the upper fastening in the same way. Next, remove the element and install a new one in the same way, without forgetting to install the washers.

what gazelle shock absorbers look like

To change the rear shock absorber, you also need a head on 19. It unscrew the lower bolt first and then the upper one. We take out the washers and the shock absorber itself.We install a new element and twist everything into place - first up, then down.

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