Shield advertising - as without him ?!

Developed advertising industry - a characteristic featureour time. Advertising does not give us boredom. This is its quality, perhaps the only plus, however, for those who are targeted and for whom it is intended. For its own creators, it is beneficial, because it is the engine of their business.Shield advertisingIt is also difficult to deny the fact that graphicimages of an advertising nature - banners - are aimed at forming a positive image. Nevertheless, each of us - the creator of the advertisement or its consumer - is familiar with the feeling of some fatigue from overloading with information that advertising brings to our consciousness. Infinite repetitions of the same thought, which contains a video clip, a poster, a suit of "walking agitation" on a disguised person or an advertising board often become directly intrusive. And only children are more often than not delighted with the rapidly changing pictures or the cheerful disposition of living carriers of advertising, disguised as costumes of amusing little animals.

Advertising business

In order to preserve the interest of consumers toinformation, which is promoted to the masses, the advertiser is tirelessly experimenting. For the past twenty years, the world of offline (that is, traditional, real) advertising has turned out somewhat boring. Therefore, one of the objects of the experiment was an advertising board, traditionally carrying its information on paper or cloth. Today, this propaganda point has begun to change markedly, namely, to improve.
Production of billboardsExperts have made advertising "smart" and evenintellectually developed. They "taught" their external screens to respond to a person, literally, to recognize someone who stopped in front of them or held their eyes on them. The viewer is studying what is happening on the screen, and the screen is studying the viewer - and this is not fiction. An example may be the fact that the science fiction filmmakers, having taken up a fresh idea, in the film "The Special Opinion" showed an episode in which the banner calls the protagonist by his name. The well-known worldwide advertising company Amscreen very aggressively promotes the idea of ​​the reality of such interaction, and not in words, but in deeds - on the basis of beta testing over the past year, confidently claiming that it will work. The founder of Amscreen and the legendary British electronics company Amstrad, British baron Alan Sugar is also convinced of this, because the manufacture of billboards and work with the largest European networks of outdoor electronic advertising is the business of his life. The time is near when more than six thousand Amstrad banner-banners covering 50 million people will be equipped with a video camera with special software, and these people will be "under the hood," and the advertising board will give way to the interactive screen. Already today, the screen is able to "read" the faces of people (to study the proportions of the person), determine sex, age, nationality, assess the degree of human interest in the presented content. The installation of billboards promises the recognition of speech by the keywords selected from the conversation. What are the prospects for advertisers!

Technology impactInstallation of billboards

Today, outdoor advertising - from the pillar to thesuperboard - it strikes the imagination with its tricks: it glows, moves, makes sounds and even smells. Aromatic shields excite not only interest, but also appetite. On street advertising does not affect the time of year, nor weather conditions. Modern advertising structures are improved taking into account the rebranding, they are equipped with high-tech components, extender elements-extenders, are converted into unipoles with obligatory illumination, dynamic super-boards (prismbrands or prismatrons, slideodrons) and supersites with the "trivial" effect, which makes the advertising information even more lucid, bright and original. Is everything so smooth in the advertising business? Of course not. The advertising point in a form such as an advertising billboard, at times becomes the reason of disputes concerning its location and even displays of bureaucracy or corruption schemes. Surely you noticed that the city of Moscow successfully gets rid of bored advertising in the form of stretched banners in various places - on the walls of houses (firewalls), on fences, on the roadside without any consideration of technical regulations. But it is hardly to be hoped for the complete disappearance of street advertising as the most powerful channel for the perception of information - a highly competitive market will not simply give up. In this protracted confrontation, in all likelihood, the victory is nevertheless still it - advertising.

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Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him Shield advertising - as without him