In Kazan, the second international festival of live music “Creation of the World” ended, which brought together artists of different cultural traditions and musical styles. Not without scandals ...
The idea of ​​creating a multicultural music festival, where the most relevant artists of world ethical, rock and jazz music would be invited, has long been wandering in progressive minds. A couple of years ago, Dmitry Dibrov, being invited to the ethno-festival Ethnolife located near Moscow, lit up with such an idea and even began to organize something similar, but some fatal financial and bureaucratic difficulties prevented the implementation of a large-scale ambitious project and everything turned into a small but nice festival in the metropolitan Garden "Hermitage".
But the idea was taken up - and not the last people. The famous promoter Alexander Cheparukhin, who brought such legendary bands as Jetro Tull, King Crimson and Kraftwerk to Moscow, took up the matter. The veteran of the national rock scene and the leader of The Time Machine Andrei Makarevich also joined, and fortunately his friend, the mayor of Kazan, was Ilsur Metshin.In turn, Ilsur Metshin proved himself to be a man who was not alien to progressive music, since he became the chairman of the organizing committee of the festival personally, giving Makarevich the honorable place of the president of the festival.
The second year, appreciating the program of the festival with the gaze of a musical gourmet, we can say with pleasure: no one is superfluous!
This year the “Mumiy Troll”, “DDT” and more than the desired foreign guest dominated - the radiant and energetic Manu Chao (well, who can say that this person is already “fifty kopecks?”).
The geography of the festival is also undoubtedly symbolic, as is the pleasant musical and stylistic palette. Hard Islamic hip-hop of the group “Fun-Da-Mental” is adjacent to the trills of the virtuoso Russian balalaika genius Alexei Arkhipovsky, the Balkan-Arabic hardcore from the American group “Kultur Shock” - with the Russian “root” melodies of Angela Manukyan and the Georgian sincerity from Nino Katamadze The Trio Randeck Cargo from Croatia conveys to Kazan the whole charm of the Balkan melody, and the characteristic guitar rock from the English “The Rifles” is replaced by the Ukrainian rollicking “Vopli Vidoplyasova”.
The program is structured in such a way that less well-known (already at the world level for sure) program participants do not look like an annoying addition to the “great ones”.Once again: the excess is not here! Whole block of directly Kazan rock-groups turned out to be interesting; in their rock-n-roll basis, national Tatar motifs have picturesquely taken root.
The performance of Manu Chao was undoubtedly the culmination of the festival. After the Latin American singer of freedom and love, even the popularly favorite group "DDT" looked somewhat gloomy and dismal, although many of the spectators who gathered in the square came to listen to Shevchuk. “The Old Man” was militantly expressive, but noticeably upset: the previous one turned out made the appearance on the stage of “DDT” not so triumphant as expected, and everyone understood that. At the same time, appearances at DDT, due to the joyfully stretching set of Latin American anti-globalists, have declined.

In the photo: Yuri ShevchukIn the photo: Yuri Shevchuk
“The last song,” announced Yuri Shevchuk before the performance of “Motherland”. And he somehow offendedly added: “But everyone danced well under Manu Chao.”
And the festival ended with the pacifying performance of the Beatles hit "All you need is love", which, starting from last year, became the anthem of the festival. And musicians from different countries did not say “Goodbye” to each other, but only “Goodbye” - until next year and until a new meeting in Kazan.

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