Shellac design. Ideal coating with gel-varnish

Lovers of nail design cancelebrate! And all thanks to the appearance of such a practical coating as shellac. The design of nails with this gel-varnish turns neat and beautiful.

Innovations in nail design

What can be more beautiful than a combinationthe best properties of the gel and the aesthetic beauty of nail polish? This new invention for the beauties appeared thanks to CND or Creative Nail Design. The products of this company Shellac helps to preserve the natural beauty of nails, provides surprisingly easy application, flawlessness and amazing durability. Your task - to give the correct form to the nails. Everything else will do shellac. The nail design looks so good that it seems that you have visited the most expensive and elite beauty salon.

shellac design

Care and persistent effect

Shellac design is also a useful procedure,because the biogel provides an extra gentle protection for the nail plates. In the composition of such a coating, you will not find harmful dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resins. This formula helps the nails to gain the coveted strength. Before applying the gel-lacquer, the nail plate is not filed, which destroys the structure, but is simply covered with a dehydrator. So now there is the possibility of modeling it, as in the procedure of gel build-up. This does not cause an allergic reaction.

Most striking is the persistent effect. For 2 or even 4 weeks, your manicure will be perfect - without cracks and blisters. It all depends on how fast your nails grow. Good adhesion to them and elasticity of the coating ensure the absence of chips.

Half an hour - and the nails are gorgeous!

You will be surprised by the variety of shades. Shellac design is a benefit for nails, strength and variety of color palette. The coating shines like a mirror, and the color can be bright or pastel - for any outfit. At the moment, the range of 12 colors and their interesting shades.

coating shellac design

For masters of manicure - it's easy to applywith the help of a customary brush. Drying is carried out using an ultraviolet lamp. What does it give? Quick drying, no blurring. The varnish is removed not by cutting, which is applied to the advanced nails, but with the help of a substance for artificial nails. This will take about 10 minutes. Shellac design takes half an hour.

Step by step. Nail coating with shellac, photo

nail polish shellac photo design

Design is fast. Here's how it works:

1. Grooming, as with dry manicure, removing the cuticle with the help of tools for manicure.

2. The nail plate is processed with a wooden nail file, it is given the desired shape. Such a file will not allow the nails to separate.

3. To ensure good adhesion of biogel with varnish, the nail is degreased and the gloss is removed with the help of a special saw. Small particles are brushed with a brush.

4. The nail plate is disinfected. This will help the coating to lie more evenly and qualitatively.

5. In addition to degreasing, excessive moisture is removed. It is necessary to watch, that nothing superfluous does not get on the prepared plates: a cream, a droplet of oil for nails or water. Usually, the Shellac is also used to remove the fat of the master.

6. Apply a basic coating to all nails. After that, the lamp is dried immediately. The process takes 15 seconds.

7. Coating with colored gel-varnish to ensure a perfectly flat surface, drying under an ultraviolet lamp for about two minutes. The biogel is applied to a sticky base surface. First you should make up the little finger of one hand and dry it under the lamp, then go to the little finger of the other hand and also dry it. Alternately, we move to the big finger.

8. Fixing layer of varnish and drying.

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