Shelf life of perfume, toilet water, storage conditions

Acquiring products or cosmetics,the modern buyer is already accustomed to pay attention to the suitability of the goods for use or use. But perfumed products for some reason, many still buy, completely without thinking about whether it has any restrictions on use or storage, and generally what the shelf life of the perfume.

What is the "lifespan" of perfumes?

On many boxes you can see that the specifiedthe shelf life of the fragrance is three years. Some manufacturers can count the given period from the date of release of perfume, and others - from the moment of the beginning of their use. On many packages of foreign companies this period is not even indicated, but the lot number and production date are simply registered. But this is also useful information.

shelf life of spiritsUpon closer examination of the box, you canSee the glued label of the Russian quality standard, where the expiration date of the perfume will be indicated. But this is the case if perfumes were imported into the country by official means. According to the resolution, they can be considered as overdue after thirty-six months from the date the vial was opened. Thus, it can be concluded that prior to the use of spirits, they are considered sealed and can not deteriorate.

Suitability of other types of perfumes

But in addition to high-quality and expensive fragrances, there are still some varieties of this fragrant product, in which the storage period may differ slightly.

The shelf life of perfume on an oily basis is the same,as well as alcohol. Eau de toilette is not as resistant as previous perfumes, since the concentration of fragrant components in it is slightly less. But you can store it longer: in a sealed form up to five years, and in the open - up to four.

Eau de cologne is suitable for use even morelong period of time. He can lie down, not spoiled, until six years old. Hard spirits in general are eternal, since their shelf life is unlimited, so that their fragrance can be stored for years.

dear perfume

Hatching on the package

But how can you properly determine the perioduse of fragrant products? All perfumes always write encoded information that looks like small stripes and figures. It is practically impossible for a typical consumer to decipher it, since the year, month and issue date can be at the beginning, end or middle of a digital series.

To date, there is a calculatorCosmetics, which can be located for general access on certain resources. With the help of it you can determine the expiration date of perfume. To do this, you just need to enter the brand name and the code number from the box, since each cosmetic company has its own encoding of the period of use.

For example, by purchasing expensive perfumes of a well-known manufacturer, you can calculate the expiry date of spirits by code alone, as their encryption is already known to many:

  • Christian Dior: the first figure is the year of release, the second letter is the month: a - March, b - April, etc.;
  • Armani: 2nd symbol - production period: F-2010, G-2011, etc., 3 following digits - day;
  • La Prairie: The 1st numeric symbol is the year of release, the 2nd and 3rd are the week, and the 4th is the day.

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Is it possible to extend the period of use of perfume?

This is all about official information about thethe suitability of perfumes. But, as it turns out, some manufacturing companies can argue that their fragrant products can be used much longer if it is stored correctly.

After all, the composition of spirits to a greater extent consists ofalcohol, which is considered an excellent preservative. Therefore, when buying perfumes you need to know not only the period of their suitability. It is very important to understand how to store perfume correctly, so that they last longer served their owners.

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Fundamental rules

There are several points to consider in order to prolong the life of the fragrance:

  1. Do not put a bottle of perfume next toany heating devices, as in these places the air is too warm and dry, which can be disastrous for the perfume. We must try to find the coolest room in the apartment for them and organize a regiment there for them. Also ideal is a closet.
  2. It is necessary to completely exclude penetration intoa bottle of various microorganisms and all kinds of particles. In this case, spirits with a nebulizer have an advantage, since the probability of getting into them of the epidermis or other substances is reduced to zero.
  3. It is always necessary to close the bottle as tightly as possible since perfumes can quickly evaporate.
  4. Buying the next fragrant products,it is recommended to test it immediately in the store. To do this, you need to put a few spirits on your wrist and hold it on the skin. If you liked the smell, then you need to take, because in this case the perfume will not stand long on the shelf and will not be able to lose its qualities.
  5. You should never store perfume in the bathroom, as there is enough moisture, which will shorten the period of storage of perfume.
  6. Also fragrant products should not be in different drawers and bags, as the movement for it is the same enemy as the increased humidity.
  7. It is better to store firm perfume in an aluminum jar or a cardboard box.
  8. In no event can you put perfume in the refrigerator, although it is often possible to meet such advice. She does not like the cold as well as the heat and in general any temperature changes.

If you observe all these precautions, then you can significantly extend the period of use of fragrant means.

shelf life of spirits by code

How to understand that perfume is spoiled?

But if it all the same happened and your favorite perfumeare overdue, how can this be detected? In fact, it's easy enough. In this case, a precipitate should appear on the bottom of the vial with a brown or yellow color. But such a sign can also not always be a manifestation of the spoiled perfume, but an indication that the composition of perfume includes non-natural oils. Therefore, if there is confidence that the fragrant products are fresh, but there is still some sediment - this is not an excuse for its elimination, of course, if there are no other signs.

For example, spirits, losing their fitness, can still change the shade. Perfumery that changed color, definitely, is spoiled. Also, the flavor can change.

what is the expiration date for spirits

What is the risk with the use of delay?

Many may not pay attention to allthe above characteristics, then what is dangerous for them is the use of perfume at the end of its useful life? Spoiled spirits can cause all sorts of allergic manifestations in the form of rash and redness and not only in the person who uses them, but also in surrounding people.

In some cases, the use of such fragrantproducts can end very badly, for example, lead to bronchial asthma. In addition, headaches, dizziness and even migraines can occur.

Vintage perfumery

But all the generally accepted norms and concepts of the termthe storage of fragrant products, are brought to nothing by those dear spirits, whose age is more than thirty years. Such rare goods are mainly sold at various auction tenders and in boutiques that specialize in this product.

But such expensive spirits in our time are no longerare produced, therefore in many vintage perfumes their fans appreciate not only their aroma, but also the bottle. Among them there are those that appeared on sale more than a century ago, but at the same time they completely retained their original smell. But because of their high cost, they can be afforded only by rich collectors. The average price of such perfumery is about $ 1000.

how to store perfumeFrom this we can conclude that the periodpreservation of fragrant products - this is a rather ambiguous concept. But your favorite perfume will not stay long anyway, as they are not simply a fashionable trend of our time, but also a real complement of personality.

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