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Without exaggeration, we can say that Garnier shampoo is the most popular product of the mass market. This brand is known to all - both women and men, and even children. The French manufacturer is respected by consumers around the world. Advertising of his goods is unobtrusive, but bright and catchy. The product range is huge. Along with hair care products (shampoos, balsams, masks), paints, creams, tonics and other cosmetic products also come out under this brand. The company from time to time indulges its fans with novelties, which immediately become sales hits. In this article we will look at several lines of shampoos from "Garnier". What do reviews say about these care products?Shampoo garnier

What bothers the consumer "Garnier"

Shampoos and hair balms of this brand, though belong to the mass market, but they are not the cheapest on store shelves. What makes buyers choose this particular brand? "Garnier" takes into account the individual characteristics of each consumer. There is a series of shampoos designed specifically for children's soft hair.Their composition takes into account the fear of babies that the washing agent will pinch their eyes. The coat in men is different from that of women. To cope with the secret secreted by the sebaceous glands, Garnier for Man shampoo was developed. Naturally, the company often takes into account the diametrically opposite wishes of the owners of different types of hair. Someone needs to moisten the curls, and someone needs to feed them with vital energy. Someone struggling with dandruff, and the other - with hair loss. In each line of caring products from the "Garnier" presents a variety of types of shampoos. Also, consumers are captivated by the fact that the product does not contain aggressive chemicals, but there are a lot of herbs, oils and other natural ingredients.Shampoo garnier reviews

Most popular rulers

About cosmetics brand "Garnier" there are many reviews. The lion’s share is positive. But there are always people whom the shampoo did not fit or did not fully meet their expectations. But in what it is impossible to reproach the company, so it in poverty of the range. Under this brand goes even innovative dry shampoo "Garnier". If you spent a long time on a trip, an event is scheduled in the evening, and you do not have time or the opportunity to wash your hair, this tool will save you from a difficult situation.

Powder “Elastic volume for 48 hours” thickens the hair structure, lifts the hair, makes the curls fresh and well-groomed. Choose shampoo should be based on its purpose. If you buy a balm of the same name at the same time, the expected effect will only increase. In this article, we will look at only the three most popular shampoos from Garnier: Ultra Du, Fruktis and Botany Therapy.Botany Garnier Shampoo

How to choose a suitable shampoo

First of all, it should be noted that you need to focus on your hair. Should determine what they need. Whatever series we choose, the range is always wide enough. If your hair is normal, but you are used to styling it with high temperatures (ironing or curling), buy Garnier restoring shampoo. Strands thin and lifeless? Glitter curls will help return the food tool. Noticed that a lot of hair remains on the comb? This will help firming Shapun. Dandruff remedy not only perfectly removes dead scales, but also stimulates epithelial regeneration. For greasy and dry strands have their own shampoos. There is also a means of "Family" - for all types of hair.Shampoo garnier botany reviews

Ruler "Ultra Du"

In the eighties of the last century, when the whole world sang odes to new chemical formulas, the French firm Garnier was the first to speak out in favor of the life-giving force of nature itself. Now that there are medicinal herbs or healing minerals in the composition, almost every shampoo reports on its label.

"Garnier" reviews are called the first detergent that came to us after the fall of the "iron curtain". Everyone remembers advertising a baby shampoo that doesn’t sting his eyes. By the way, this remedy with an extract of apricot and cotton flowers can be used by allergy sufferers, as it treats skin irritations.

Family shampoos "Strength of five plants" (with green tea, vervain, nettle, eucalyptus and lemon) and "Aloe and vegetable milk" are especially popular. If you want to preserve the color of your colored curls for a long time, use the Cranberry and Argan Oil tool. Oily hair will be cleaned with green tea and grapefruit and lemon and soft clay shampoos. "Avocado oil and shea butter" will restore broken tips, give you the necessary nutrition for dry strands. And the owners of thin, devoid of hair volume should pay attention to the detergent "Brewer's Yeast and Pomegranate."Shampoo Garnier Botany Therapy

"The life force of Provence"

This separate series within the Ultra Du lineup is a novelty. As well as shampoo "Garnier Botanica", in these products focuses on the healing power of herbs. But not simple, but come from Provence. This land has long been famous for its perfumery. Here they grow lavender, a special kind of roses and other flowers. The capital of the perfumery industry in Provence is the small town of Grasse. "Garnier" proves that the flowers not only smell wonderful, but also good for hair. The company has released three shampoo from the series "The Power of Provence". These are “Lavender and Rose Grass” (for thin and dull curls), “Rosemary and olive leaves” (for weakened strands) and “Almond oil and apricot extract” (for dry hair).Shampoo Garnier Fruit

Shampoo "Garnier Fruit"

This line is ten years younger than Ultra Du. Convenient packaging, bright “fruit” colors and improved formula immediately appealed to customers. There are several top sales. First of all, it is “SOS recovery” (another name is “Goodbye, split ends”). This shampoo contains amla oil and kerafil, but also the active components are laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate (they wash the strands well) and the ingredient Amodimethicone (amino functional cosmetic silicone that glues damaged hair scales).

Shampoos "Thick and luxurious", "Growing with full force" for weakened hair lacking volume are also very popular; "Moisture balance" - for curls, dry at the ends and greasy at the roots; "Charge of freshness" - for strands prone to fat content and "Triple recovery" from a mixture of essential oils. Women who have dyed their hair will be suitable for "Resistant Color" detergent.

Shampoo "Garnier Botany Therapy"

This series of hair care products appeared not so long ago. The brand has such a name in products aimed at Russia. In other countries, this line is called Ultimate Blends. But the ideology of the company remains old - “Nature heals”. As in the other lines, in “Botany Therapy”, shampoos are supplemented with rinses, masks, oils and balms. But, unlike its older sisters, this series is designed for the most problematic hair. Since the line is new, the product range is not yet so wide. So far, the domestic consumer can choose one of six items. These are “Castor oil and Almonds” (if the hair is weak and falls out), “Argan oil and Cranberries” (for colored or streaked hair), “Tea tree,Orange Blossom and Aloe Vera ”(for fatty strands),“ Argan Oil and Camellia Extract ”(for dull curls),“ Legendary Olive ”(moisturizer) and“ Royal Jelly and Propolis ”. Last reviews “Garnier Botany” shampoo are described as salvation for very dry and damaged hair.Shampoo garnier castor oil

Is it worth waiting for a lot from a mass-market product?

A wide range and reasonable price make the products of this brand popular. In general, the reviews of shampoos and other Garnier caring products are positive. With one "but": if your hair is not so bad. That is, if your strands are only prone to greasiness, then after three sessions of washing “Fructis Charge of Freshness” they will return to normal. But if you have oily seborrhea or other problems, only professional means will help to solve them. Yes, and contact a dermatologist does not hurt.

Shampoo “Garnier Castor Oil and Almond” really strengthens the hair, as the ingredients of the product improve the blood circulation of the scalp and nourish the follicle. However, if the reason for the loss of strands lies in problems with the digestive tract or rigid diets, the remedy will not help you.

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