"Shadows Fade at Noon": actors and roles

Many TV viewers love to watch TV shows. Brazilian, American, Argentine and other countries. Let's remember one of the very first and most popular Soviet TV series - “The Shadows Fade at Noon”. The actors of this film played their roles so talented that they became famous and beloved by millions of people in the Soviet Union. We offer you interesting information about them. Which of the Soviet actors played the main roles in the movie "Shadows Fade at Noon"? What do the viewers say about this movie? Is it interesting in the 21st century?shadows disappear at noon

Interesting facts about filming

In the seventies of the last century, directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky made a surprisingly talented film. He was watched in every family. The film about the life of ordinary village people was shown so truthfully that there was no one indifferent after watching it. What do we know about this picture?

  • Shooting the series took place in the Urals. Actors for crowd scenes were taken from ordinary villagers. Therefore, the film is so striking in its truthfulness, there is not a drop of morality and falsity in it.
  • Products for the crew and the actors were delivered by plane.
  • The film was watched by the whole country, the police noted a sharp decrease in the crime rate during the show of the series.
  • After his release, the eponymous novel by Anatoly Ivanov was snapped up in bookstores and libraries.

shadow movie actors disappear at noon

main characters

Let's remember who and whom played in the movie "Shadows Fade at Noon." Actors and roles (list):

  • Zakhar Bolshakov - Peter Veliyaminov. The chairman of the kolkhoz was played by a man who was from a noble family, moreover, a former prisoner. But the inner strength of this actor was so great that the role of a simple village peasant was just brilliant for him. A man who knew nothing about rural life was consulted about the work of collective farms, he received whole bags of letters for Zakhar Bolshakov.
  • Maria Voronova - Nina Ruslanova. For the sake of love, the heroine is able to go into the forest and practically kill the bear with bare hands. Then the brave woman raised the whole village to fight against the landowners and the rich. The share of the actress and in the life fell a lot of suffering, very little it was found on the street by good people. She was brought up in an orphanage. But she had the patience and strength to enter the theater institute and become an actress.
  • Pistima (Seraphim Klychkov) - Alexander Zavyalova. Throughout the film, the actress reliably managed to create several images of the same person: the naughty daughter of a rich landowner; tricky and domineering Pistemeu; and the evil old woman who hates people and Soviet power.
  • Ustin (Konstantin Zhukov) - Sergey Yakovlev. The actor was able to show how hatred of others and the existing power destroys the soul to such an extent that a person begins to hate himself.
  • Taras Buy & Sell - Boris Novikov. Many phrases of this hero began to be used in life.
  • Fedor Morozov - Gennady Korolkov. The hero had a very short life, but it had something to die for: real love, a dream, faith in a bright future. The image of Fyodor conquers with its nobility, honesty and inner strength.
  • Claudia Morozova - Galina Polskikh. The actress was able to show how much tenderness, love and pain can hide a woman who lost her beloved.

Shadows Fade at Noon: Actors

In this film, even small roles are played brightly and significantly. It is hard to imagine a picture without images such as Antip (Evgeny Shutov) and Andron (Ivan Ryzhov), the Menshikov brothers (Roman Filippov and Sergey Polezhaev), Vari (Olga Naumenko), Yegor (Valery Malyshev) and many others.

Different emotions cause the actors who played in the film: sympathy, anger, irritation, respect and admiration. They didn’t just play their roles, they got used to the images. Vividly demonstrating how to live and love in order to be happy.the shadows disappear at noon

Reviews viewers

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like the movie “Shadows Fade at Noon”. Actors were very popular in the Soviet Union. They became close and loved. Even the negative character - Seraphim Klychkova - was so talented and played by Alexandra Zakharova that she unwittingly began to admire.

Many viewers watched this movie with their parents. We listened to wonderful music, followed the plot of the film "Shadows disappear at noon." Actors created beautiful, strong images of simple Russian people. No matter how many times this film is shown, you always walk along with the heroes with the same interest in life, starting from the pre-revolutionary time and ending with the post-war one.

Despite the fact that many pages in the history of Russia are perceived today a little differently than shown in the film, it will always be relevant. Love for her native land, the desire to stand in her defense, courage and nobility, compassion and tenderness are the eternal values ​​that are taught by the actors of the film "Shadows Fade at Noon."

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