Sex Without a Condom

The condom as a method of prevention is usedalready several centuries. In particular, there are references to it in historical sources relating to France of the 16th century. Then there was still no thin latex and condoms made from the intestines of young lambs and called the French word "condom", which means "pouch". Given the lack of antibiotics and the massive spread of syphilis in those days,Sex without a condomwas deadly dangerous. In our time, the condom also has not lost its relevance. It performs just two protective functions - protects against unwanted pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases, among which the most terrible, of course, is HIV-positive. The condom was and remains the most reliable protection against this deadly disease.

Modern products are made of strongrubber and, contrary to popular belief, they can not be damaged even by the most intense frictions. But if the size of the product is incorrectly chosen, it is likely that the condom slips during sexual intercourse. If this happened, then the sexual act should be considered as sex without a condomand to apply still additional methodscontraception. But still, with what thin-walled condoms were, many partners do not like to use them during sexual intercourse due to some decrease in sensitivity. In such cases, it is always necessary before practicing sex without a condom, carefully weighing the pros and cons. Ideally, sex without a condomis possible, for example, if the sexualcommunication with a partner has been going on for a long time, that is, it is constant, and there is a certainty that there are no other similar connections on the side, and protection from "zaletnoy" pregnancy is carried out with the help of any other means of contraception. Even if contraceptive pills are not taken continuously, sex without a condom is still possible, since there are, for example, single contraceptive pills, which are enough to take only once in the first hours after intimacy. For those who are generally against any tablets, there are special contraceptive creams and gels or an intrauterine device is installed. The opinion that contraceptive pills cause completeness was true only for first-generation drugs that are no longer produced. Tablet contraceptives of today are absolutely free from this shortcoming. Those who forget to take these funds every day can benefit from a completely new kind of contraceptive - a special adhesive that is glued on the inside of the thigh once a month and gives full protection for all this time. All these tools can successfully replace the use of a condom. Of course, every person has the right to decide for himself whether it is possible to have sex without a condom in any given case, but it must be remembered that in some cases sex without a condom can be a criminal offense. For example, if a person is diagnosed with AIDS, but he has sexual intercourse without telling the partner about it.

Physicians also warn that if partnerspractice sex without a condom, then do not rely on extracorporeal ejaculation as a method of contraception, and apply additional methods to protect against pregnancy. The fact that some of the seminal fluid is released before ejaculation and may well be an unwanted conception. And in any case, having sex for the first time without a condom is desirable only with such a partner, to whom there is absolute trust.

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