Server cabinet

We recently opened a new office and at the moment we are slowly putting it in order. Right now you need to compactly put all the network equipment and I started looking for a suitable server cabinet. Maybe someone knows where you can cheaply buy a large server cabinet in Yekaterinburg?
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Answered on July 11, 10:32
There are two types of server cabinets: floor and wall. Here we personally put a wall cabinet, because a lot of people walk nearby and it is more convenient. But in quality, it has nothing to do with the floor, so choose for yourself which one is more convenient.
Answered on July 11, 11:47
I have seen the server cabinet at 19 inches and am not sure that there are large cabinets. Although it is possible to order the manufacture of a server cabinet of the sizes you need, but it will cost more than buying a finished model.
Answered on July 11, 12:55
You need to buy a cabinet that is made of good and strong material so that the degree of protection is at least IP 30. The cabinet should be compact, easy to disassemble and assemble, so that it could be moved to another place without the help of specialists.

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