Sergey Yakovlev, actor: biography, personal life, filmography

Awesome actor, bright representative of the Soviet acting school, Sergey Sergeyevich Yakovlev. A talented man, his fate is both happy and tragic. His roles are sharp and memorable, his brilliant and strong game made him believe completely in the image he embodied. Even ordinary roles were rich in bright emotions, passion and believability. He managed everything: anger, joy, hatred and wisdom of life. Sergey Yakovlev is an actor who has lived a rich and fruitful life.

Sergey Yakovlev

A bit of history

Young Sergei Yakovlev comprehended actor's art in Moscow, in the famous GITIS. And since then his life has been closely connected with Moscow theaters. This is the Drama Theater of the Railwaymen, and the famous Lenk. After 1971, Yakovlev forever moved to the Theater Studio of the film actor, where he faithfully worked as an actor and then as a director until the end of his career.

Yakovlev Sergey Sergeevich from the city of Kurgan, he was born in the distant 1925, his childhood was hard. As the son of an enemy of the people, repressed and shot in the dungeons of Stalin, young Sergei made his way into life himself, was brought up in an orphanage for repressed children. His mother, the director and the artist, in order to alleviate the fate of the family, refused the name of her husband, giving her son his name, which was named after Fr. Like many actors of that era went through the Great Patriotic War to Austria, everything that was experienced later helped Yakovlev to implant in the role of characters with a difficult fate. Had combat awards.

In 1985, Yakovlev was awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR for his rich contribution to the development of theater and cinema. Sergey Sergeevich began his career as a film actor with the role of Kruglikov in the film “The Long Road”, it was in 1956. Since then, he has played in more than fifty films, voiced several roles in film and animation, and, of course, did not leave the stage of the theater.

In 1996, the actor was gone, he lived for 71 years, leaving a bright mark in the history of cinema.

Sergey Yakovlev actor

Family actor

Sergey Yakovlev, son of a real revolutionary, a Bolshevik since 1908.Sergei Kornilovich Sudyin worked as Deputy Commissar for Trade in the government of Stalin, he fell victim to the repression of the thirties. Mother, Maria Yakovleva, director.

Yakovlev's personal life was not easy, as was his whole fate. He was married three times, one marriage was civil. From his first wife, Nina Kharitonova, he had children, Lyuba Fomina and Alexander Yakovlev. From remarriage with Maya Serzhan - Ingrida's daughter, and from civil marriage - son Anton Yakovlev His last wife is the poetess Natalya Yurkova, who remained the widow of a famous actor. Their union is remembered as a wonderful creative duet. After his death, his daughter, Lyubov Fomin, was in conflict with Yurkov.

Sergey Yakovlev biography

Milestones of creativity

Sergei Yakovlev, whose films were popular, played a variety of people, mostly complex dramatic images. The most significant role - Konstantin Zhukov in the serial "Shadows disappear at noon." This film brought success and fame, the whole country watched with interest its convincing game, the actor conveyed the image of the villain impeccably! And before that there were such famous films as "Kochubey", "Shield and Sword", "Aurora Volley", "Communist" and others.Another famous role - Vasily Rublev in the films "Sisters" and "Eighteenth Year." He played and honest people and scoundrels, heroes of the classics and our time. For example, the role of the artist in Chekhov's “House with a Mezzanine”, or Dalsky in “Walking around the agony” looked as convincing as the role of academician from “Academician from Askania”, or Uncle Mitya from “This Glorious Guy”. As a member of the war, Yakovlev was well given and his roles in military films were also numerous; it suffices to recall “Boys went to the front”, “Budenovka”, or “Five days, five nights”. All the characters were endowed with an actor individual qualities, he subtly conveyed their feelings, emotions and psychology. Despite his name, Sergey Sergeevich did not disdain the episodic roles, for example, in "12 chairs" or "Teenager". In general, at the cinema, he gave 36 years of his life.

Yakovlev Sergey Sergeevich

Theater and not only

Not to mention theatrical roles, among them - the doctor from the play “The Miracle”, Stepan Verkhovinsky from “The Demons” of Dostoevsky, Rodion from the “Old Fashioned Comedy”. The owner of a sonorous voice, he literally charmed the audience with his monologues. Another facet of Sergey Yakovlev's work is the joint work on the book “Coup” with his wife Natalya Yurkova.A huge creative charge was embodied in his works on painting, the apartment in Arbat Lane, where he lived, resembles an art gallery.

Sergey Yakovlev movies

Alive thanks to his memory

Sergey Yakovlev - an actor who remained a legend in the memory of those who knew him personally, and in the memory of enthusiastic spectators. Here is what the actor Gennady Karpov remembers: he met Yakovlev in the production of the play “Demons” and was so fascinated by the depth and plausibility of his game that he forgot about his role, causing an awkward pause. Yakovlev chose roles based on the depth of his character, refusing the superficial, this is his creative vein, he was not just a performer. Then Karpov shares: “I never thought that I would be lucky enough to play on the same stage with a man whom I admired in his work in the cinema”. He also remembers Yakovlev as a director with warmth and a desire to imitate after playing in his play Miracle on the Arbat, then Karpov got the role of a young artist.

Sergey Yakovlev

Incomplete flight

Sergey Yakovlev, whose biography is presented to your attention in the article, did not stop creating until the end of his life. Particularly noteworthy is his other joint work with his wife - the unfinished novel in verse “The Big Bear”. They treasured their creation very much.When Sergey Sergeevich was gone, Natalya Veniaminovna retained a single rhythm that Yakovlev asked. She finished the book as a symbol of their union. It tells about the Russian intelligentsia, about the difficult lives of culture carriers. It was a part of the soul of a truly great man, whose talent will long be the subject of admiration and imitation.

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