Sergey Ostrova: biography, creativity

Ostrovoy Sergey G. - the famous Russian poet of the 20-th century, the author of many songs, among which are loved and become folk songs "The song remains with the man", "Winter", "In the way-the distant path", "Wait for the soldier", "Near the village of Kryukovo "," Drozdy "and others.sergey islandCharacterized by a broad genre range - lyrical, humorous and serious, Sergei Ostrovoy's songs are written about people, Russian nature and fearless soldiers heroically defending the Fatherland at a difficult time for him.

The creative path of Sergei Ostrovy

For several dozen creative activities, the writer has published about fifty books, the total circulation of which is rather difficult to calculate. The most significant of them are "I thought about you today," "I walk on the ground," "Poems," "I was born in Russia." Autobiographical is the poem "The Gypsies", to the writing of which was in his childhood in the gypsy camp went all his life.

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The folk poet Sergei Ostrova was friends and worked with such composers as Aram Khachaturian, Vano Muradeli, Boris Mokrousov, Isaak Dunaevsky, Vasily Soloviev-Sedoy, Matvei Blanter, received letters from unknown composers who put their rhymed lines on their own music.

The most famous songs on the poems of Ostrovy

The song for verse "Winter", performed by Eduard Gil in 1960 on "New Year's Eve", put on music without the knowledge of the author Eduard Khanok and was not mistaken. The composition was repeated in Leonid Gaidai's film "Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession" and closely joined the masses. "The ceiling is icy, the door is creaking ..." - almost everyone crooned.

The Soviet hit was the famous "The Song Remains with a Man", first performed by Joseph Kobzon. Later it was taken as the final composition of the prestigious music festival "Song of the Year". "At the village of Kryukovo" composer Mark Fradkin gave the group "Samotsvety" and also guessed with the choice of the performer.

One of the best songs of the military lyrics is "Wait for a Soldier", which tells about the feelings of an ordinary soldier dreaming of returning home, and the popular and patriotic creation was the deep and soulful composition "Drozdy", created in co-authorship with Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky.

Sergei Grigorievich was a multiple winner of song festivals and competitions as a songwriter, for the collection "Years" was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR them. M. Gorky.

Sergei Ostrovoy: biography of the poet

Russian songwriter-poet was born 6 September 1911 year in the town of Novonikolaevsk (the Siberian region), in the family of a housewife and felder, who later became the owner of a small shop. The parents of the future writer were semi-literate and very critical of Sergey's hobby for reading. There was not even a single book in the house. This rejection from the relatives forced the young man to read at night with a candle, which irreparably affected his vision.

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Sergei Ostrovoy survived the Civil War, at the time of which he was 7 years old. He remembered the change of white on reds and reds on whites, as well as the epidemic of typhus, when countless dead bodies were carried away on the columns of the sled, like firewood. These terrible memories left a deep mark on the receptive memory of children.

In his school years he easily found a common language with his classmates, published the first notes in the city newspaper. At the end of 9 classes at 16-year-old age, having quarreled with his father, left the house and got a job as a newspaper reporter in Tomsk.

Gradually gaining some experience and knowledge, in 1931, moved to the capital of Russian cities - Moscow, and in 1934 year already was a traveling correspondent for the all-Union newspaper Gudok. In this capacity, the author traveled almost half of the country, wrote a lot about people of different professions, with whom he happened to meet.

Poplars were poured

On an ongoing basis Sergei Ostrovoy, whose biography inspires good deeds, began to be published in newspapers of the all-Union scale, beginning with 1934. In 1935, the light saw the debut collection "On the Guard of Borders".

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His poem "Poplars were poured" at the contest of military-Komsomol songs was awarded two prizes; composers Vladimir Fere and Nikolai Myaskovsky put words to music, and Sergei himself received a high monetary reward.

Suddenly, the fallen success inspired the young man so much that he decided to connect his life only with creativity. The lines that came out from the pen of the author were characterized by humanity; penetrating into the very depths of the soul, they warmed people. More than 10 000 letters of response came to the poem "Mother", published in the newspaper "Pravda".

I fought with a word and a grenade

In the summer of 1941, Ostrovoy came to the front as a volunteer and went through the rank of private soldier throughout the war. He fought not only books, poems and newspaper notes, but also the soldier's usual weapon: an anti-tank bottle, a grenade and a rifle. With the advanced units was included in the liberated villages and cities of the Kalinin region, which often visited in the postwar period. In the summer 1942 year was wounded and was treated in hospital, in 1944 year he published a book of military lyrics. Practically until the end of his days he published poetry in various publications.

About the village of Kryukovo

The song "Near the village of Kryukovo" has an interesting history. The author wanted to write a folk composition, music to which, as if guessed his thoughts, composed M. Fradkin. When the finished work broke out into the vastness of the country, it turned out that there were a lot of villages with such a name in the country, and each experienced military battles.

All the books were dedicated only to her

Sergei Ostrova was married to Nadezhda Nikolayevna Tolstoy - a famous harpist, a deserved artist of Russia, who is younger than him for 12 years. It was Sergei Grigorievich's second marriage, which turned out to be very happy: the couple lived together for half a century, and the wife for Sergey Grigorievich became a kind guardian angel. To her and only her poet devoted his books.

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Until the last days, Sergei Ostrovoy, a biography whose photos are a vivid example of humanity and fortitude, led a healthy lifestyle, practiced sports and observed the daily routine. In 1970-ies, he was at the head of the Russian Tennis Federation, holding the post of its president. And the enthusiasm for tennis came late enough - at 50 years, and since then, for almost 40 years three times a week, he visited the court. Also the poet was very fond of skiing, he could spend about five hours on the ski track.

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There was no Sergei Grigorevich Ostrovoy 22 December 2005 year. Creativity of the author, whose songs are heard every day in radio air and from television screens, remains modern and relevant today - in times of great shocks and even greater hopes.

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