Sergey: origin and historical significance

Most names, even those that are consideredoriginally Russian, are borrowed from other peoples. Many names have ancient Greek and Latin roots. Of course, these names were mutated, and their pronunciation changed. The exception is not the name of Sergei, whose origin is not fully known. It is believed that it is borrowed from Latin and the ancient Greek language, but according to one version, its roots are even more ancient and go back to the time of the Etruscans. These tribes inhabited the northern territory of the Apennine peninsula even in pre-Christian times.

name of sergei originSergey: origin in the Roman Empire

In Latin, there was the word sergius, itis translated as "highly respected", "noble". This was the name of a person of high descent or belonging to a noble family. Subsequently, the name Sergius became very popular in the Roman Empire. There was even a whole dynasty Sergiev, the most famous representative of which was the hero of the Second Punic War, his name was Mark Sergius Sil.

First name: Sergey: origin in Russia

With the adoption of Christianity inthe obligatory rule is to name a child in honor of a saint. The first saints who bore this name lived in the IV century, later they were canonized by the church, and it fell into the church calendar. Before us it came from Byzantium, along with other names that became common with the adoption of the Christian religion. It was pronounced like this: Sergius.

sergey mystery of the nameChurch origin of the name Sergei

Initially this name was not distributed, it wasbaptized only priests. In the XIII-XIV centuries. a lot of public and religious figures were attributed to the saints. Among them, Sergius, novice of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and Sergius, Valaam miracle-worker. Days of remembrance of these saints can be learned from the church calendar. A significant place in history is occupied by Sergius of Radonezh, who founded the monastery, which later became the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. According to the church canons, this saint is revered as the miracle worker of all Russia. The reckoning of people with this name to the rank of saints contributed to the fact that it became more and more widespread. The name Sergei, whose origin was originally alien to the Russian people, was increasingly appropriated to infants in the performance of the rite of baptism. And in a short time a man could be proud of the fact that he was called precisely this ancient and euphonious name.

Sergey: the mystery of the name

In the eighties this name was one of the most popular in Russia on a par with the name Alexander.the origin of the name sergeyIt has not lost its appeal in ourdays. A person, named in this way, has such qualities as honesty, purposefulness, inflexibility, perseverance. He is able to empathize and easily finds a common language with any people, but he will never tolerate rudeness, violence, hypocrisy and rudeness. The owner of the name Sergei is very polite and reserved, he will never allow himself to be sharp and will not show his negative emotions. To negative features of character include irritability, impatience. Some of his actions can be reckless and reckless. In relations with close people, Sergei is very accommodating and accommodating, especially honoring his parents.

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Sergey: origin and historical significance Sergey: origin and historical significance Sergey: origin and historical significance Sergey: origin and historical significance Sergey: origin and historical significance