Selective perfume Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique: reviews, description of fragrance

Aroma is that "attire" that can helpfeel festive, confident or give a romantic mood, regardless of what you are wearing out of clothes. It is no accident that any young lady can not stop picking on one scent and choose her favorite, especially given the modern saturated perfume market. In this post we will talk about the niche flavor of Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique, reviews of which are mostly so flattering thatI want to "try" it on one verbal description. Who created the fragrance, what is his story, how to distinguish the original from a good forgery and, of course, what is the secret of the popularity of this fragrance - this you can learn from this article.

ex nihilo fleur narcotique reviews

The most famous brand fragrance

First of all, it is worth noting that, despite the rather rich line of flavors of Ex Nihilo, perfume Fleurarcotique is the author's most famous work. Anyone can check it. Try to ask in the niche perfume shop about whether there is an Ex brandihilo, or enter the name of this trademark in the search bar. The fact is that the "Flower Drug" (and this is how the name Fleur is translatedarcotique) is so popular that it is with him that the brand is accustomed to associate.

Selective perfume Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique

ihilo is young, but already known in the circleconnoisseurs of selective perfumery brand. By its name, the author emphasizes that the brand has no analogues, does not equal anything in the world of fashion and perfume, and has emerged from nowhere completely out of nowhere. The very phrase Exihilo in Latin means "out of nothing".However, the brand's authors are three, this is an entirely international team - Swede Olivier Royer, Frenchman Verdier Benoit and American Lodia Sylvia. And that is curious enough, none of them is an aktromtoretsem in the literal sense of the word, but they would have enough imagination and extraordinary imagination for ten. Every year, the brand surprises the public with something unusual. For example, a collection of lids for fragrances of exclusive leather, ivory or onyx. Or perfume, created to order specifically for the luxury manufacturer of French cars.

ex nihilo fleur narcotique price

At the head - customer orientation

In a recent interview on the presentation of a newaroma Verdier said that he does not consider his brand niche, whether it's women's or men's perfume, the prices of the same product speak for themselves. Unlike other authors who create fragrances, orienting themselves at fashion houses, the muse of the brand creators consider avant-garde art, modern culture, and at the head of strategy - the orientation towards the buyer. In a sense, the perfume Ex Nihilooppose themselves to traditional luxuryaromas, the cost is determined by the ingredients and the high cost of packaging. Parisian public, not for one century tempted by works from couturier of the country of fashion, quickly estimated the creation of three young people, which until 2013 literally could not hear anything. However, by European standards, perhaps the cost of Exihilo and is not transcendental, but for quality and uniqueness you have to pay.

Why are spirits considered selective?

Are ready to argue that if you did not askpurpose to specifically learn about the perfume of this brand, you would not have learned about it from advertising on TV or on the Internet. The thing is that selective brands are oriented to their individual buyer, and not to mass production and sales of products. Such a product is not advertised at all, but buyers themselves are looking for it. Advertising support does not make sense, selective products are several times more expensive than mass-markets and are available to a few.

Niche perfumery is a unique product,which can be purchased only by gourmets, without being stingy to pay a large sum. The buyer pays not for the work of marketers, but for the unusual aroma, expensive packaging and attentive approach. First, an Ex brand boutique was created in Parisihilo, however, when demand exceeded supply, brand products began to appear in the world capitals in niche perfume boutiques.

Personalization from Ex Nihilo

If you have the means, the perfume house will create for you your own unique fragrance. For this you need to look into the Paris boutique Exihilo and chat with perfumers. You will be able to try the absolute flavors of plants and flowers and choose without prejudice those from which, literally, your soul trembles. Perfumers will keep the formula developed for you under your number so that if you wish, you can again purchase your individual fragrance.

Also, the house of perfumery provides an exclusivepersonalization service. For example, you adore one of the many perfumes of the brand, but you would like to strengthen or muffle the aromatic property of one of the components. This service is available to all connoisseurs of Ex Nihilo, a perfume from which you can buy in a boutique at 352 Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. Right before your eyes, experts will weigh and mix the ingredients in the fragrant formula.

perfume ex nihilo

In addition, you yourself can choose how to applyyour favorite fragrance. The designer of the perfume house will decorate the bottle with any precious metals and stones, add engraving with a date or a wish. Imagine how it will be unusual to receive such a gift or make it to yourself!

If the visit to France is not included in your immediate plans, you will be more than satisfied, having acquired in your city the fragranceEx Nihilo Fleur Narcotique(the description is below).

Feature of aroma

"Flower Drug" is revealed on every person is unique, this is one of the advantages of expensive selective perfumery. And yet the overall sense of flavor is initially similar to all.

ex nihilo perfume

"Flower Drug" is felt at the first acquaintance as if the author put together the smells of all the colors and the resulting essence was enclosed in bubbles with the inscription Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique. Reviews suggest that, despite the fact that the perfume is presented as a unisex, in the majority it is preferred by women.

Pyramid of "Flower Drug"

Released in 2014, Fleur's first fragrancearcotique refers to woody-floral. However, the floral notes are much more prevalent. Perfume is opened with notes of peach, bergamot and lychee. In the notes of the heart are orange blossoms, peony and jasmine. The basis of this fragrance is moss, woody notes, musk. Here is a composition created by Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique. Reviews of those who purchased the product, talk aboutThe fact that the pyramid of aroma described does not allow us to imagine what "you will hear". For example, the majority of those who tried the smell almost do not hear peonies, but the lychees, jasmine and citrus notes of orange clearly sound for them.

On men, the smell will unfold differently, as ifthere is a certain skewing of the fragrance already in the courageous plane. "Flower Drug" becomes a little less sweet, more restrained, a muscular base is well felt.

Admirers of aromas from Exihilo believe that the brand provides to the courtthe public is far from complete pyramid products, leaving some ingredients secret. However, in any case, the niche flavor is always more than just the sum of its constituents, that's why the selectives do not try to forge. To assess the smell, you need to try and "vilify" it for yourself at least for one day.

Universality of the "Flower Drug"

How resistant is Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique? Reviews of those who taste perfume indicate that the fragrance lasts up to 12 hours on the skin, while on the hair - until washing, but the clothes will be fragrant with flowers for a long time. Fleurarcotique is rather daisy, you will be followed by a light floral veil without luscious notes.

ex nihilo fleur narcotique description

The authors sought to create a universal smell,which can be used if desired every day, in any weather and mood. The fragrance of the "Flower Drug", which you will feel initially, opens within 15-20 minutes on the skin, after which it remains unchanged and will not throw out the fork in the form of an unexpected and sharp note.

How not to buy a fake Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique?

Forgery of famous perfumery is a matter of routine andcommon, because the "promoted" product not everyone can afford at the proposed price, which includes the indispensable marketing costs. However, with a niche perfume, you can only buy a fake intentionally. The point is that the places of sale of selective perfumery are limited. You can buy quality and, most importantly, real flavor in certain boutiques, which are not even in all cities. In addition, the price tag will be significantly higher than the widely advertised perfume. No exception and Exihilo, unusual in sounding female andman perfumes. The prices for the product are equal to the average monthly salary of a Russian. From 20 000 rubles depending on the place of purchase. But if we talk about niche perfumes, to which Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique, the price can not be much lower. It is important. Therefore, do not even dream of touching the beautiful, if you intend to purchase perfume Ex Nihiloin a small shop in transit or in quality"Bottling perfume". In addition, do not expect to purchase the original "Flower Drug" for 5-10 thousand rubles in online stores, which explain such a low cost by the lack of rental fees. You just give a lot of money for a fake.

Before you buy - test it!

Of course, you should not buy a niche flavorat a fabulous price, without testing it first on your skin. The smell, so pleasant on the tester, can be dramatically and unpleasantly revealed when interacting with you. To avoid getting trapped, you can buy a small amount (Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique7,5 ml or travel-packing, where there are 3 or 5 bottles of 7.5 ml with different flavors from the house Exihilo).

ex nihilo fleur narcotique fake

Much ado about nothing?

Do you want to find in Fleurarcotique own grade of drug thatsuits you exclusively, and are ready to give your monthly earnings for a bottle of fragrant essence? Before buying a luxury perfume, not only will you "scoop up" the fragrance, but also get acquainted with the reviews of the owners of perfumes Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique. The price is still considerable, in order to purchase a "cat in a sack".

The niche perfumery is "dabbled" by gourmets andconnoisseurs, to know the opinions of genuine connoisseurs are always interesting. Along with the laudatory ode to the brand there are those who appreciate the fragrance satisfactorily. Perfume "Flower Drug" is compared with the scents of Jessica Simpson Love, Gypsy Water Byredo, Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge, and not all are satisfied with stamina. Connoisseurs consider works of Exihilo rustic, not standard and not suitable for the category of classic luxury.

selective perfume ex nihilo fleur narcotique

In justifying the brand it is worth noting that the perfume house Exihilo and did not aspire to the section of the selective and really tries to make their own flavors not similar to anything to compare them with the traditional luxury.

Also bear in mind that on every person, in thedepending on sex and age, as well as unique characteristics, perfume sounds in a special way.

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