Security code "Nokia": is it reliable?

The well-known Finnish brand Nokia has recommendedhimself as a wealthy and quite competitive manufacturer of mobile devices of a wide variety of modifications. But, probably, not everyone knows about the hidden possibilities, which give the engineering settings, implemented by entering the so-called secret code.

Security code "Nokia",or Total Protection Strategy

Security code NokiaDid you know that Nokia sincerelease of its first products implemented a certain protective algorithm in the software of manufactured phones and constantly improved the strategy of global protection? By the way, the engineers of the company have achieved striking success in this area! Standard phone settings, even the budget line Nokia allow you to easily implement the optimal level of protection for your mobile device. However, this is more detailed ...

How muchsecurity code "Nokia"reliable?

Nokia CodesToday there is nothing absolutely reliable. Nevertheless, almost all the leading companies in the world specializing in the development and production of mobile phones, as well as hybrid electronic devices, strive to protect themselves and their consumers from unauthorized acts of intruders and even competitors as best and as qualitatively as possible. As already mentioned, no one can give an absolute guarantee, so it should be noted that the security code "Nokia" is able to withstand unwanted access only in the absence of special technical means: programmers and service programs that allow unimpeded access to information from memory blocks closed even for the user who owns the protected phone. It is worth noting that as such codes "Nokia" - this is nothing more than a service team, which allows to publish information on the screen of the device of various kinds.

For example, you enter the following commands:Secret codes Nokia

  • 12345 - standard security code "Nokia", configured by default;
  • * # 06 # - is a command whereby information of the actual imei-identifier is displayed on the phone screen;
  • * # 0000 # - information about the firmware of the device, the version of the hardware part, date of phone manufacturing, etc .;
  • * # 92702689 # - almost complete information about the phone, including the total operating time of the device and much more;
  • * # 7370 # - allows you to reset the user settings to the factory settings, that is, with this code your phone will return to its original state;
  • * # 7780 # - actions similar to the previous command, except for the loss of user data located directly in the phone's memory area.

Are theresecret codes Nokia?

The very concept of "secret" loses its semanticload, because we are talking about them! So do not be deceived ... In fact, secret codes are ordinary engineering codes, through which various tests and settings are made. Certainly, when using them, you can achieve some changes in the functionality of the mobile device: increasing the volume of the polyphonic speaker, the brightness of the display, changing the font size, etc. In essence, these are the same service codes, but with an illiterate approach and ignorance of the consequences with the help of these commands, you can to violate the correctness of the functioning apparatus. So do not experiment, because the consequences can be tragic for your mobile phone.

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