Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use.

An important stage in the construction processA wooden house is its insulation. Properly executed, this type of work will ensure a comfortable climate in the room and reduce the cost of heating. As a heater of modern materials, wood sealant is increasingly used. It is used to fill cracks, crevices and voids in the construction of houses and various repairs. From the correct choice of sealant will largely depend on the quality of construction.

First of all, for internal orfor outdoor works it will be used. Carefully read the information on the packaging, where the manufacturer indicates the type of material, its properties (water resistance, transparency, elasticity, resistance to high temperatures, etc.).

Sealant for wood: advantages

Of course, natural materials are considered moresuitable for their environmental properties, but the negative factors of the environment often reduce their function to none. Hermetics are not inferior to them, solving quite a variety of tasks when building a wooden house.sealant for wood

The greatest threat to insulation is usuallybirds that take natural materials from seams. With the use of a sealant, this problem does not arise. Obvious and economic benefits. The use of sealant allows you to save on the need for re-caulking, the need for which is due to shrinkage of the tree when using natural materials. Provides reliable protection against insects, which can cause serious damage to the heater.

The use of sealant significantly reduceslabor costs during the work, because it accelerates the process of sealing seams. The reviews confirm that the costs of repair work are reduced, because it is not necessary to remove the old material completely, it is enough just to apply a new layer of the composition to the damaged area.

Acrylic Sealant

This is the most affordable and simple sealant fortree. To work with it, no additional materials are required in the form of solvents and oxidants. The composition is simply applied to the seams. Preference is given to waterproof sealant, which is environmentally safe, resistant to high and low temperatures, has excellent adhesion to the surface. Buyers' comments say that it's quite easy to choose the material that matches the color. The disadvantage of acrylic sealant is only the instability to deformation loads. Its demand in the building materials market is explained by a low price, which averages from 100 to 130 rubles, and a long service life of up to 25 years can serve this sealant for wood.

Silicone Sealants

By their qualities they are somewhat superioracrylic. Due to the presence of silicone in the composition, these sealants are more durable, elastic, able to withstand temperature changes, are resistant to deformation. Therefore, they are excellent for outdoor work.sealant for wood priceAfter drying, the suture sealant for wood can be painted with oil paint. Capacity of 300 ml can be purchased for 160 rubles and above, depending on the manufacturer.

Polyurethane Sealants

They are used mainly for sealing the roof,foundation, for the repair of complex structures. This material is characterized by high strength and long service life. According to reviews, it is elastic, resistant to water, temperature changes, perfectly tolerates deformation and interacts with any surfaces.sealant for woodPolyurethane sealant for wood is used when ease of operation, ease of use and durability are required. It costs about the same as silicone - from 150 rubles.

Bituminous Sealants

The simplest type of sealant, the basis of whichare bitumen and rubber. For roofing works, it is the most relevant. Due to its composition, the sealant does not dissolve in water, therefore it has a high level of strength and resistance to rain and moisture. Very easy to use, it allows you to quickly cope with the sealing of cracks and seams. Of the disadvantages can be identified only that it is not suitable for painting, and at temperatures below 0 ° C it is not recommended to use bituminous sealant for wood. The price of packing in 300 ml - 180-190 rubles.

The presence of a hermetic hydrocarbonSolvents require compliance with precautionary measures. If the work is carried out indoors, it is necessary to ensure ventilation. Avoid contact with skin or eyes, use gloves, a respirator and special clothing to protect it.Suture sealant for wood

In order to eliminate cracks, increaseheat-saving properties of the house, and a sealant for wood is designed. The reviews posted on this topic represent it as the most advantageous material for fixing the interventicular seams, and thousands of houses built using this technology confirm the effectiveness of the use of sealants.

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Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use Sealant for wood: varieties and rules of use