Screens-partitions for the room: types and purpose

There is a desire to update the interior, but there is no opportunity to invest in a major overhaul, then you should pay attention to the partition screens. Thanks to the diverse design with their help you can decorate any space. They fit perfectly into the bedroom, living room, and in the bathroom. Previously, they could only be found in the homes of rich people, but nowadays they are widely used in the design of living space. For a long time, apartments filled with bulky pieces of furniture came out of fashion. The free space is now appreciated, which is filled with pleasant, positive energy. And in order to bring in the zest, you can use the original decorative screens and partitions. Interior design does not require much monetary investment, but the result will be impressive. These elements are able to perform important functions, in particular, to divide the space of a room into zones.Depending on the materials used, it is also possible to achieve other effects, such as a visual increase in space.partition screens

Look into history

If you study the ancient chronicles, which were compiled 10 centuries ago, you can find information about the partition screens for the room. They came to us from distant China. There they were used to decorate pantheons and temples.

After a while they gained widespread use in Japan. They were decorated with symbols that had a deep meaning. Even now, these models of partitions are considered the most vivid and picturesque.

In European countries, screens became popular only in the 18th century. At first they appeared in rich English and French homes. Being considered a luxury item, the partition screens were inaccessible to all segments of the population. In our time, this item is more related to the decor, but with the right approach, it can be quite functional and act as furniture.


Considering the screens and partitions, we can distinguish two types of installation method. The first includes stationary. They are attached to the walls, ceiling or floor.This type includes sliding screens-partitions. Their purpose can be compared with the doors.

The second type is mobile. Such a screen is small in size, easily folded and transported to any place in the room. Its design consists of two or more sections. Decorated with any materials: glass, cloth, wood panels and other partition screens


The main purpose of this element is to separate a certain part of the room. The advantage is that the integrity of the room is not broken. The simplicity of the design allows changing the interior at no additional cost, giving it originality and freshness.

For small apartments, as a rule, use sectional screens. They can be installed in a one-room apartment in order to retire for the time of rest or sleep. It is suitable for a children's corner. Also, the dressing area can be separated using a partition wall. For a small room, it is important to achieve a visual increase, and you can get this result if you use mirror elements in the decoration.

Sliding models look more massive.Most often they can be found in large, spacious rooms. They are used to make part of the room more private and closed.sliding partition walls

Harmonious interior

The advantage of a partitioning screen is that it can perfectly fit into any interior, and acting both as an addition and as a main element. It is important when choosing a design not to disturb the harmonious combination of objects and design. If you do not adhere to this rule, the result will not be the most comforting.

So, let's consider how to choose this element depending on the style of the interior.

  • High tech.This design direction is currently popular. It involves a spacious room filled with light, a minimum of furniture and decor. However, there is always room for a screen in such a room. It is necessary to choose a straight construction with metal supports. Optimal colors - silver or gray tones. Highlight the interior feature will allow the mirror surface.
  • East style.The most organically in this interior will fit bright mobile screens. They should be decorated with large color drawings.The body can have an intricate shape. Supports, as a rule, are covered with natural fabric.
  • Classic style.Such interiors always look strictly but majestically. The partition or screen should be selected only traditional form. The material is suitable natural wood. The color will depend on the tones of the rest of the furniture. As a finish, you can use wood carving or forged openwork elements. Glass screens-partitions will also fit perfectly. In order to highlight them, you can partially cover with gold or silver, focusing on the nobility of this style.

decorative screens and partitions


Currently, this element can be made from any material. For its production using both natural and artificial species. If you wish, everyone can choose a beautiful wooden or metal model. For their decoration they use leather, decorative mosaic, rattan and so on. If the interior is necessary to pick up plastic partitions, then these will be made. As inserts, you will need to choose a lightweight material, such as fabric.Currently, the range of models is striking in its diversity, so finding the most suitable option will not be a problem.

Scope of application

Now it has become fashionable to equip apartments in accordance with the Taoist practice of Feng Shui. In it, screens play an important role. There is a theory according to which they are the best way to protect against negative energy.

You can install a screen in any room. For example, in the bedroom to separate the dressing area from the bedroom. If the owners need an office, then with the help of a folding screen it can be arranged in the living room. Even there are kitchen interiors in which it separates the dining area from the work area. Naturally, there are no restrictions on use in other rooms. Everything can be done at your discretion and depending on personal partition walls


This element of the interior, as a screen-partition, is considered essential. With it, you can not only zone the space, but also make it notes of originality, warmth and comfort. Also, this item is perfect for updating the already annoying interior.

The design of the screen should fit harmoniously into the overall concept.Due to the fact that a large number of various models are sold, it will be quite easy to do. Each buyer will choose for themselves the most suitable option, which will be not only an excellent element of decor, but also a functional addition.

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