School hostess. Preparation of semolina porridge

Entering into adulthood and coming to the husband's house,The young hostess undergoes some tests from her mother-in-law on the ability to cook and keep a farm. It is at this point that all the skills obtained earlier will be very useful. For the culinary test, dishes are selected that, at first glance, are very simple, but have some characteristics that affect the final result. Preparation of semolina porridge and fried potatoes become an indicator of the culinary skill of the young housewife. Therefore, to train in their preparation should be started as soon as possible.

Let's look at the preparation of semolina porridge withsmall tricks. This requires four glasses of fresh milk, sugar and salt to taste, ¼ cup semolina and butter. Pour into the pan milk and bring to a boil. At this moment, the first difficulty in the form of escaped milk lies in wait for us. To prevent this from happening, cook on low heat, stirring constantly. We do not close the pan with a lid.

It is best to dilute milk with water in equalproportions. And if you doubt the freshness of milk, then change it to dry cream at the rate of 1.5 tablespoons of the mixture for a glass of water. Such milk does not run away and does not burn. If you start cooking porridge on not fresh milk, it will curdle. After boiling the milk base, add a tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar. In a thin trickle, fall asleep, into the pan, semolina, evenly stirring. Cook the porridge for 10 minutes and remove the saucepan from the plate. Let's brew for at least 20 minutes. Add the butter to the ready-made dish, stir it, then lay it out on plates and serve it to the table.

The recipe for cooking semolina is simple, butrequires constant attention from the hostess. Distractions for just a minute can lead to the formation of lumps or burnt porridge. Preparation of semolina porridge airy and lush, without a single lump, perhaps even not very skillful hostess. To do this, it is sufficient to stir the dish with a mixer, which will give it a uniform state.

To prepare semolina porridge inpleasure and make the home menu more diverse, you should slightly change the recipe. Try instead of milk to take apple juice and water in equal proportions and get excellent apple porridge with a delicate taste. And, using grape, peach or raspberry juice instead of apple juice, prepare a delicious dessert that can be consumed both in hot and cold.

Want a change? Then you should prepare a semolina porridge "Guryevskaya". For this recipe we use ingredients, as for the main variant of the preparation, adding it with jam or syrup with berries. We boil semolina porridge and pour on small forms or salad bowls. We are waiting for its full congealing. We take flat plates and put them on porridge, turning the forms. We pour on top with syrup and decorate with berries.

Do you like chocolate? Then prepare chocolate manna porridge. To the main ingredients of the dish, add a bag of vanilla sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa powder or a few slices of bitter chocolate. At the time of adding salt and sugar to the boiling oil, pour in vanillin and cocoa. Stir thoroughly and pour the croup, without stopping stirring. Finished porridge has a rich brown color and pronounced chocolate taste.

Manna porridge will be a good dish for the familybreakfast. But not every house can be found in the refrigerator fresh milk. In this case, you should use condensed milk. We take a tablespoon of condensed milk for a glass of water. But we exclude from the recipe sugar. The taste of the ready-made dish is no worse, and cans with condensed milk can be stored in the closets of the kitchen long enough. Have in stock dry, condensed or concentrated milk and you will be ready for the exam in the future mother-in-law.

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