Scenario New Year's concert for children

On the last day of the outgoing year, everyone is waiting for miracles. Children with a sinking heart expect gifts from the good Father Frost. They want to plunge into the fairy-tale world, to feel the magic and mystery of this holiday. Give your children an unforgettable evening, which will be held with a bang! The scenario of the New Year's concert needs to be thought out in advance, to prepare props, to learn words and roles. Scenes, dances, songs, plays and games under the tree - that's the guarantee of a merry holiday. Take the children into the performance, let them feel like real artists!

The cultural program

Many localities of our country canboast a house of culture. There are concerts, events, there are children's development circles. A crowd of children every day read his corridors with merry laughter. And on the eve of the holidays, there is vanity and preparation for performances. Rehearsals are held in the halls and offices, the leaders and their wards are adjusting the script of the New Year's concert in the House of Culture. Representation should be interesting to people of all ages. Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers will look with pleasure at the young talents and adult leaders.scenarios of New Year's concert in school

The presence of a Christmas tree in this building is a must. After all, children should lead a round dance around the forest beauty led by Father Frost and Snow Maiden! You can decorate the fir-tree with homemade toys, let the guys make paper garlands, lanterns, animals. Get an excellent decor for a fluffy coniferous beauty.

Good fairy tale

Scenario New Year's concert in the House of Cultureinvolves the production of a fairy tale. Children during the performance will show their vocal and dance talents. Spectators with the help of characters on the stage will fall into the snow-covered magic forest, get acquainted with its inhabitants and even with the terrible monster Yud!scenario of the New Year concert in the House of Culture

The concert is opened by the presenters, they welcomeviewers and report that Santa Claus has given a drink to the sleepy villain Yud. The old man can not wake up in time and congratulate the kids on the holiday. For him, the terrible hooligan Yud wants to do this. It is necessary to stop it at any cost ...

Heroes rush to the rescue

The scenario of the New Year's concert is very original. Costumes and props can be done by yourself. Starring:

  • Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.
  • A squirrel, a hare, a fox, a spider-man.
  • Miracle and Yudo.

The presenter tells the audience thebegins a fascinating action. Miracle and Yudo are twin brothers separated by an evil witch in childhood. A miracle grew up in a forest hut, a kind and sympathetic boy. But Yudo is a little villain, brought up by a witch. They do not know about the existence of each other. Yudo lulled Santa Claus's potion and took a bag of gifts. Yudo goes on stage: "Haha, this year, children will receive a gift with bags of charcoal and mice. There will be laughter, it's easy to die! "

Appearing forest animals and begin to persuadeThe attacker does not do this and return the bag. But the bully disagrees, and Father Frost's assistants develop an action plan. They decide to call a spider-man to deal with the villain. It's good if Miracle and Yudo are portrayed by twins.New Year's concert in the music school script


The script of the New Year's concert-performance should be filled with surprises and exciting moments, but will win, of course, good!

On the stage appears Santa Claus with his granddaughter. She managed to wake her grandfather with magic coffee. Next, with a noise, a spider-man appears, he links a villain-scotch of a villain. The Miracle comes out and finds out in the hoodlum of his twin brother. Yudo gives a promise to become good and kind, he is released. It's time to amuse the audience. The guys perform funny songs and dance. Such a scenario of the New Year's theatrical concert will be relevant for people of any age. The main thing is that the speakers come to the matter seriously and learn by heart their roles, get used to them.

Unusual corporate

Residents of all settlements of the country loveholidays and fun. Therefore, the scenario of a New Year's concert in a rural club can not differ in any way from a "colleague" for a metropolis. The same well-dressed and waiting audience and talented artists!

scenario of a New Year concert in a rural club


  • forest animals;
  • Ded Moroz and Snegurochka;
  • Kikimora, two school children;
  • leading.

Costumes and decorations can be made independently from improvised means, big expenses do not threaten. Forest thicket make of huge cardboard boxes, painted with gouache.

On the stage there are elegant hosts:

"Good evening, the public is honest!

Yes, beautiful and cheerful!

We will start a festive concert,

And soon we'll light the Christmas tree!

And you really do not make a noise,

Look closely at the stage! ".

There is an alarming music, a boy and a girl of about seven appear before the audience. They are frightened, look around, the children are lost in the forest.

M: "How can we get out of here? In vain we went to seek frost! ".

D: "After all, we wanted to do a good job, we have a lot to ask for snow. To ride a sleigh, play snowballs with the guys! It is a pity that we are lost! ".

M: "I hear a noise! Someone is heading here! ".

Kikimora flies in: "Oh, dinner itself came to me! What ruddy, plump buns! What are you doing here, kid? Have they brought a grill to the grandmother and a pot of butter? Ha-ha-ha! "

The children explain to the old woman why they came. She maliciously lures them into the thicket, promising to go to Frost. Suddenly, forest animals jump out. They go to New Year's corporate on the clearing. Hare, squirrel, fox, stand up for the kids and shame Kikimoru.

This scenario of a New Year's concert in ruralclub will pass on hurray. It is good that you can use many children. Probably, they will like to perform on stage, and this will be the occasion for the birth of a local theater studio.New Year's concert scenario at the club

Dancing and Songs

The most cheerful and energetic part of the concert came up- Dancing. The animals ask Kikimora to become kinder and teach her to dance. This will be a small flash mob. The children on the stage show simple movements of Kikimore and offer the audience also to repeat them.

Soon Santa Claus comes out with a heavy trot. He greets all those present:

"Good evening, kids, I've been with you for two days. Oh, and far you have climbed, behind the thicket of the dense hid. I have a kind grandfather with you and you have been given presents. You will amuse me and receive gifts. "The boys perform a dance, a song, read poetry.

Time to say good-bye

The concert ends on a kind note, Father Frostsays goodbye to everyone for a year, the children go home. Now viewers can be photographed with forest and fairy-tale characters, they will get excellent memorable pictures.

This simple and understandable scenario of the New YearTheatrical concert will appeal to the audience of all ages. Uncomplicated plot, a lot of dances and songs, beautiful costumes - all that is needed for a successful holiday.script of the New Year's theatrical concert

School years

The most memorable and bright holidays are held infavorite schools. The guys are preparing for the performance, the others are looking forward to the concert and gifts. To conduct the event, you need a leader - a fairy. It is better to choose for this role a brisk senior high school student. Even if she forgets words or something goes wrong, an adult girl can easily improvise. A fun and amusing scenario of the New Year's concert at school is very easy to implement.

Fairy: "Hello, guys, parents, teachers! Today we have gathered for a reason! What holiday do we celebrate? "Children in chorus reply:" New Year! ".

"But what does he look like, this New Year? Nobody ever saw him. Let's call it loud! ". The audience is called New Year's Eve.

On the stage appears a boy in a strict suit andtie: "Good afternoon! I hurried to you, Father Frost gave some gifts, he lingered! "In the boy's hand bag, he starts to take turns in turn to surprise.

"Guys, Grandfather Frost sent unusual gizmos! He wants to check whether you already know how to do everything yourself! What did you learn at school and at home? "

The boy takes out his things and asks the children to show howto use them, if it does not work, shows itself. The audience must repeat his actions. You can conduct such an interactive New Year's concert in a music school. Scenario complement the performances of young talents. Playing the violin and piano will fit well into the concept of the event.scenario of a New Year concert in a rural club

Games and fun

The continuation of the concert is a continuous surprise,games, competitions. The New Year takes out a toothbrush from the sack and offers to show the guys how they use it. Then a comb, a shoe sponge, an iron, a bicycle, a harmonica, a guitar, and soap bubbles are used. You can add an unlimited number of items, children will like this entertainment.

The more contests, the more interesting will be the New Year's concert at the music school. The script is uncomplicated, long rehearsals will not be needed.

Fairy: "It seems that Santa Claus is coming! Hide your palms or wear mittens, it will be cold now! "

A heavy trot comes out the long-awaited Santa Claus:

"Hello, kids,

Girls and boys.

Among you there are mischievous, mischievous people or ugliness?

I do not like these guys,

I'll freeze them!

I know, you are all good, sing songs from the heart,

It's funny to dance,

Socks in the evenings you knit!

Let's play,

The brave on the stage are invited! "New Year's concert scenario

Fluffy snowballs

There are several people wishing to take part in thecompetition. Fight with snowballs. It can be inflatable balls or any other soft objects. Participants are divided into two teams. Before them - two empty buckets, and the balls are scattered everywhere. Win those in whose bucket will be more balls of snowballs per minute. Include in the scenario of the New Year's concert a few more mobile games. Winners need to be rewarded with small prizes.

Round dance

Apply this wonderful New Year scenarioconcert for children, they will be delighted! At the end of the event, you should always dance around the Christmas tree. Father Frost, having laughed heartily at the way the boys played and had fun, gives them the right to light a Christmas tree. They should loudly shout the spell: "Christmas tree, burn, we went to dance!"

A friendly round dance is accompanied by a traditional song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest". Let the guys sing along, at the end give the artists a storm of applause!

Baba Zhara

Parents, grandparents also have the righthave fun with the soul. A corporate at work or a party with friends and relatives, passing without children, is a completely different New Year's concert. The script is an adult, with other characters and competitions, we will present below.

The main character of the event is Baba Zhara! This role is suitable for a cheerful and uninhibited woman who can light a crowd. The costume can be similar to the dress of a Hawaiian girl, because she flew to us from a hot country:

"Good evening, handsome men and sultry ladies,

I just left the Bahamas,

I flew to you on a holiday,

In fact the gray prankster fell ill.

I'll replace Santa Claus,

I'll cheer you up today!

He is now on the beach,

He puts his back on the sun!

Let's sing a song,

And glasses full of pouches! "

Baba Zhara performs the song under the phonogram,grimaces and dances funny. The script of the New Year's concert in the club can also decorate Baba Zhara. This is an original and vivid character, about which very few people know!

After several competitions, you can startdances. Prepare twelve bracelets from cardboard. On each pair the name of the dance is written. Fold them in a bag, let the guests pull in turn. When the pair connect, you can start the dance battle. Choose funny motifs: gipsy romance, tango, dance of small swans, tap dance. The winner will be elected by voting method.

New Year concert script adult

With ease, you can remake this scenario New Year's concert for the two leading. In the role of the second, the Snow Maiden, Kikimora or the brave Bogatyr can perform.

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