Scandinavian houses: projects, photos

Naturalness and simplicity are the main featureshouses in Scandinavian style. Many experts say that the construction of such a structure does not present particular difficulties. This house should be associated with natural materials, simple wooden furniture, light walls. All this is available at the moment. So, spending a certain amount of money, you get simple on the one hand, but chic with another Scandinavian frame houses.

Nature is a source of inspiration

Our compatriots are close architectureScandinavia. Looking at these small, simple and neat structures, surrounded by an indescribable beauty of nature, you feel how the soul calms down, the eye rejoices. Scandinavian architecture was formed for a long time surrounded by forests, rivers, fjords and lakes. Nature is the main source of inspiration, an indispensable condition and material for construction.

Scandinavian houses

Scandinavian houses are adjusted to the landscape. This people is trying to preserve nature. Ecological and laconic - these are the main criteria for the construction of houses in the north.

House features in Scandinavian style

Let's talk about design. Its main components are aesthetic appeal and laconism. This style involves the use of only natural materials. It should be remembered that Scandinavian homes must necessarily combine comfort and functionality. To date, the real estate market has seen a growing demand for homes built in this style.

The facade of the building in the Scandinavian style at the firstthe look has nothing special. But it's worth looking closely, as one can understand that the main characteristic of this facade is severity and restraint. In addition, the interior in such a house also has features. There are almost no decorative elements in it. But it should be remembered that inside the premises the main colors are light colors.

In this house every person feels calm and peaceful.

projects of Scandinavian houses

Ceramic oven-column is the most impressive element of such a house. It is installed both in the living room and in the bedroom. This wood stove should be in the corner.

In Scandinavia, they worship their kind. Therefore, all family photos, old yellowed papers that are related to the genus, should be located on the walls. Here also find their place and oil paintings, works of children.


Scandinavian one-story houses allowcreate an ideal accommodation in which you will feel confident and comfortable. After all, almost everyone in childhood had a dream - to live in a forest hut equipped in accordance with modern requirements for a comfortable life. These are the Scandinavian houses. Photos of these buildings are fascinating. They are both simple and elegant.

Before proceeding to construction work,should pay attention to the projects of Scandinavian houses. First of all, you should begin construction taking into account the terrain. Houses in the Scandinavian style are often built one-story. Often, the dining area is placed in a glass patio.

Scandinavian houses photo

Scandinavian houses have an attractive appearance. Particular attention in their construction is given to the preservation of heat. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-quality double-glazed windows, which will provide reliable thermal insulation.

The most common material for the construction of such a house is glued or profiled bar. Also very popular are the frame structures.

From a wide variety of roofing materialschoose copper sheets, natural tiles or polymeric materials. Experts advise to pay attention to the roof with skates, because they have a configuration that allows you to easily clean snow in the spring.

Features of construction

Cozy and modern house, like a foresta hut from a favorite children's fairy tale, - a house made in Scandinavian style. The main material for construction works is a tree. Most often used beech, birch or pine.

The construction of such a structure has its own characteristics. This house is very different from the usual modern buildings. The main features are:

- Large wooden windows.

- Wooden front door.

- Maximum number of floors: two.

- Use of natural materials during construction.

- Gable roof.

Scandinavian wooden houses

Most often in such homes there is no facade decoration. In addition, there is no basement and an attic. The buildings can be made in several colors:

- Color ocher.

- White.

- Dark blue.

- Light brown.

Selected materials

Scandinavian houses are characterized by lightshades. In the interior use not only white, but also terracotta, yellow. In fact, not a lot of natural materials, which are characterized by such a color shade. Basically it is a deciduous tree species. As a finishing material for such a structure, wooden panels are used, which fit admirably into the interior. Designers say that it is permissible to use wallpaper as well, but it is better to choose one that can be painted in the future. Remember that the paint must be light colors.

Colorful suspended ceilings should not be used in the interior of the Scandinavian house, as well as complex ceiling structures.

Scandinavian frame houses

The floor should be made of light wood. Often this material is treated with a transparent lacquer coating, thanks to which the room acquires an amazing ease.

The main goal of this interior is the comfort of the owners.

Projects of Scandinavian houses, as a rule, have all the information on building materials used during the construction of the building.

Textiles in the interior

It should also pay special attention to allfabrics used in the interior of the house. They should harmoniously combine not only with the walls, but also with each other. The color of the picture should differ only in the intensity of the shade. The basis of the interior of the room should be beige, bluish and light gray shades. Remember also that all products made of fabric (upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, tablecloths) must necessarily be made of natural fabrics. Experts recommend using simple fabrics, including those that have a rough structure (linen, for example).

Scandinavian one-story houses

It should be remembered that in houses in Scandinavian style do not use carpeting. The floor is decorated with knitted carpets and mats.

Covers for furniture, curtains, bed linens and towels should be either striped or caged. Neither can they be present Scandinavian ornaments and patterns - deer, zigzag, fir-tree and snowflake.

Furniture in the house

Scandinavian wooden houses are all naturaland natural. In this housing looks nice wicker furniture. With elements of such an interior, a light vine will perfectly match. Therefore, you can safely use as a decor wicker baskets, cloaks for chairs and armchairs.

All the rest of the furniture that is present in thehouse, should be easy, attractive and comfortable. It should be assembled very quickly. The interior suggests a different combination of glass and wooden surfaces, open or closed shelves. The beds should have a simple frame, the backs of the chairs - smoothly curved backs, and the sofas - a laconic shape and a light upholstery.

Choosing a bed for a house in Scandinavian style,be sure to give preference to models equipped with drawers for laundry. All chairs, tables and sofas should also be folded. In the tables different drawers and shelves are welcomed.

Remember that the furniture used in the Scandinavian house must necessarily be made of wood. Use in the interior of plastic or metal is strictly prohibited.

projects of Scandinavian single-storey houses


Remember that in the Scandinavian house airspace is given great importance. Therefore, the room should be light, and the amount of furniture is reduced to a minimum. Artificial lamps are also used in the interior. They are included if natural light is not enough. It is also possible that several types of lighting devices are used.


Scandinavian single-storey houses are suitable for people,who prefer to use only natural materials in their lives and appreciate the functionality of everything that surrounds them. Also, housing in this style is ideal for supporters of minimalism.

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