Sanatorium "Motorist" (Sochi): reviews, photos, address

Recreation planning is a responsible business. Where can I go if you want to visit the seaside? For example, in the sanatorium "Motorist" (Sochi). Many people come here not only to relax. In this place you can get additional medical help. You can say that you are offered rest with comfort and benefit. But what exactly do the visitors of "Motorist" get? Is it worth it to come here? Numerous reviews will help to find answers to these questions. Just do not be frightened if opinions contradict one another. It is difficult to evaluate sanatoria and hotels, especially those that are near the sea. Clients usually emphasize only the pros and cons of the place of rest that they had to face. But the conclusions about the compliance of the boarding house to their requests will have to be done independently.sanatorium motorist in Sochi


Do you like to spend time with benefit? Then the sanatorium "Motorist" (Sochi) - at your service! This place is located on the beach, which allows you to swim in good weather. The organization is located in a picturesque area. Here you can relax among trees, the beach and fresh, clean air.

"Motorist" is great for relaxing withcompany or family. But alone, there will also be something to do. Which guests are most likely to meet here? Different ages. There are young and old people, middle-aged people, and children. For everyone there is an occupation in the boarding house.

Come here is because the sanatorium"Motorist" (Sochi) offers not just a holiday on the coast, but also treatment. You can spend time with benefit for your health, while resting at 100%. Highly qualified specialists are always at your service.


But where exactly is this place? The city in which the sanatorium "Motorist" is located, is Sochi. The address of this institution is of interest to many. You can easily take a taxi to the hotel and get straight to the territory of the organization. But where to go?

To arrive at this sanatorium you need togo to Russia, to the city of Sochi. There to get to the Sukhum highway and find the house 31. It's easy to get confused, because this place is located near numerous other holiday homes and resort motorist reviews

How to get there?

Now it is clear where the sanatorium is located"Motorist". How to get here? Everything depends on the place of your departure. You can arrive from Sochi airport. To do this, just take the route 105k and get to the stop "Kudepsta". Or use the Aeroexpress. He will take you to the village of Khosta. From there, take the bus to the already known stop on Route 134.

This is only one option. You can go to the boarding house "Motorist" from the railway station Adler. Take there buses: 105k, 118, 134, 125, 60. Arrive at your destination in less than an hour. From the station "Motorist" is located at a distance of 6 kilometers.

From the railway station of Sochi, you can alsothe bus very quickly arrive in our current vacation spot. You will need routes 105k, 125, 122. They reach the stop "Kudepsta", and after about 10 minutes you need to go north. The best option is to use a taxi. So you get rid of unnecessary headaches about the way to the sanatorium.

Treatment programs

A huge role is played by services that provideany boarding house. After all, in the health resorts come mainly for treatment. The procedures may simply not suit you. Then there is not much point in going to the "Motorist" sanatorium. Sochi is a resort town. You can find here a place of rest for your resort motorist sochi photos

The main direction of our work todayboarding house - this is the musculoskeletal system. On the second place there are neurological diseases. But all other areas are also not forgotten. You can receive treatment in the following areas:

  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • psychology;
  • gynecology;
  • proctology;
  • cosmetology;
  • cardiology.

In principle, not too many directions, butprocedures are offered a huge amount. And for this sanatorium "Motorist" (Sochi) reviews get positive. You can say that here you are able to come for specific purposes and get quality treatment with comfort in certain directions.sanatorium motorist g Sochi


Areas of treatment are good. But sometimes it's interesting which procedures are waiting for you. This is an important moment! You need to know what you are agreeing to! Sanatorium "Motorist" is a place that really pleases with its range of methods of treatment. Here you will find:

  • therapeutic and relaxing massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • traction (horizontal);
  • pressotherapy;
  • phytoplankton;
  • inhalation;
  • hardware massage (stops);
  • hydromassage;
  • manual therapy;
  • mud therapy with Tambukan mud;
  • oxygen cocktails;
  • balneotherapy.

The main distinctive positive featureis that the procedures are even for children. This is very pleasing to visitors, especially those who came to rest with their family. Parents leave positive reviews about "Avtomobilist" already for the fact that they have a children's therapeutic and relaxing massage. It is possible to help the child quickly get rid of the disease without medication. Not every boarding house will do children's resort motorist city of Sochi


What to do in our today's institution? Administrators say that you can easily and easily find something to do. But it is for the recreational component of the sanatorium "Motorist" (in Sochi) receives far from the most positive opinions. Some people say that there is nothing to do in the evenings. Especially if you get bored of the beach.

At your service during the rest will be bars andkaraoke, cafe and beach, excursions and table tennis. Children are offered rest on a specially equipped playground and participate in a variety of animation programs. In principle, this is enough for recreation. Only very active people say that for a long holiday the sanatorium "Motorist" in Sochi is not good. It will simply become boring. Of course, if you do not get bored with the sea and the beach, then there is no problem with the leisure.


How to feed in the boarding house? In this area, visitors have no particular complaints. The thing is that the cost of recreation already includes three meals a day. It is diverse, but in the format of a buffet. Not critical, it is quite common, which pleases the visitors.

Customers indicate that all food is preparedfrom natural products and is healthy and healthy. In this case, it does not cause any disgust or discontent. Even children like a variety of mixes from salads, meat dishes and vegetables.

Menu scanty can not be called. Arriving at the "Motorist", you will see that the sanatoriums can offer a hearty, tasty and healthy menu with a wide variety. There are even exquisite desserts, which will please all members of the resort motorist


What else pleases our today's institution? For example, the way it looks. Sanatorium "Motorist" (Sochi), whose photo pleases the eye, really offers comfort, coziness and a pleasant atmosphere. Images on the Internet are not fake. Visitors indicate that all rooms are made good and new repairs, furniture is comfortable and also new. Feels good work of the designer. No special non-standard solutions, only minimalism, executed in simple and calm colors.

Procedural offices are also pleasing. Yes, some equipment is far from the newest, but it works great. In general, the situation in "Motorist" pleasant, calm and cozy. You will not feel tense here. Reviews indicate that it is in this place you can relax well, like at home. Just what you need for a good and successful vacation!


Special attention should be paid to the prices in "Motorist". After all, it is not enough to go to a good, modern and cozy place to relax. It is necessary to choose a sanatorium, which you can afford.

Visitors indicate that the cost of a day inthe boarding house depends on the season of stay. In the summer, prices rise, they fall by November. But the average cost of staying in a single room is 3000 rubles. The price includes treatment and meals. This is the price for an adult. Children with treatment rest per day will cost about 1500, and without procedures - 1000 rubles.sanatorium motorist in Sochi

In principle, not too expensive. But the sanatorium "Motorist" (the city of Sochi) can not be called a budget place for recreation. The prices here are not the highest, they are moderate. As many say, within reason. So, if you need quality rest with treatment on the beach, you can go here. You certainly will not remain indifferent!


How to contact this organization andbook a room? Here you can use several techniques. For example, visit the official page of the "Motorist" sanatorium. It is enough to choose the number there, then click on "Book" and fill in the appropriate fields on the screen. Everything is easy and simple.

But telephone calls are in high demand. Customers are satisfied with this type of booking and support of contact with the administration of the boarding house "Motorist". To get through to the organization is easy. To do this, dial the number 7 (862) 247-30-54 or 7 (862) 247-30-50. The administrator will be able to provide you with quick advice and will book the type of room you choose on a particular date if necessary.

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