Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors

Salt lamps, the benefits and harm of which have been discussed for more than a hundred years, are made from rock salt, which is mined in specially designated places.salt lamps are good and badThe deposits of this mineral accumulate throughout themillion years by crystallization of oceanic or sea water under the influence of a hot climate. The Himalayan salt lamp, more precisely, its plafond is the result of the extraction of rock salt in the Himalayas, where it is hidden by rocks at a depth of about 800 m. Today it is one of the most extensive deposits of this mineral, whose age is 500-700 million years. But Solotvynian salt lamps are made from a mineral extracted in the Carpathian Mountains, in the village of Solotvino, which is located almost 200 meters above the sea. Each plafond, its size and shape is the result of the "work" of nature: the extracted rock salt is processed by the person slightly, for smoothing the corners.

A bit of history

For its unusual qualities and medicinal properties salt has long been given a second name - "white gold".salt lamps reviews of doctorsAnd this is quite justified: in the historical chronicles there are facts confirming that the salt was changed to gold 1: 1. This mineral was successfully used by healers in the treatment of migraines, with gout, skin rashes and even was effective as a detoxifier for poisoning. In Rome salt was used to strengthen immunity and accelerate metabolic processes in the body. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, the fact of a positive effect of salt steam was established, and this was the impetus for the opening of sanatoriums in old salt mines throughout Europe. At the same time, the first attempts to use small minerals in homes were recorded. Of course, at that time these pieces of salt were not at all like modern lamps, but they had a full range of healing properties, despite their modest size.

The components of rock salt

Salt lamps rightfully belong to the objects of beauty that heals.Solotvinsk salt lampsAnd all thanks to a unique composition: in addition to iron oxide, which provides the mineral with a pleasant pink shade, there is a large list of associated minerals. In total, the salt contains 2 to 4% of minerals such as clay, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, gypsum, anhydrite, quartz, iodine, potassium, iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium, bromine, zinc, and carbon. In a complex, these minerals have a beneficial effect on the human body and the microclimate in the room.

Using a salt lamp: the basics

Why and where are salt lamps used? The benefits and harms of these natural minerals for humanity were discovered in the last century, when TVs, computers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances began to appear in homes creating a concentration of positive ions.salt lamp owner reviewsAn additional factor for the use of saltlamps is smoking, respiratory diseases, as well as a high content of industrial gases and allergens in the air. For residents of large cities with a rich infrastructure and production facilities it is recommended to acquire such an element of decor as salt lamps. The comments of the doctors say that they should be used not only in houses and apartments, but also in office premises.

Colored salt lamps

A plafond made of a mineral can bestandard white color or have a shade due to natural impurities (other minerals, algae, etc.). Based on the emotional and physical state, you need to choose suitable salt lamps: the benefits and harm they bring later will depend largely on this:

Himalayan salt lamp

  • Orange. Salt lamp of this color has a positive effect on the psyche, soothes, heals the nerves, removes from the shock state. It causes a sense of security, peace and intimacy, so it is recommended for rest rooms, bedrooms. As for the physical state, the orange lamp helps to heal wounds, injuries, activates the work of the genitourinary system.
  • Yellow. This mineral is recommended for a cabinet or a children's room, as it activates mental abilities, intelligence, intelligence. The properties of the yellow salt lamp are noted to eliminate problems with the liver and gall bladder, as well as the pancreas.
  • Red mineral strengthens the cardiovascular system, gives vivacity, activity, vital energy.
  • For a newly-married couple, the pink salt lamp will be useful: the owners' feedback indicates that it positively affects the emotional state, encourages love, unity and partnership.
  • The brown lamps fit the lovers of meditation and yoga. It is they that promote agreement with oneself and increase the sense of connection with the Earth.
  • White salt lamps, the benefit and harm of whichare individual, symbolize purity and order. Often used in public rooms, as well as beauty salons, fitness centers and medical institutions.

Thus, the conclusion suggests that salt lamps are an integral element of decor in places where physical and emotional health is appreciated.

Reviews of doctors about the use of salt lamps

how to use a salt lampAccording to reviews of medical staff, salt -It is a mineral that is a natural, natural, environmentally friendly ionizer. Based on this, a number of diseases are treated: a variety of skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, pre-asthma, asthma and bronchitis of any complexity. According to medical contraindications, salt lamps are categorically forbidden to people with hypertension, ischemia and nervous system disorders.

The principle of the salt lamp

So, how to use the salt lamp? The salt lamp consists of a stand and a plafond, inside of which a candle or an electric bulb is installed. It is due to heating that negative ions are released. In principle, the action of the salt lamp is identical to that of the Chizhevsky chandelier, with the only difference being that the process of ion separation is more gentle, and the mechanism itself refers to the natural, natural rather than the artificial. Negative ions, getting into the environment, deactivate the action of positive ions produced by modern electronic equipment. The salt lamp can work constantly, since the ionization process proceeds gently (in contrast to powerful artificial ionizer devices).

Strong combination: salt and light

Why in the form of a lamp salt is so activeaffects the physical and emotional state of a person? The thing is that the interaction of these two elements enhances the therapeutic properties of each of of the salt lampLight heats the mineral and activates hydration,thereby strengthening and accelerating the process of air purification. The mineral, which simultaneously serves as a bubble, makes the light softer and muted, allowing you to look at the source without harm to the eyes. It is considered useful for sight and provides a lot of positive emotions.

On the Harm of Salt Lamps

As mentioned above, use saltlamps for treatment are not recommended for hypertensive people, people with ischemia and with disorders of the central nervous system. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the color of the mineral (this is also discussed above). It is important to properly place the lamp in the house: the best place for it in a dark corner or in places with low, unhealthy energy. If the lamp occupies the right place, its light will bring into your life a surge of energy, tranquility, improve relations in the family and with partners, will attract good luck in all endeavors. If the lamp does not take its place, it can aggravate the situation: have a devastating impact on health and energy.

Salt lamp service

  • When choosing the location for the salt lamp installationit is important to consider that rock salt, like cookery, is subject to moisture. It should not be installed near a source of moisture, for example, near a fountain or aquarium.salt lamps are good and badAlso it is not recommended to leave it nearopen the window. Salt can accumulate liquid and break down under its influence. If the lamp is still wet, it can be dried naturally by turning it on for a few hours.
  • Places available for children or pets are not the best for installing a lamp.
  • The source of light in salt lamps can be a candle or a 15 volt lap (these are usually installed in refrigerators), which can easily be replaced when they are burned.

Terms of operation of salt lamps

As already mentioned, the salt lamp can beis included constantly, moreover, such term as "service life", to it is inapplicable. The thing is that the healing properties of the mineral do not run out with time and can have a beneficial effect for more than one decade.

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Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors Salt lamps are good and bad. Salt lamps: reviews of doctors