Salmon soup - tasty and satisfying first course.

The benefits of soup

Even the simplest fish soup is simply necessary for colds and vitamin deficiency; it is recommended for people with various injuries to bones, joints and tendons. And if the ear is made of noble fish, such as trout or salmon, then it is not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty. It is not a shame to serve a dish at a festive dinner, and for the arrival of dear guests, and, of course, it is perfect for a normal meal, if you have the opportunity to pamper yourself. Salmon ear is oily and nutritious, thanks to this dish you can replenish the supply of phosphorus, vitamins A and D, as well as fatty acids in the body.

salmon earRecipe for beginners

For those who have never cooked such a dish before, it is better to take a simpler recipe, with a minimum number of ingredients. Per kilogram of fish will need 2 carrots, 2 onions, 6 large potatoes, salt, sweet and black peas, bay leaf, dill. First prepare the fish. It needs to be washed, dried and cut into portions.Then, 3 liters of boiling water alternately send peeled and chopped vegetables in the following sequence: potatoes, carrots, onions. Between them should take 2-3 minutes. After all the vegetables boil, the soup should be salted, add spices and fish. Salmon soup will be ready in literally 15 minutes. At the very end you need to pour finely chopped dill. And in order to make the dish tastier, it is better not to serve it immediately, but half an hour after turning off the fire.

More experienced housewives

ear from the head of salmonVery tasty and rich ear is obtained from the head of salmon, tail and fins. More precisely, of these components pre-boiled broth for half an hour. During this time, all joints will “give” to the broth the nutrients contained therein in much larger quantities than in the meat itself. Such an ear of salmon is recommended for people during the period of rehabilitation after complex injuries and operations on the joints. The remaining products are the same as in the previous recipe (due to rich broth, you can use a little less fish).

Hungarian recipe

Ear of salmon recipeExperimenting with the ingredients, any cook can invent his own version of any dish.For those who prefer to cook not very ordinary dishes, but according to proven recipes, there is a rather unusual version of the dish "Salmon Ear". This recipe came from Hungarian cuisine and is different from the classic tomato roast. From the products for the preparation of 3 liters of ready-made soup you need to take: a small salmon (up to a kilogram), large Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc. (better than red), large tomatoes - 2 pcs., potatoes - 2 large, onions and carrots - 1 pc., a little tomato, spices, salt, greens and vegetable oil. First boil the broth from the head, tail and ridge of fish, as in the previous recipe. During this time, the fillet is cut into pieces, peeled vegetables. Tomatoes should be removed by scalding with boiling water. Next, onions, carrots and tomatoes cook fried, adding a little tomato paste. When the broth is ready, it needs to be drained, throw away the bones and the head and boil again. Add potatoes and pepper, cut into strips, fish, fry, salt and spices. After 10 minutes, chopped greens should be poured - and salmon ear is ready! The dish prepared according to this recipe is very colorful, with an unusual tomato flavor and amazing aroma.It will surely satisfy even the most demanding guests.

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