Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation

Salmon belongs to delicacy products. Therefore, dishes made from this fish can be served to any table, and especially to the festive. One of the options for cooking is salmon roast. The recipe is quite simple, but the result is a truly royal dish. At will in the process of creating these masterpieces, you can add your own ingredients, as well as use a different pickle.

For salmon fried in marinade withadding 800 grams of good Norwegian Salmon to the lemon juice. We do marinade. To do this, take half a liter of water, juice of half a lemon and a half of lime, sugar, half a teaspoon of ginger, thyme and lime zest. All mixed, boiled, and then cooled. Fill this mixture with prepared fish. We leave it to marinate for one hour.

Mix half a tablespoon of mustard seed andas much fennel, caraway and dried chili. In this mixture, add salt (about one teaspoon). All these spices shove in a mortar. Then we rub them with salmon. Spread pieces of fish in a pan and fry until a beautiful brown crust forms. Mashed potatoes, vegetables and even mangoes perfectly color the taste that has salted roasted salmon. The recipe is not complicated, but rather interesting, thanks to the unusual marinade.

Here's how to cook this fish on a cushion ofpotatoes. To begin with, we boil the potatoes in the peel, after washing it well beforehand. Then we set it aside. We now turn to the preparation of vegetables. We clean and cut onions with thick rings. Carrots are also cleaned and cut into random pieces. Fill the prepared vegetables with white dry wine (100 ml). Add to them vinegar (40 ml) and spices (sugar, salt, bay leaf and any pepper). Cook the marinade for about two minutes.

At this time we cut the fish portionwise. It is better if it is a fillet, but with a peel. Next, sprinkle each piece of salt and fry in a pan with the addition of vegetable oil. Then decorate our dish. We spread one boiled potato and lightly press it on the plates to make it flat. Above it is laid out roasted salmon. The recipe is beautiful and tasty. Next, decorate the fish with vegetables from the marinade. On top, water the dish with a hot marinade. We decorate it with herbs and serve it to the table.

Here is an example of how the salmon is prepared under a fur coat. Recipe is very popular in Finland, where this fish is the main dish. For its preparation we take a fillet of salmon. If you have a whole fish, then we cut it, separating the bones. This is not difficult, since salmon has few bones, and all of them are associated with the ridge. Next, we lay the fish in a ceramic mold, which before it is lubricated with vegetable oil. From above it is necessary to sprinkle the fillets with lemon juice, but not much. The next layer is laid out slices of chopped tomato. We prepare the fill. Whisk the cream and mix them with the same amount of sour cream. Add the salt and fill this mixture with fish and tomatoes. Put the dish in the oven. Thanks to pouring and tomatoes, you get a juicy salmon roast. This recipe can be supplemented with various herbs.

Very delicious and useful is salmon steamed. The recipe is complemented by a fine cheese sauce. For its preparation you need 500 grams of salmon fillet, about 100 grams of hard cheese, 50 grams of cream and leeks. We take the fillet of salmon and prepare it for further processing. Sprinkle the fish with salt and send it to the steamer for 13-15 minutes. In a special dish, melt the cheese, after wiping it. Add to it cream and leeks, cut as small as possible. All the time we interfere with the sauce with a whisk. Then we take the salmon from the steamer and water it with cooked sauce. We serve with any garnish and vegetables.

This is how the salmon is cooked for a couple or salmon roast. The recipe does not take much time, especially if you use a pickle.

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Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation Salmon is fried. The recipe for its preparation