Salicylic acid for acne: method of use, reviews

For centuries, every generation of people has been struggling with acne. Periodically, the modern market provides adolescents with a new "universal" drug for acne. But with the onset of spring, the faces of young people again become covered with hated eels. As though enthusiasts would not experiment, and the best remedy was invented half a century ago. This is salicylic acid. For acne, it can be used both in natural form and as an additive to various cosmetic products.

salicylic acid acne

The composition of the drug

An effective remedy is derived from aspirin. Natural sources of salicylic acid are willow bark and raspberry leaves. Pharmaceutical drug is an alcohol solution. Unfortunately, salicylic acid does not so quickly get rid of acne. Application means stretched for several months. Therefore, you should be patient and twice a day to treat the surface of the inflamed skin with a solution.

Medicinal properties

What is effective salicylic acid acne? High performance is hidden in its healing properties. The drug tends to clean the surface of the skin from old cells. Deeply penetrating the pores, it fights with blockage of sebaceous ducts. The tool restores the activity of all the subcutaneous glands.

If you use an alcohol solution of salicylic acid for acne, it is imperative to rinse the treated areas with warm water in 15-20 minutes. The therapeutic effect of this will not decrease. And the side effects of alcohol on the skin you successfully pass. Salicylic acid, known for its antibacterial properties, can be used as a basic cleansing base, and after it other cosmetics are used.

How to increase efficiency?

Salicylic acid helps against acne of a very different nature. It perfectly eliminates:

  • pustule and papule;
  • purulent acne;
  • comedones (black dots);
  • sebum;
  • pigment spots.

salicylic acid acne reviews

As a result of clogging of pores, black dots appear on the face. And, accordingly, the hypodermic inflammation develops. Regular peeling will get rid of unpleasant manifestations. Salicylic acid in combination with glycolic acid will have the greatest effect.This combination shows an impressive result. The cells of the epidermis are updated in the most powerful way.

The use of salicylic alcohol is permissible at any stage of rash development. However, do not forget about accuracy. An overdose of the drug will have bad consequences. In some cases, even the development of allergies is possible. That is why it is very important to adhere to some recommendations when conducting a cosmetic procedure.

Terms of use

So, you should initially consider the following recommendations. And only after reading them can salicylic acid from acne be used.

Instructions for use:

  1. Choose means for struggle with acne rash on water solution. Try to avoid alcohol-containing salicylic acid preparations. After all, they are able to give the skin even more dryness.
  2. The curative effect has a 1% solution. Salicylic acid 2% of acne is possible. A large concentration (above 2%) will only cause undesirable effects.
  3. Do not use salicylic acid with skin desiccants. The effect will be the opposite.Violation of protective properties will lead to an even greater rash.
  4. If dry skin is noted, it is necessary to lubricate it with ointments or creams, which are based on panthenol.

Variety of drugs

For greater efficiency, salicylic acid is combined with other components: boric, glycolic or folic acid. Pharmacology offers the consumer drugs based on salicylic acid, in the form of various gels, ointments, powders, lotions. Each tool has its own characteristics.

salicylic acid acne application

  • Powder appropriate to apply at bedtime. Their disadvantage is that talc provokes clogging of the pores.
  • Applying ointment is somewhat easier. But petrolatum, which is their component, also leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands.
  • Salicylic-zinc paste has a beneficial effect on the skin. However, this medicine should be handled very carefully. The paste can cause severe skin burns or dry out the epidermis.

How to choose the right remedy (which includes salicylic acid) for acne? Reviews of women indicate that it is better to stop the choice on water solutions.

Subtleties of application

If you use a lotion, which contains salicylic acid, acne, the use of this solution should be limited to 2 times a day. Other cosmetics can be applied after it. This can increase the effectiveness of the procedure by almost 25%. Be sure to read the instructions before use. So you can protect your skin from possible harm.

Anti-inflammatory mask is famous for its excellent results. For its manufacture badyagu mixed with cosmetic clay. Warm water is brought to the desired consistency. A couple of drops of salicylic acid make the mask one of the most effective means. It is enough to carry out this procedure once a week. The effect is amazing. The skin surface is cleared not only from the rash, but also from pigmented spots.

salicylic acid recipe for acne

Home method

Ordinary aspirin can help in the fight for the freshness and purity of the skin. As previously noted, its derivative is salicylic acid. The recipe for acne is given below.

So, the aspirin pill should be thoroughly crushed and mixed with water. For 5-10 minutes, the resulting slurry should be applied to the problem area of ​​the skin.After the expiration of the mask should be washed off with warm water. The face can not be rubbed, and it is necessary to get wet with a napkin.

The above mask should be applied 2 times a week. Its effectiveness lies in the ability to exfoliate dead cells, which clog pores. The mask bears in itself the strongest anti-inflammatory force.

Pharmaceutical drug or home analog

Appealing to a doctor with a problem of skin rash ends with a recommendation to purchase a special product. This drug is made in a pharmacy. His recipe is not complicated. Anyone can easily check how salicylic acid is fighting against acne by making a preparation on its own.

To do this, you must combine chloramphenicol, salicylic acid (in a ratio of 2: 2.5, respectively), add alcohol (90%). Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, you get the desired tool. Use this tonic daily.

salicylic acid helps against acne

An excellent pharmacy remedy is an anti-acne gel. It is recommended to apply it during an exacerbation. At the same time, you should closely monitor the condition of your skin. Unpleasant side effects are possible:

  • rash and irritation;
  • skin dryness;
  • burn;
  • redness and itching.

Applying any means, carefully monitor the reaction of the body. Control the concentration of the solution used. Strictly observe the recommended exposure time.


Very often, emphasis is placed on the need to moisturize the skin if salicylic acid from acne is used. In practice, this is sometimes forgotten. As a result, an effective remedy can deliver a lot of new problems instead of the long-awaited relief. The most common of these are itching and dry skin.

  1. Before applying it is recommended to check the skin for sensitivity to this tool. This will get rid of the side effect in the form of an allergic reaction. To do this, hold a cotton swab dipped in a solution of the prepared acid in the area behind the ear. Wait 3-4 hours. If during this time the skin is not covered with obvious signs of irritation, then the remedy is quite suitable for you. You can safely use it.
  2. Important rule! Never use salicylic acid if the skin has external damage. Any scratches, cuts - taboo for the application of the tool.Acid in places of skin damage can lead to strong inflammatory processes. Sometimes even chemical burns are recorded.
  3. Avoid using alcohol solution. This tool dries out the skin very much. Thus, it does not alleviate the condition, but is capable of causing more substantial harm. If during the selection of a suitable lotion in a pharmacy you have any doubts, do not look for answers yourself. Be sure to consult the pharmacist. Pharmacists are usually accustomed to such questions. And quite often they can give advice no worse than a professional dermatologist.
  4. If the use of salicylic acid is not pleased, stop using the product. Apply to the injured skin with a moisturizing cream. This will protect it from drying out. For such purposes, you can apply even the usual children's cream.

salicylic acid anti acne

It must be said that the correct use of medicines very rarely can lead to negative consequences.


And what do people say who have experienced the effects of such a simple remedy as salicylic acid (acne)? Their reviews clearly indicate positive results.Young people complain that for a long time they could not find a universal remedy for the problem. Purchased expensive drugs did not give a lasting effect. The problem remained, and the poor fellows were already driven to despair. Only the use of salicylic acid in its various variations saved the surface of the skin from unpleasant defects.

At the same time, some people notice that alcohol solutions, although they bring relief, are fraught with side effects. In addition to dry skin, they are able to give a surprise in the form of white spots - the most real burns. Needless to say, how dangerous it is for the skin and how much time and effort it will take to restore it? And water infusions or lotions, according to girls and boys, on the contrary, perfectly clean the skin and do not have unpleasant consequences.

salicylic acid acne solution


In the world there is a small percentage of those lucky people who have never encountered the problem of acne on the face. And most of the population is quite familiar with such a defect. Many people are constantly looking for a universal remedy to solve a problem.Modern manufacturers periodically produce anti-acne drugs. Despite this, the problem remains relevant to this day.

However, few people remember that there is a simple, cheap tool that can get rid of the rash. It is not advertised and is not widely advertised. That is why it acquired the status of the people. This is salicylic acid for acne. To date, this drug is probably the most effective.

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