Salad Recipes with Squid and Korean Carrots

Each experienced hostess has in her stock a variety of recipes that can be prepared for any occasion. Do not make exceptions and snacks. One of the most popular is a salad with squid and Korean carrots. Seafood itself has a neutral taste. Thanks to this, the snack can be made tender or, on the contrary, savory.

Calamari and Korean Carrot Salad

Calamari and Korean Carrot Salad

One of the easiest to prepare, but not in its taste is this type of snack. It can be served at the table when guests suddenly appear on the threshold.

To make it you will need the following products:

  • Four thawed and peeled squid carcasses.
  • One hundred fifty grams of carrots in Korean. You can take a sharp, if desired.
  • Three chicken eggs.
  • Fresh greens.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Mayonnaise.

How to cook

Well, now the recipe for the salad with squid and Korean carrots.Squids thawed at room temperature are washed and cleaned of film. Next, pour in a small pot of water and set to boil. Add salt, favorite seasonings and spices. When the water boils, throw squid there. Boil them for no more than two minutes, otherwise they will be tough.

Boiled and peeled squids are cut in random order, but best of all - thin strips. Chicken eggs are also boiled. Cool and cut into small cubes. Greens are washed twice with tap water. Give the drain fluid, it is better to shake further, and finely chop or burrow. Drain excess liquid from Korean carrot. We shift it to a spacious bowl in which it will be convenient to mix the salad. There we also add eggs, squid and greens. Dressing the salad with sour cream sauce or mayonnaise. Stir well. The salad is ready, it can be shifted to a beautiful deep plate.

salad squid korean carrot cucumber

Cucumber Salad Recipe

Very interesting and easy is a salad with squid, cucumber and Korean carrot. This snack can be eaten even by those on a diet. For its preparation will require:

  • A pound of fresh squids.
  • Korean carrots, about one hundred to one hundred fifty grams.
  • Fresh cucumbers - three or four pieces, depending on their size.
  • One small onion head.
  • Nine-percent table or apple vinegar.
  • Vegetable oil.

For the amateur, you can optionally add a pair of garlic cloves.

Squids are peeled, cut into strips and boiled in boiling salted water for no more than a minute. Throw them in a colander to glass all the excess liquid.

Cut onion head into thin half rings. Next, heat the vegetable oil, but do not boil it. To it we add garlic through a press. Fill the mixture with onions. Korean carrot squeeze out excess fluid. If necessary, it can be slightly shortened. Put it in a salad bowl, add fresh cucumbers to the same place, cut into thin strips. In a salad with Korean carrots, squid and cucumber add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix thoroughly and let it sit in the fridge for three to four hours.

For those who love mayonnaise salads, they can replace vinegar. Onions in this case should be just fry.

 salad with squid egg and korean carrots

Egg Recipe

In addition, a salad with squid, egg and Korean carrots will help to diversify any dinner. It prepares very quickly, but at the same time it has a delicate texture and a pleasant taste that will appeal to everyone.

For its preparation we need the following products:

  • Carcasses of squids without tentacles and heads are four.
  • Chicken eggs - five pieces.
  • Large onion head.
  • Korean carrot - about a hundred and fifty grams.
  • Oyster mushrooms or champignons - about three hundred grams.
  • Vegetable oil for frying.
  • Mayonnaise.

Squids cleaned from the film. Next, boil them in boiling water for two minutes. It should be salted, and if desired, you can add spices and seasonings to your taste. Cut them into straws. We chop boiled eggs with a sharp knife or egg-cutter, the main thing is not too shallow. Onions cut into half rings, mushrooms - in random order. Put onion in a frying pan with hot vegetable oil, fry it to a translucent state and add mushrooms to it. Add some salt and fry for no more than five minutes.

Next in the salad bowl lay out all the products. Korean-style carrots should drain excess fluid.Prepared products are filled with mayonnaise and mix. If necessary, add some salt. Before serving, decorate with chopped greens. You can cut out lilies or water lilies eggs and decorate them with a snack.

This salad with calamari and Korean carrots will definitely appeal to your guests and loved ones. Do not doubt.

Korean carrot squid salad ham

Squid, Korean Carrot, Ham, and Cheese Salad

For the preparation of snacks we need the following list of products:

  • Ham, you can take chicken - three hundred grams.
  • Squids - three carcasses.
  • Korean carrots - one hundred fifty - two hundred grams.
  • Any kind of hard cheese is about three hundred grams.
  • Two chicken eggs.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Greenery for decoration.

Ham cut into strips, hard cheese and rub eggs on a coarse grater. With carrots pour excess liquid and slightly squeeze it. Boiled squids are also cut into thin strips.

Salad lay out in the following order:

  • Hard grated cheese.
  • Ham.
  • Cheese again.
  • Squids.
  • Eggs

We coat each layer with mayonnaise. Korean carrot stacked last layer. Sprinkle with greens for decoration. A salad with calamari and Korean carrots does not contain many calories, so you can afford it once a week, even for people with a sick stomach.Only worth taking a mild carrot.

Korean carrot squid salad croutons

Salad with crackers

Salad from squid, Korean carrots and crackers is fast and easy to prepare. For its preparation requires very simple products:

  • A jar of canned corn.
  • Boiled squids.
  • Crackers, preferably with garlic.
  • Korean carrots.
  • Mayonnaise.

Squids are cut into thin strips; sweet, preserved corn must be poured into a colander. This must be done in order to remove all excess liquid. All the ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl and dressed with mayonnaise. Mix thoroughly, if desired, you can add garlic and herbs.

Crackers can be prepared at home, and you can use bought in the store.

salad with squid and korean carrot recipe

Classic salad

Options for cooking salad with calamari and Korean carrots, there are many. This snack can be prepared with mushrooms, cheese, cucumbers, chicken. There is the option of cooking salad in pita bread, in this case it will be an excellent alternative to many favorite shawarma or shawarma. However, the classic recipe of this snack is simple. For its preparation requires a minimum set of products:

  • Korean carrot - about two hundred grams.
  • Boiled squids, peeled and cut into thin strips.

These ingredients must be mixed together, if desired, you can add any fresh greens.

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