"Saiga-12". The hunting gun "Saiga-12". Caliber, characteristics, photo

According to the official information of IzhevskSaiga-12 "is a smooth-bore self-loading rifle designed for amateur and commercial hunting for small and medium-sized animals, as well as feathered game in any part of our planet regardless of climatic conditions.saiga 12

History of occurrence

Work on this smoothbore projectself-loading rifles began in the USSR, and ended already in Russia. Above the design of the carbine were the armourers of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. The first thing that they pay attention to is the similarity of systems and external features of the rifle and Kalashnikov assault rifle. And this is so, because the hunting "Saiga-12" inherited from the AK device with gas removal mechanism and the overall layout. IZMASH designers posed several tasks at once. First, the automation should be adapted to the hunting cartridge 12 caliber. Secondly, the bolt had to be changed to a stronger and larger one. Third, instead of a rifled barrel made smooth. In addition, it was necessary to modify the system for the removal of powder gases, as a result of which a special gas regulator appeared. In passing, I had to strengthen the USM and remove the possibility of automatic shooting. And in addition to all hunting weapons "Saiga-12" made self-loading.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the carbine

"Saiga" (12 gauge) allows you to use bothbullet, and fractional cartridges, including the type "Magnum", the length of the sleeve is 70 and 76 mm. The force required to pull the trigger is 1.5-3.7 kgf. The length of the barrel in the models "Saiga-12" and "Saiga-12S" is 580 mm, and in "Saiga-12K" and "Saiga-12C EXP-01" - 430 mm. The accuracy of firing with shot ammunition at a range of 35 m into a 750 mm target with the use of a muzzle constriction 1.0 will be at least 60% (with a barrel length of 580 mm) and not less than 40% at a length of 430 mm. Without muzzle narrowing, regardless of the modifications, the result is one - at least 40%. Dimensions of the carbine are: height - 190 mm, length (depending on the model) - from 910 to 1145 mm, with a folded butt - from 670 to 820 mm. The capacity of the store is two, five or eight cartridges.saiga 12 caliber

Features of the carbine

The carbine allows to conduct a single fire, whileautomatic recharging of weapons occurs. Automation uses the principle of the removal of powder gases through a special hole in the bore of the trunk. In the gas unit of the gun, there is an adjustment that takes into account the differences in the intra-ballistic characteristics of both conventional cartridges and the Magnum type. In order to expand the operational capabilities in the carbine, it is envisaged to use muzzle nozzles, which have different constrictions. In addition, the Saiga-12 carbine can be equipped with a sighting bar that allows you to adjust the sight in two planes: vertically and horizontally. The use of such a device increases the convenience of firing on moving targets and gunshoting.Saiga carabiner 12

Modification of the carbine

For comfortable transportation and storage, as well asto increase maneuverability, this carbine can be produced with a quick-release butt and handle. "Saiga-12" is available in four versions. Consider what is the difference of each of them. So, "Saiga-12C" differs from the basic model of the carbine by the presence of a folding stock and the handle of the fire. In the stowed position, the folded butt improves the safety and carrying of the gun. Carbine "Saiga-12K" has a truncated trunk - 430 mm. In addition, this modification is equipped with a USM locking device, which excludes the possibility of pulling the trigger when the stock is folded. The next model - Saiga-12S EXP-01 - is an export version of the Saiga-12K gun. The main difference of this modification is the absence of the locking device USM. The receiver has a mount for a detachable bracket for the optical sight. The model is being revised in the US at Tromix. Here we establish a shortened forearm, a butt from the M4A1 carbine and a very effective flame arrestor.saiga 12 smooth-bore

Carbine Equipments

Depending on the modification and configuration of the gunequipped with adjustable or non-adjustable aiming devices. Some models are equipped with Picatini slats, which allow you to attach additional equipment (lights, optical and collimator sights, etc.). In addition, the carbine is completed with a set of accessories and tools for maintenance of this weapon, as well as a cover and belt.

Saiga-12: owner feedback

Reviews about this carabiner meet the mostvarious, ranging from negative to the most enthusiastic. In general, the owners of "Saiga" note the very high reliability of weapons. And this is easy to explain, because the Kalashnikov assault rifle served as the basis for the creation of this rifle, and it is still the standard of automatic weapons to this day and has no analogues in the world in its simplicity, reliability and reliability. And all the best qualities of AK "Saiga-12" absorbed. From the negative comments, it can be noted that many hunters complain not low accuracy of shooting. In principle, this parameter can be explained by the relatively short trunk of the carbine. But as a counterargument, one can cite the high popularity of this weapon not only in the markets of the CIS countries, but also in the countries of the far abroad. So, for example, in Iraq, "Saiga" was adopted in the army, and beginning in 2012, it began to be supplied to the police of the special forces of the United States. And this is already talking about something.saiga 12 reviews

What is the key to success?

This carbine has practically no analogues andcompetitors in the world market. Let's look at the reasons for this success. Firstly, it is a rifle with a box magazine, which is very close to automatic weapons at a rate of fire. Eight shots in one and a half seconds - these are the indicators demonstrated by professionals in practical shooting, taking prizes in international competitions. Such a rate of fire is important for hunters and law enforcement when detaining criminals. Secondly, "Saiga" is developed on the basis of AK, due to which it has the best characteristics of the machine in terms of operational strength, durability and reliability, as well as high power. Thirdly, these weapons can fire both bullet cartridges and non-lethal ammunition: shot-shot, shot and traumatic charges.

Western manufacturers do not produce such weapons

As for the US market, the Izhevsk carbinesare also in demand because they satisfy the demands of hunters, sportsmen and special services. In addition, this gun has a very high potential for tuning, for example, at the IZhMASH, over 300 modifications of the carbine were created during the production of the Saiga, and in Europe and the United States, the number of variations in refinement and design tends to infinity. The rifle is installed more ergonomic attachments, new foreheads, sights and many other additional devices.

In what conditions do you recommend using the Saigu?

The carbine has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used by special services, bailiffs in urban development. In particular, a shot from a rifle (with the help of a special muzzle nozzle) can knock out locking devices and even break through walls half a kilogram thick. And you can equip the store in such a way that the first cartridge will be designed to open the door, and the subsequent will be traumatic, to fire on offenders. In addition, the smooth-bore "Saiga" excludes the possibility of ricochet damage to casual passers-by, unlike regular service pistols.ototnichya saiga 12

If we consider the influence of climatic conditions,then "Saiga" is able to function properly in any environment: in the snow, in the rain, in conditions of heavy dust, at a temperature of -50 to +50 ºC. Experts note the special durability of the carbine: professional athletes produce up to 25 thousand shots a year.

What are the prospects for the production of the Saiga?

Despite the abundance of orders, the plant has no problemscoping with them, because the production capabilities of IZHMASH are designed for mass production of weapons, so large orders are a salvation for the team of gunsmiths. Izhmash timely, qualitatively, fully fulfills all contracts concluded. In addition, the sale of arms abroad solves the problem of maximizing the capacity of the enterprise. As a result, additional workplaces are created and decent salaries are provided to employees.

"Saiga-12": the price

On the shelves of arms stores in our countryYou can purchase any modification of this carbine. Depending on the model and configuration, the cost can range from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. In the US and Western Europe, "Saiga", thanks to an affordable price, is gaining more and more fans. So, in retail, its cost is 700-1500 dollars, and the price of tuned versions can reach $ 2500.weapons of the saiga 12


Self-loading carbines "Saiga-12"have analogues in the world arms market. They allow satisfying the requests of three segments of consumers: hunting fans, law enforcement forces and athletes in practical shooting. This gun is very reliable, it can be bathed in mud, and it will still be reliable and accurate shooting. Recently, the power departments of Australia and Poland have shown great interest in the Saiga: they ordered a number of different modifications to conduct their own tests. Also, the siloviki of the majority of countries in Europe, South Africa, Malta, Canada and Pakistan are interested in IZhMASH products. It is possible that in the near future "Saiga" will be known in every corner of the world, will be in service with the army and police around the world.

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Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo Saiga-12. The hunting gun Saiga-12. Caliber, characteristics, photo