Safe deodorant. Stamps and deodorant composition

The misconception is that deodorants andantiperspirant is a modern invention. The smell of sweat was never associated with something pleasant, so even the ancient Greeks and Romans wore bags of aromatic herbs under their arms, and noble medieval Europeans drowned the smell of sweat with expensive aromatic oils brought from the East.

Modern deodorants appeared only in the 30'syears of the 20th century, and by the end of the millennium, this cosmetic product has become an integral part of the daily care of almost everyone. But with progress, in addition to accessibility, there has also come awareness of the harm caused by such deodorants, and mankind is again on the way to finding the ideal remedy for sweat that does not damage the health.

How deodorant works

The allocation of sweat is the ability of the humanbody regulate body temperature. That's why when we are worried or afraid, then we sweat more - so the body lowers body temperature. Therefore, in the heat we sweat very abundantly. However, on the skin there are microorganisms that decompose sweat particles and give it an unpleasant smell. Strengthen this smell can various factors - human nutrition, personal hygiene or disease.

Deodorants are able to mask this smell,often they have in the composition and antibacterial components that kill those same microorganisms, depriving the sweat of an unpleasant odor. However, it is worth considering that these funds do not affect the sweating system and block it. Only antiperspirants are capable of this. That is, the deodorant will not provide you with dry armpits on a hot day, but it will definitely save you from the unpleasant odor of sweat.

safe deodorant

There are also products that combine these twofunctions - they both reduce the production of sweat, and fight microorganisms that cause odor. These are the most popular and effective, but also dangerous antiperspirant deodorants.

Than usual deodorants are dangerous

The skin under the arms is very thin, so sheExcellent absorbs (that is, absorbs) everything that is applied to it. That is why many scientists and doctors are concerned about getting into the tissues, and then in the bloodstream of the substances that make up the deodorant. It is proved that a large number of chemical elements that have got into the human body can have a negative impact on his health - the work of lymph nodes, the hormonal system, the risk of developing cancer. The least of the evils, but the most common is allergic reactions.

Hazardous composition

So, what should be feared especially strongly? First, of course, it is aluminum. About its harm in the deodorant is said and written already a lot. Aluminum salts (look for the inscription aluminum on the package) cut the ducts of the sweat glands, which reduces the production of sweat. However, some of these salts refer to heavy metals that can accumulate in the body. They can lead to a decrease in the production of estrogen, and also trigger the development of Alzheimer's disease.

brands of safe deodorants

Secondly, look carefully in the compositiondeodorant propylene glycol. It is widely used because of the ability to bind water molecules together, which means that it retains moisture. However, it also helps to accelerate the absorption of various chemical elements into the skin, which, as we recall, is not too good for health. In addition, it is very allergic - only 2% of this substance in the composition will cause an allergic reaction to the skin.

what deodorants are safe

The brands of safe deodorants never haveits composition of triclosan. Usually it is used because of its high ability to kill bacteria and microbes on the skin surface. However, in Canada and Japan all cosmetics with triclosan are prohibited, since this substance can accumulate in tissues and disrupt the work of the human hormonal system.

The next item is the dangerous composition of deodorant -used as a preservative paraben. It, unlike aluminum, increases the production of estrogen. There are studies that have revealed the presence of an increased content of paraben in women with breast cancer. While there is no exact data, it is paraben that affects the risk of developing this type of oncology, but scientists unanimously recommend not using this substance until the exact mechanism of its action on the body is clarified.

And finally, phthalates. They help to keep the fragrance of the cosmetic product on the skin longer. But they also reduce the work of testosterone in the body. And it's dangerous not only for men, but also for women - insufficient work of these hormones negatively affects pregnancy and fetal development.

When conventional deodorants are especially dangerous

Enumeration of all hazardous ingredientsdeodorant suggests that, first of all, in the risk group of a woman. But among them there are those for whom the risk is not just hypothetical, but rather probable. And, first of all, these are pregnant women who need to know which deodorant it is better not to use. The risk of using conventional deodorants during pregnancy is associated not only with the harmful effects of its components on the endocrine and hormonal system. Worse, too strong deodorant antiperspirants can completely block the sweat away. And in this case, its components fall into the blood. And if for the woman it's not so dangerous, then for a fetus that has one blood system with the mother, it can be very damaging.

safe deodorant

No less harmful are the usual deodorant to nursing women - getting chemical compounds into the blood can cause the child, especially very small, various skin reactions.

Also it is necessary to choose safe deodorants forespecially for girls. This is the third risk group, since they only form a hormonal system. Excessive application of deodorants and leaving them on the skin for a long time can disrupt the endocrine and hormonal systems.

Which deodorants are safe

So, we found out which inscriptions in the composition should be avoided. But what is the difference between a harmless product and due to which it will ensure the absence of sweat and unpleasant odor?

The main ingredient that has a safe deodorant is mineral salts, most often alum. They do not block the glands, and dehydrate those very microorganisms responsible for the appearance of odors.

As an antimicrobial in natural formulations, not triclosan, but essential oils, for example, lemon, lavender and especially tea tree, are used.

safe deodorant

Look for deodorants that do not contain aluminum, instead ofTo reduce sweating help natural astringent components, narrowing the pores - the bark of oak or sage. And to remove excess moisture will help safe absorbents - white clay (kaolin), corn or rice starch, soda.

How to choose a harmless deodorant

To choose the safest deodorant, do notIt is worth to trust the notes on the packaging "eco", "bio" or "natural". It is better to be convinced of it, having read structure. What should be in it, and what should not, we have already dismantled. If the composition of the product has convinced you of safety, also pay attention to the special badges that are on all safe cosmetics. These are icons with various images of a rabbit, which tell us that cosmetics are not tested on animals. Also, there are a number of international certificates assigned to environmentally friendly products, for example, the French AB certificate, the German BDIH or the unified European certificate NaTrue.

what deodorant is better

Also look at the shelf life of the cosmetic product - the higher it is, the more preservatives it contains, which can theoretically cause irritation on the skin.

Types of deodorants, safe for health

Now let's say a few words about the form of deodorant, because this is also very important. Now on sale you can find the following types:

  • Sprays - even with a safe composition are not suitable for those who have lung diseases, and they are faster than others.
  • Ball deodorants - the bottle contains a liquid product that is evenly applied to the skin with a roller, which makes it economical to use it.
  • Solid, or stick - create a skin on the surface of the skin, which better protects it from sweat.
  • Gel - similar to roller, but not liquid composition inside, but gel-like, it dries faster on the skin, but is more common in products for men.
  • Crystals.

safe deodorants for teens

The latter should be said separately. Such deodorants, not containing aluminum of synthetic origin, are a piece of natural aluminum in the form of a crystal. It has the properties of narrowing the pores and killing bacteria on the surface of the skin. These are the safest and most economical natural deodorants that do not have an extraneous smell, leave no trace on clothes and have no contraindications.

The best brands for women

Choosing the safest deodorant for women,pay attention to the products of German brands, for example Dr. Hauschka or Wolken Seifen. Both of them perfectly neutralize the smell, but the latter has in the composition of zinc, which can leave white traces on clothes.

deodorants not containing aluminum

Known worldwide cosmetics company WeledaAlso has in the product line a safe deodorant, however there is one but. It contains alcohol, it does not make the product dangerous, but can cause irritation and dry skin.

Popular and classic crystals, for example fromof the brand Lafes. Among deodorant sticks, SPEICK is allocated, which not only does not have the above dangerous ingredients, but does not include mineral oils and synthetic perfumes.

How to choose a deodorant for men

Choosing a safe deodorant for men is the thinguneasy. On the one hand, a man needs a strong defense, especially one who is engaged in sports or used to an active lifestyle. On the other hand, it's worth thinking about health.

So, which deodorants are safe? Among the most safe, but effective products from sweat to the stronger sex is the deodorant Yves Rocher Sensitive Homme, perfectly suited for sensitive skin. Note also Collistar Freshness Deo Active Protection - this spray has no components that cause allergies, no fragrances, no dyes, no preservatives. Also in the composition there are no parabens and phthalates, in general, an ideal choice for those who care about health.

For those who prefer solid forms, the Stick Clinique Skin Supplies For Men is suitable. An additional bonus is that it does not smell, which means it will not come into conflict with the perfume.

how to choose a deodorant

Natural deodorant by hand

If you do not know which deodorant is better, then make it yourself. For this, take:

  • For 3 tablespoons of quality natural shea butter (karite) and coconut - they will give a cream base, comfortable for distribution on the skin.
  • A cup of baking soda is an absorbent and disinfectant.
  • A glass of cornstarch is another absorbent.
  • A few drops of lemon essential oil for disinfection and a pleasant aroma.

the safest deodorant for women

At room temperature, mix well withthe remaining components and place in an empty vial from the usual deodorant stick. Put it in the refrigerator, and when the oil is solid, your safe deodorant can be used. Oil, applied a thin layer on the skin, instantly absorbed, and the remaining components remain on the surface and protect against the unpleasant odor of sweat.

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