Increasingly popular breedingostriches in Russia. One of the most famous enterprises is the Russian Ostrich. The address where the ostrich farm is located: Moscow region, Serpukhov district, Starý Kuzminki village. She works on all days except Monday, from 10 am to 5 pm. You can get to the farm by bus number 458 from the subway station "Yuzhnaya", as well as by private car along the Simferopol highway (M2).

"Russian Ostrich" - ostrich farm (Moscow region)

ostrich farm Moscow region

Farm "Russian Ostrich"specializes in breeding ostriches, but it also breeds another bird. Chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys - here you can find a variety of species. The farm even has a zoo in which live camels, rabbits and other animals. But the main direction, as it was already possible to guess, is the breeding of ostriches, because this is primarily an ostrich farm.

The Moscow region is a great place forcultivation of ostriches. The main thing on any farm is the sale of products. This is a new industry in our country, so the products are expensive. For the Moscow region, the prices for it are acceptable and the demand is there, but in some remote area of ​​Russia, perhaps this business would not have gone. The Russian ostrich thrives on the initiative of its owners and their imagination.

Excursions for tourists

Successfully invented by the owners of the farm organizationregular excursions. The farm is constantly visited by tourists. An excursion lasts 30 minutes every hour. The cost of it for adults and children over 7 years - 200 rubles. At the beginning of the tour you can buy food for ostriches and other animals, the portion costs 50 rubles.

ostrich farm Moscow region reviews

On the tour guide is very interesting to tell,how an ostrich farm was organized. The Moscow region is still not a hot Africa, and, of course, it took a lot of effort to make the ostriches feel at home and actively multiply. The guide answers all questions of tourists about how to organize such a thing and how the breeding of ostriches differs from the breeding of another bird.

For children this is a very informative excursion. They learn a lot about ostriches, about another bird, and about some animals. In addition, each child is interested in feeding an exotic bird and taking a picture with her.

The excursion includes a refreshment - an omelet made from eggs of the ostrich. However, if you delay, then you can not have time to try.

Ostrich farm (Moscow region) gives master classes

The farm organizes master classes on painting the eggs. Especially children like to paint large ostrich eggs and do stucco work. The special instructor conducts classes with them.

Also on the farm you can buy souvenirs: specially made magnets, shell eggs of the ostrich Emu (it is dark green), feathers of ostriches and much more.

ostrich farm Moscow region Serpukhov district

You can buy other products. Ostrich farm (Moscow region) in Stary Kuzminki sells meat, minced meat, offal and ostrich eggs.

Reviews of tourists

The tourists who visited the farm were not disappointed. Ostrich farm (Moscow region) reviews are mostly positive. However, some were dissatisfied with the fact that there are not such conditions as in the present zoo. We must not forget that this place is primarily a farm. Also, many were unhappy with the prices of souvenirs: visitors found them too high. But in general, the guests of the farm shared their opinions that the excursion itself was pleasant, it was very interesting.

Many after the tour purchased farm products. Everyone was of the opinion that the ostrich meat was pleasant. It is unusual, but tasty. At all, those who wish to produce often do not even have enough, because visitors instantaneously buy everything out!

The guests of the farm noted that they were interestedlearn that ostriches live in families - 1 male and 2 females. For each family there is a separate aviary of 60 meters in length and the house in which they sleep. Many were surprised that such large birds have a very small brain, only 30 grams. The size is half the eye of an ostrich! Therefore, the birds have a very bad memory - even the nickname is useless, they still will not remember.

ostrich farm Moscow region photo

Russian Strauss LLC is a famous ostrich farm(Moscow region). Photos can be seen in the article, but most of them are on the official website. There are a lot of photos, and they show that the bird is well kept and feels great.

Ostrich meat, of course, is expensive, but it is highis valued for the low content of fat and cholesterol and a large amount of protein and iron. This is the most assimilated red meat for humans. By the way, when growing ostriches, the farm does not use any growth stimulants.

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