Russian mothers with many children: status and benefits

The woman is created by nature for motherhood. But modernity has put its conditions and many are solved for one, a maximum of two children. But in the past, mothers of many children were in the order of things.

payments to large mothersThe state did not always support childhood and motherhood. There were times when parents lived as they could, but still there were a lot of children in their families.

Many children - many rights

Raising children is not an easy process, it requiresgreat moral strength and, of course, costs. To grow one or two children and give them everything for decent development is sometimes difficult. What can we say about families where children are three or more.

mothers with many childrenSuch families are supported by the state at the legislative level. Parents have the right to some help.

In the Russian Federation, much is being done to support the woman's desire to give birth to as many children as possible. After all, if we compare statistics on mortality and fertility, the former is clearly ahead of the second.

Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation has issued many laws and has provided incentives for the promotion of childbearing.

Who such a large mother

A mother of many children in Russia is a woman who gave birth or took on the upbringing of three or more children.

But there is one nuance. If at least one child is 18 years old and younger children are less than three, then the woman ceases to be considered a large child. Accordingly, all existing rights and privileges are canceled.

rights of mothers with many children

Age is extended to 23 years in case of trainingchildren in the educational accredited institution on the full-time department or if the child is drafted into the army. In this case, the rights and benefits are retained when providing a certificate from an educational institution or military registration and enlistment office.

But this rule does not apply absolutelyon all regions of the Russian Federation. For example, in Moscow, a mother can be considered large if there are three or more children under the age of 16. Age is extended to 18 years in case of study or service in the army.

Cash payments

Large mothers receive certain monetary payments from the state, which are called upon to help parents provide all their children with necessary supplies. Among them are the following:

  1. When a second or more child is born in the family, the parents receive a monthly payment of 5153 rubles.
  2. The so-called compensatory cash payments,associated with higher living standards. Paid for 600 rubles. for each baby, if the family has 3-4 children, and 750 rubles. if there are 5 or more children. Payments are made up to the 16th anniversary. Up to 18 are paid for a child who is studying at an educational institution.
  3. If the parents have five or more children dependent on them, a compensation payment of 900 rubles is required.
  4. Very little children, up to three years old, are paid compensation for baby food on a monthly basis in the amount of 675 rubles.
  5. To pay for utilities are also laidpayments to large mothers. So, if a family has 3-4 children, a monthly compensation of 522 rubles. If there are 5 or more dependent children, the amount of compensation is increased to 1044 rubles.
  6. If there is a landline phone in the house where a large family lives, the payment for its use is also compensated in the amount of 230 rubles. per month.
  7. Especially "distinguished" mothers with many children who gave birthor having 10 children or more on education, receive from the state monetary compensation for each child under 16 (or up to 23 if the child is in full time). The amount of cash compensation is 750 rubles. for each child.
  8. A woman who raised ten children at the time of registration and receiving a pension receives a one-time fee of 10,000 rubles.
  9. For the holidays, families with 10 or more toddlers tooreceive a monetary reward. Thus, on the international day of the family they are entitled to 10,000 rubles. from the state as a token of gratitude for the contribution to the increase in the birth rate and the preservation of the cult of the family. By the day of knowledge, they also do not remain without help. The family is paid 15 000 rubles. to collect children to school.
  10. Mothers who gave birth or adopted more than 7 children receive a medal of Parental Glory. Simultaneously with this event they are awarded a prize - 100 000 rubles.

Do not forget about your rights

To have many children is a big responsibility. In this regard, sometimes there are many difficulties in situations that families with fewer children do not cause such difficulties.

certification of mothers with many childrenTherefore, at the legislative level, the rights of a mother with many children are enshrined:

  1. Mom with a lot of children does not just stand in lines, so she has the right of priority service.
  2. Children under 6 years of age have the right to free prescriptions to obtain medicines from the pharmacy.
  3. Many children in priority for getting permits in children's camps, sanatoriums.
  4. In the kindergarten, children from large families are taken out of turn.
  5. Toddlers receive free of charge products for prosthetic or orthopedic purposes at the prescription of a doctor.
  6. The whole family has the right of free travel in buses or commuter trains.
  7. Students eat free in the school cafeteria.
  8. Large families have the right to receive a land plot for the construction of a dwelling house. The plot can be sold.
  9. Large mothers who raised five children who reached the age of 8 have the right to early retirement.
  10. In this case, if the mother is deprived of parental rights or even one child has died before 8 years of age, the pension is appointed.
  11. a pension for mothers with many children is appointed at the age of 50 years and an insurance period of 15 years.

At the regional level, other laws that support motherhood and children can be adopted.

But all the rights of a mother with many children, accepted for the Russian Federation, must be fulfilled regardless of the region of residence and the welfare of the family.

Confirmation of many children

In order to officially confirm the status of having many children, a woman is issued with a certificate of a mother with many children. In order to receive it, you should choose one of three possible actions.

  1. Submit documents to the social protection service. The application is filed at the place of residence.
  2. You can apply to the newly formed MFC. These are the so-called "single window services".
  3. Also in large regions it is possible to file documents for obtaining an identity through the electronic portal of public services.

Documents for obtaining a certificate of having many children

In order for you to get a certificate of a mother with many children, you need to prepare a number of the following necessary documents:

  1. Certificates of birth of all children.
  2. Parents and children over 14 years of age need to provide passports.
  3. If there is a certificate of marriage or divorce.
  4. You will need a photo of the parents measuring 3 x 4 cm.
  5. If there are custodians or adopted children, then documents about adoption or custody are needed.
  6. When there are children over 18 years of age and full-time students, a certificate of the child's education will be required.
  7. In the event of a parent's divorce, prepare a certificate-agreement on where and with whom the children will live.
  8. Also, depending on the specific situation, other documents may be required, for example, the certificate of paternity, the death certificate of the spouse and others.

Copies of documents are also needed. But in the case of their absence, the employees of the body accepting the application must do it themselves.

mothers with many childrenThe application and documents are taken into consideration, this process can not last more than a month. After that, if everything is in order, a certificate of a mother with many children is issued.

Benefits of having many children

  • Families who decide on a large number of children are supported by the state. For them, in addition to the above-mentioned payments, and some other benefits.
  • So, if the family wants to create its own farm, it will have a tax privilege and can get a free loan. Either the family is assisted in creating an economy.
  • In the case of a family in a house without central heating, it is entitled to a discount on utilities in the amount spent on fuel for heating.
  • Schoolchildren are required to provide school and sports uniforms for the academic year for free.
  • If you want to take a loan for housing, the family is entitled to benefits in the form of lesser percentages, deferred payments and reimbursement of a part of the amount by the state.
  • When opening an enterprise, such families may be fully or partially exempted from the obligation to pay a mandatory registration fee.

When there is no dad

Sometimes it happens that in a happy lifea family where there are many children, there is not the most important man - the father of the family. But what women will not do! They are doing a great job with a large family, and many still have time to go to work, earn money.

benefit to mothers with many children

But anyway, and large single mothers have certain rights and support from the laws.

Moms, in addition to caring for children, try to give their babies love, and the state is trying to somehow protect such women, granting them certain benefits.

Who should be considered a single mom

  1. A woman who gave birth to children out of wedlock (in the column "father" in birth certificates - a dash or information contributed by the woman's words).
  2. It happens that the mother gives birth to a child, being married. But the husband can prove in court that he is not the father of the child. Then the woman will be given the status of lonely.
  3. The child was born out of wedlock, and the pope shrank from keeping the baby.

Benefits to single mothers with many children

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, many single mothers are entitled to certain benefits:

  • Such women, who have children under the age of 14, are protected by the law from dismissal for reduction or with the replacement of former management.
  • Singles - mothers with many children have the right to pay a hospital child care for a child who has not yet turned 7 years old.
  • If a woman has a baby under 5 years of age, she can not be forced to work beyond the established rate even in the case of an industrial need.
  • For a child under two years of age, free baby food is provided at specialized dairy kitchens.
  • Children have the right to priority free vouchers for health resorts and admission to the DOW outside the queue.

pension for mothers with many children

No matter how good or bad laws are that support large families, there is a tendency that more and more parents decide to have three or more children.

And the existing benefits and benefits for mothers with many children, which they have the right to receive, make the life of such families much easier.

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