RSU of oil and gas. Gubkin (Orenburg)

RSU of oil and gas. THEM. Gubkina is a leading educational institution for training personnel for the Russian oil and gas industry. The high level of the educational process allows university graduates to work in large companies and hold leading positions.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

The birth of the alma mater

RSU of oil and gas. Gubkin was formed in the 1920s. As you know, after the revolution, Lenin initiated a large-scale industrialization of the country. The rapid development of industry, motor transport, energy required a lot of fuel. However, specialists in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons were not enough.

Understanding the importance of a new emerging industryIndustry, Professor Gubkin Ivan Mikhailovich opened in 1920 the Department of Petroleum Affairs at the Moscow Mining Academy. It was the first time that oil engineers were trained. Subsequently, the need to establish a separate educational institution was ripe, and in 1930 the first entrants accepted the Moscow Petroleum Institute. The merits of Academician Gubkin were taken into account when organizing the educational process, so the university bears his name.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Cadres decide everything

Not only the professor (and later the academician)Gubkin is involved in the creation of a unique educational institution. At the origins of the scientific and pedagogical schools of Gubkinsky University stood his associates and students, outstanding scientists:

  • academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Krylov, Kosygin, Leibenson, Nametkin, Topchiev, Chernyaev;
  • corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Sciences Varentsov, Buslenko, Kapelyushnikov, Pustovalov, Chepikov, Fedorov;
  • academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR Mirchink and Paushkin;
  • Academician of the Armenian Academy of Sciences Isagulyants;
  • Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences Davitashvili;
  • professors Angelopulo, Bakirov, Berezin, Vinogradov, Huseynzade, Dakhnov, Ivanova, Zhdanov, Kuzmak, Lapuk, Muraviev, the Ritualists, Panchenkov, Tagiyev and many others.

Developments of Gubkin residents in search technology,extraction, transportation, processing of hydrocarbons have become fundamental. Today the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Gubkina is a leader in the field of oil and gas education. Since 1930, the University has trained almost 90000 graduates. The university is proud of the graduates working in the leading profile companies of Russia. Today, RGUNU is one of the world's flagships for higher technical education.


Even in the Soviet Union, the question arose about restructuringeducational process. There is a need to train some applicants in oil and gas regions, where students could, besides the theory, sharpen knowledge in practice. Several cities of the Soviet Union opened branches of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Gubkin: Orenburg, Tashkent and Ashgabat.

On the establishment of the Orenburg branch petitionedHead of Orenburggazprom Vysheslavtsev Yuri Fedorovich. His initiative was supported by Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin, who at that time was deputy minister of the gas industry of the Soviet Union. The branch was established in 1984.

Gubkin Orenburg State University of Oil and Gas

Orenburg Branch

Today it is the only branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gasthem. Gubkin on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is an indicator of the special attitude of the management of the educational institution to the region where the country's gas industry was born. The opening of the department was connected with the need to provide the Orenburg industrial gas hub with highly skilled personnel.

For thirty years in the Orenburg branchUniversity has trained more than 6000 specialists. Graduates work in large oil and gas companies. Since 2011, the entrants are being trained in five specialties:

  • "chemical Technology";
  • "oil and gas business";
  • "management";
  • "automation of technical processes and productions";
  • "technological machines".

Over the years of the branch, many of its graduatesbecame major managers. Among them, the general director of Gazprommezhregiongaz Orenburg Borodin, the general director of the Helium plant Molchanov, the director of Gazprom underground repair Orenburg Gladkov, the head of the Association of graduates of the branch.

Currently, the branch is not only studyingRussian students, come here for knowledge from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan. Rector of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. THEM. Gubkin Victor Martynov made a strategic decision on the further development of the branch. Among the main tasks is the strengthening of the material and technical base, the possibility of transition to full-time education, etc.

rector of the RSU of oil and gas IM Gubkin

Educational programs

In the RSU of oil and gas, higher professional education is carried out in many positions:

  • Bachelors are 14 destinations.
  • Graduated specialists - 26 specialties.
  • Masters - 12 directions.
  • There are 50 master's programs.

Postgraduate education (post-graduate anddoctoral studies) presupposes pre-teaching for 45 scientific specialties. Additional vocational education makes it possible to improve qualifications for 150 profiles. Professional retraining is conducted with assignment of additional qualifications for 27 programs.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Mutually beneficial cooperation

RSU of oil and gas. THEM. Gubkin is directly connected with the fuel and energy complex of Russia, prepares personnel for 83 regions. Among the partners of the leading oil and gas company "Gazprom" NK "Rosneft", "Lukoil", "TNK-BP», RITEK, "Transneft" and others. Signed long-term cooperation agreement with the leading multinational oil and gas companies: BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Total, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Huges.

On the edge of progress

Quality Management System (QMS) of the Universityis certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO-9001-2001 Tuvnordcert. RSU of oil and gas. Gubkina is the winner of the competition of universities that implement innovative educational programs.

In RGUNIG, educational and scientificprograms along the whole technological chain of oil and gas production. For example, in 2006-2009, the university jointly with the technopark carried out innovative research and development works with a volume of over 3 billion rubles.

Most of the scientific and pedagogical schoolsUniversity has international recognition. About one thousand foreign students and post-graduate students from 60 countries of the world study at the university, which is 10% of the contingent of students.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Educational and Research Center

UIC was established in 1987 and annually organizestraining about 6000 specialists of the majority of oil and gas companies in Russia and foreign partners. Among the main customers of training programs are Gazprom, Lukoil, TNK-BP, Transneft, Rosneft, as well as oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan, transnational service companies Shlumberger and Halliburton.

UIC provides training on individual programs of additional vocational education, including visits to enterprises and organizations. Advanced training is conducted in 18 areas:

  • oil and gas geology and geophysics;
  • automation of technical processes;
  • drilling, oil and gas production;
  • transportation of oil and gas through trunk pipelines;
  • design, construction and reconstruction of oil and gas facilities;
  • gasification, use of gas;
  • oil and gas processing;
  • transport, storage and distribution of petroleum products.

library of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

RSU of oil and gas. Gubkina: Feedback

The authority of the university is so high that to study in itmany dream. The material and technical base of both the university and branches, allows you to fully acquire knowledge, play sports, relax, participate in creative activities.

Students note the high demands not onlyon admission. Throughout the entire period of study, we have to give all the best, to study independently a large volume of materials, the library of the RGU of Oil and Gas named after. THEM. Gubkin has a huge book fund, methodical materials. It has more than 1.59 million units of storage. In 2009 alone, about 132 titles of educational and methodological literature were published, including 42 textbooks and teaching aids. There is access to an international database, which allows you to rely on the latest research of foreign colleagues.

Very flattering feedback on graduatesleave the employers. Employers note a decent level of knowledge, initiative, the ability to creatively approach the solution of non-trivial tasks of graduates of RGUNIG specialists.

RSU of oil and gas. Gubkin: address

The head university is located in Moscow at the address: 119991, Leninsky Ave., 65, building 1, INN 7736093127.

Branch in Orenburg: 460047, ul. Young Lenintsev, d. 20.

Branch in Tashkent: 100125, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Durmon Yuli, 34.

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