Roles and actors: "For you in all color"

Recently among dramatists, dramas, a series of Korean films, have gained unprecedented popularity. And this is not surprising, because the modern viewer lacks on the blue screens subtle sincerity and refined immediacy of the characters, the natural vividness of the plot, the exciting dynamism of the unfolding events and, of course, a fabulous unforgettable final. The film "For you in all colors" is not inferior in this to any other Korean film.


The plot of the film is realistic and enchanting at the same time. Young Ku Zhe Hee lives and studies in the USA. But she did not lose the spiritual connection with her culture and customs of her people. For a long time, the girl has been closely following the life of her compatriot, a talented athlete Kang Tae-Chung. Over time, the main character realizes that she simply must be with him. The girl decides to go to the same school where her idol is. But this is a school for boys!

actors for you in all color

Then the enterprising lady disguises herself as a guy and plunges into her adventure. The school doctor immediately exposed a desperate Korean woman, but he is ready to cover her and protect her. The young man, for whom Cu Zhe Hee took such a risk, also guesses about dressing up. But he is already in love with a girl and is afraid of losing her. There are many difficulties and obstacles on the way of young people.

Team and actors: "For you in all color"

As you can see, the plot of the picture is unusual and original. No less remarkable are also the actors of the drama "For You in All Color". These are young talented people who sincerely and naturally got used to the image and portrayed their heroes. In the film "For you in all colors", the actors and roles intertwined so well and harmoniously that it is impossible not to notice. This shows the unprecedented art of the director, who managed not only to create a magnificent picture, but also intelligently select the cast.

drama actors for you in all color"For you in all colors" - the series, the actors of which each series harmoniously and harmoniously work not only with each other, but also with other creators of the tape - scriptwriters, costume designers, decorators

Choi sol-ri

In many ways, this movie is interesting made the actors."For you in all colors" is a picture in which the gifted and pretty-looking Choi Sol-Ri put her whole soul, playing the main character. The actress declared herself in 2005, when she, an eleven-year-old girl, got the role of princess Syonhwa in the movie "The Ballad of Seodong." After that, the talented girl graduated from high school acting and engaged in a solo career, becoming part of the musical female group.

for you in all the color tv series actors

Now Choi Sol-Ri is working as a professional model. Her face constantly adorns the cover of High Cut magazine. She also advertises the well-known brand of cosmetics Chanel. The actress continues to act in dramas. Her colorful bright appearance is the best suited for the roles of naive and purposeful heroines. Choi Sol-Ri plays realistic, with all his heart gets into the image.

But there were other actors. "For you in all colors" is a film in which Choi Min Ho and Kim Ji-Won manifested themselves.

Min Ho

This is a multi-talented young man. Since childhood, he played sports and adored football. For several years, the guy is filming the show "Forward! Dream team!". Choi professionally works as a model thanks to his stunning data (height - 1.84 m and weight - 60 kg). He participated in the legendary shows of Ha San Beck and Andre Kim.

a movie for you in all color

In 2006, at the age of fifteen, Min Ho becomes a member of the SHINee vocal group. He has a pleasant voice and a resounding timbre, so is very much appreciated as a performer. A talented artist tried himself in other roles - he personally wrote rap songs for songs, starred in music videos.

As an actor, Choi made his debut in the 2010 drama "The Pianist". Especially for the picture "For you in all colors," a young man spent six months training with a high jump coach and even set a personal record. On the screens of Min Ho looks very majestic and harmonious. In life, he is a charming charismatic personality, and therefore gives his heroes these delightful impressive features.

Kim ji-won

Kim Ji-Won, who played a major role in the series (Seol Han Na), is the rising star of South Korea. In 2008, at the age of 16, the girl first appeared on a blue screen, starting to appear in commercials. This was followed by supporting roles in national paintings. A breakthrough in creativity occurred in 2011, when Kim played the main roles in several dramas (“What happened?”, “Love your neighbor”), and also became the main model of Clean & Clean.

for you in all colors actors and roles

The greatest popularity of the novice actress brought a role in the series "Heirs", where the girl had to completely change their roles. Specializing in the performance of positive characters, Ji-Won chose the role of a bitchy, spoiled young lady, the bride of the protagonist. Shy and timid by nature, Kim was able to faithfully and naturally portray the vicious and indomitable rich heiress. The talent and hard work of the actress did not go unnoticed. At the award ceremony she was awarded a worthy reward.

Supporting actors

The rest of the actors (“For you in all colors”) are the same talented colorful artists, behind whom there are a lot of motion pictures and serious experience in the field of show business. This is Kim Wu-Bin, who has decorated several episodes in the drama. Unusually talented and diverse actor is able to reincarnate with lightning speed and naturally play roles that are different from each other in character and deeds. Kim made his debut in the entertainment industry as a model in 2009, at the age of 20. The directors also noticed a bright irresistible appearance. On the young man showered suggestions about shooting in various pictures.

In 2013, U-Bean starred in several films, which brought him particular popularity. For his role in the drama "School 2013" he was awarded the award for "Best Acting Game", participation in the TV series "The Heirs" made him popular internationally, and the main role in the film "Friend - 2: Heritage" brought the opportunity to become the leading TV- show.

Another rising movie star appeared in the drama “For You in All the Color” is Kang Chan Hee, who at the time of filming was 11 years old. Despite such a young age, the work experience of the boy was already a couple of years. He has successfully played supporting roles in dramas such as Heavenly Garden and Hear My Heart. Fans and even critics say that the gifted Kan has all the makings of a talented actor. Now the young man continues to actively act in famous films.

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