Roddom Yessentuki: address, reviews of doctors

The appearance of a baby in the light is a real happiness forparents. In order for the birth process to pass without problems, future mothers and dads choose a medical institution in advance, where qualitative care will be provided. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the maternity ward in the city of Essentuki. Despite the fact that the institution is public, the services here are at a high level.

Historical reference

Essentuki is a resort town in the Stavropol Territory. Since 1915, more than 28 doctors specializing in women's diseases have been admitted here. During the holiday season, there was a women's sanatorium specializing in infertility. Until the 30s of the last century, women in Yessentuki gave birth at home. At the same time, the death rate of women in childbirth and infants was quite high. In 1940, a maternity hospital was opened in the city with 30 beds.

Today, the Essentuki hospital is a medicalan institution with a high level of service. Here, women not only receive training for future motherhood, but also treat various gynecological pathologies. Good reviews can be heard about the separation of newborns. Specialists save the lives of weak babies, who were born before the time. The institution also offers paid services. Roddom Yessentukov helps women who began to give birth while on vacation.

ancestor of Essentuki

The medical institution is located at the address: Stavropol Territory, Yessentuki City, Oktyabrskaya Street, 460.

Specialists of the institution

The main doctor of the medical institution isChotchayeva Sofiyat Muratovna. In 2007, the specialist received the highest qualification category in the specialty "obstetrics and gynecology". Now Sofiyat Muratovna is engaged not only in medical, but also in administrative activities. On her shoulders lies the order in the maternity hospital Essentuki. Doctors of the medical institution admire their leader.

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Good references can also be heard about Natalia Nikolayevna Udovichenko, the main nurse of the maternity hospital. The specialist provides assistance to women in childbirth, supervises junior medical personnel.

Thanks to qualified personnel, the maternity hospitalYessentuki appear healthy kids. Gratitude young parents also express to other doctors of this medical institution. Such reviews concern both midwives, anesthesiologists, and junior medical staff.

Gynecological department

Before a woman enters a maternity hospitaldepartment, she must register with an obstetrician-gynecologist. At the medical institution there is a women's consultation, in which the fairer sex and their spouses can pass all the necessary tests, prepare for the upcoming pregnancy. Unfortunately, health allows you to fully conceive the baby is not all women. Before you feel the joy of motherhood, sometimes you have to undergo long-term therapy.

physician's hospital

The birthplace of the city of Essentuki met women whowas diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis of "infertility." Thanks to the timely treatment of pathologies in the gynecological ward, women were able to conceive and tolerate healthy babies. The institution performs histological removal of uterine myomas, separation of intrauterine synechia, surgical intervention for malformations of the uterus. The most unusual situation was seen by the Yessentuki hospital. Reviews about the doctors of the institution show that the medical staff does not lose heart even in hopeless situations.

Center for Social Support of Pregnant Women

Provides psychological support to women,who were in difficult situations, the Yessentuki hospital. To whom to go to give birth, if previously could not be on medical records? Such a question is often asked by girls who become pregnant at the age of 15-16. The specialists of the clinic will support such mothers, moral and physical. Consult local specialists of women who do not want to raise a child, plan to leave a newborn in the maternity ward.

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Each representative of the weaker sex canto attend free group training "I'm getting ready to become a mother". Lectures help to get rid of fear of childbirth. Girls who plan maternity for the first time, learn how to behave with the baby, what to do in order to establish lactation. The center of medical and social support for pregnant women is open daily from 9:00 to 16:00, except for weekends.

Department of pathology of pregnancy

Structural unit of maternity departmentYessentuki is designed for 30 beds. This is where women come in who have a threat of losing their pregnancy in the second and third trimester. In the department there are cozy chambers for future mothers, a treatment room, a rest room. The department has high-quality equipment, which allows to provide assistance to patients at a high level.

Timely treatment in a medical institutionprevents premature birth. Doctors remind that with any change in the state of health, a future mother should immediately consult a gynecologist who is registered. In most cases, complications can be avoided.

maternity hospital city Essentuki

Shakhbazova Galina Antipovna - senior midwifedepartment of pregnancy pathology. About the expert you can hear more positive feedback. Thanks to properly prescribed treatment, many women manage to fully take out a healthy baby.

Maternity ward

The structural division is designed for 46 beds. The institution has the necessary equipment for the delivery of women with pathologies. Cesarean section is planned and performed urgently. In the staff of the maternity department there are 6 midwives, 4 of them have the highest category.

Within the walls of the hospital there is an observatory department. Here women with infections or women who have not undergone a medical examination before birth do not have an exchange card.

maternity hospital essentuki reviews of doctors

Roddom Yessentuki is an institution where more than 10years the program of support of thoracal feeding is realized. Immediately after the birth of the baby, he is put on the mother's breast. If a woman had to perform cesarean section, in the first minutes after birth, contact with the father of the newborn is possible.

Postpartum department

The maternity institution operates on the principle ofjoint stay of the mother with the child. Even if a woman underwent a cesarean section, the newborn is brought to her the next day. The postpartum department consists of 18 wards with 46 beds. In addition there is a treatment room and a viewing room. In the postpartum chambers, all conditions have been created for a comfortable stay of the mother with the newborn. There are shower cabins, a refrigerator, a washbasin.

In double rooms a woman can betogether with the spouse. However, the partner will have to undergo a dermatologist, a therapist, and make a fluorography. For a comfortable joint stay with a child after childbirth, a woman should take with her to the maternity home a change of clothes for herself and her baby, slippers, hygiene products. The bed is provided by a medical institution.

Department of newborns

Here come the kids, who for a number of reasons do notcan be with the mother. Has all the necessary equipment for the care of premature babies the city of Essentuki. Roddom reviews in this regard is mostly positive. Specialists of the institution manage to care for the weakest children. The staff consists of 5 highly skilled neonatologists, an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. For babies around the clock looking for younger medical personnel.

ancestor of the Essentuki to whom to go to bear On the basis of the department of newbornsfeeding through the probe of preterm infants, transfusion of blood and its components, infusion therapy taking into account the physiological needs of infants, etc.

In the department of newborns there are 12 chambers in which women can co-exist with problem children.

Paid services

Assistance is provided free of chargepatients who are registered in the city's women's consultation. For a small fee, medical services can also be provided to the guests of the resort. Roddom Yessentuki (the address was listed above) accepts any women, regardless of propiska and citizenship.

Reviews show that the cost of a bed-day inmaternity ward - 1,500 rubles. If the baby should be nursed in the department of newborns, in addition have to pay 610 rubles per day. Preparations are paid separately. For a doctor's appointment, a woman's consultation will have to pay 500 rubles. For additional compensation, a hardware survey can be conducted.

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