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Technologies are rapidly developing, resulting in new equipment, including household appliances. Automated vacuum cleaners, which can independently clean and do not require human intervention, have appeared quite a long time ago, but in the last few years they have become available to a wide range of customers. Now they are actively sold in home appliances stores, and there are many models, which makes the selection process difficult. Let's figure out how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment, define criteria, manufacturers, and even present specific models in the rating.

Special features

The most important difference from the usual robot vacuum cleaner is the absence of a cord. This wireless model is also powered from the outlet, but it has a built-in battery, which serves as a source of energy at the time of cleaning. Such a device is compact and practical, it crawls easily under a sofa or bedside tables,carry out cleansing in those places where the user with the help of a conventional brush vacuum cleaner can not reach. This device does not require a person to intervene during the cleaning process, it itself “bypasses” the whole area of ​​the room one or several times a day and collects garbage and dust.

how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment?

When searching for a model in the store, you can see that the cost of this technique can vary in a huge range. One vacuum cleaner can cost 5-6 times more than another. This is logical, since the price is determined by the functionality of the models. Therefore, it is logical that buyers want to know how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment. Let's consider the main criteria.

Suction power

Weak models have a power of 30-50 W, stronger ones have a power of 50-70 W, and for some this figure reaches 120 W and even more. The higher the suction power (not to be confused with the power consumption), the more efficiently the vacuum cleaner will suck in the dust. And if there are no animals and carpets in the apartment, then even a robot vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 30-50 W will do its job. But to collect animal hair and carpet cleaning will require a stronger model, although the price of a robot vacuum cleaner will be higher.


The second important criterion is the battery.The higher the battery capacity, the longer the vacuum cleaner will work, but the longer it will be charged. The choice in this case is determined by the area of ​​housing. For a small one-room apartment, a model with a low battery capacity is sufficient, which will provide 30-40 minutes of continuous operation. During this time, one or two rooms really clean and become the station for recharging. But if the apartment has many rooms, and the total area is large, then it is appropriate to look for a model with autonomy in the region of 100 minutes of continuous work. Usually such vacuum cleaners are recharged for 5 hours and cost more. In general, everything is simple: for a large house you need a robot vacuum cleaner with a capacious battery.

polaris robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning area

Different models can clean a room with a large or small area. The price of the device itself depends on this parameter. Most often sold models capable of cleaning the premises up to 50 square meters - the price of such vacuum cleaners is not higher than 20 000 rubles. However, they are also capable of cleaning up a larger room, only the battery charge may simply not be enough.

Surface type

The documentation for the robot vacuum cleaner must indicate its parameters.One of them is the type of surface on which the device can work. Most of them are capable of cleaning only on a perfectly flat surface (linoleum, parquet), but others can even cope with long pile carpets. This is possible thanks to the use of turbo-brushes - they are equipped with some models. When activated, the brushes rotate towards each other and at the same time collect threads, hair, animal hair, as well as other possible debris. If the house has floors, then before you choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment, you must make sure that it has turbo brushes that can collect garbage and wool from carpets.


On the one hand, large dimensions are bad, since a large vacuum cleaner will not be able to go under the bed and clean it. On the other hand, small models cannot collect and hold a lot of garbage. Nevertheless, the small size is rather the advantage of such a device, so you need to look for a smaller vacuum cleaner. Models of an average price range are widespread, which have height about 9 cm, and at the same time weigh 3 kg.


Modern vacuum cleaners can be controlled either by using the buttons on the case or the monitor, or by remote control.Some advanced robotic vacuum cleaners have voice control. Which option to choose is already a personal matter. Voice control is more expensive, but does not provide any advantages in terms of comfort. Perhaps the best option is remote control using a classic remote.

robot vacuum cleaner Price


A washing robot vacuum cleaner is useful for an apartment - it will restore order in the house, but it cannot serve itself. It is always the task of the user. From time to time you need to clean the dust collector, wash the filter, clean the touch sensors and wheels, perform other work. Choosing, you need to make sure that the removable elements are quite easily removed - they will have to be removed often.

Additional features

Standard models can only clean the floor from dust and small debris, more advanced ones can even wash the floors. But these devices also have other functions that may or may not be present in the model in question:


In the market you can find models for the price of 9000 rubles. But it is true that their quality will be worse than the quality of expensive premium devices.

Expensive vacuum cleaners costing 15-30 thousand rubles can have special smart functions.For example, in some heaped models can be connected through Wi-Fi to the Internet. The user will be able to control the vacuum cleaner from his smartphone, being somewhere at work. Even more expensive models priced at 50 thousand rubles and more can have voice control and very capacious batteries, ensuring a long service life without recharging.

irobot robot vacuum cleaner

Wet cleaning

A robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment with wet cleaning can not only collect dust and small debris from the floor, but also clean floors. He has a special container for water. Devices with this functionality are a bit more expensive, but not by much. Some users attach a damp cloth to the bottom of a regular vacuum cleaner without this function, which also allows floor washing. However, the effectiveness of this method is lower.

Overcoming obstacles

Different models of robot vacuum cleaners overcome obstacles in their own way. At first it may seem that this is a less important selection criterion, but in fact it is not. If the vacuum cleaner is constantly stuck on the carpet or abut the wall when cleaning, then you can’t call it a reliable assistant.

review of robot vacuum cleaners

Good devices can easily overcome even thresholds on the floor or wires.How to find out if the robot will stumble? Unfortunately, with the purchase of this does not find out. But there are reviews on the Web that Chinese little-known brands offer vacuum cleaners that very little overcome obstacles and often get stuck. At least in the store, you can activate the device and see how well it overcomes obstacles.

Dust collector

The larger the dust collector, the larger the area will be able to remove the device. If in the model in question the volume of the dust collector is 0.3 liters and the area of ​​the room is around 40 square meters, then it is better not to choose such a vacuum cleaner. It will have to empty the dust collection container often enough, and this is inconvenient. However, for a small one-room apartment such a device is suitable, provided that there are no animals in the house - their wool instantly clogs the container.

If a robot vacuum cleaner is selected for an apartment with an area of ​​80 square meters, then the volume of the dust container should be at least 0.7-1 liter.

Air filtration

Many manufacturers indicate that the design of the vacuum cleaner provides HEPA-filter, even if it is not there. And the usual paper filters installed are worn out very quickly.Of course, no one in the store will allow the buyer to look inside the device to check the filter, so it remains only to trust the sellers and the manufacturers themselves. However, choosing a robot vacuum cleaner iRobot or iClebo, as an air filter, you can be sure.

vacuum cleaner for apartment with wet cleaning


The kit to the most vacuum cleaner may be included (or not included) different accessories:

  1. Remote Control.
  2. Brushes and filters.
  3. Movement Coordinators.
  4. Limiters.

Although the remote is a useful thing, such vacuum cleaners can still be programmed (configured to perform certain actions). So you don’t need to be particularly upset if, for example, when buying a Polaris robot vacuum cleaner in the kit, you don’t find a PU. But filters and extra brushes will definitely be needed.

Also included is a magnetic tape - limiter. It is glued to the floor and creates a kind of wall for the robot, beyond which he cannot leave. If not, then you can use the available tools: a bowl of food, some kind of aquarium, chair, etc. Often, the limiter is placed in the room, cleaning of which is not required. In general, this thing is useful, but not mandatory.

Coordinators - guides that determine the trajectory of the vacuum cleaner. But the cost of devices with navigators is much higher, which should also be taken into account.


When choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment, people usually do not pay attention to noise. Meanwhile, such a selection criterion holds. It will be very unpleasant if the device makes a lot of noise, because its task is to perform cleaning in such a way that the tenants would not notice it. Well, if the noise level does not exceed a value of 60 dB. Owners of noisier models program them in such a way that robots clean only when there is no one in the house. In this case, loud noise does not matter.

robot vacuum cleaner instruction


The majority of consumers rely on this criterion, and this is partly correct. At the moment, there are many Chinese manufacturers on the market who hardly deserve respect. They offer low-quality and fast-breaking vacuum cleaners, however, and sell them at a low price. But there are reliable and noteworthy manufacturers. Let's understand which brands are better to prefer.


IRobot robot vacuum cleaners appeared on the Russian market one of the first, so they are known to almost all buyers,who pick up this product. In the US, iRobot is a market leader, and it is confidently gaining positions in Russia. Initially, the company was created as a manufacturer of military robots, but later began to produce household appliances for cleaning. The robots of this company are the first such devices. For many years of experience in the development of iRobot were able to achieve high results, and today their products are high-quality, reliable, which explains the high demand. The only drawback of this firm’s vacuum cleaners is the high price.


The Korean company iClebo appeared on the Russian market recently (about three or four years ago), but has already become popular. It's all about the price - its products are much cheaper than the US, and the functionality and quality at the same level. The iClebo manufacturer itself is located in Korea, there are no branches in Russia and other countries at all, which is encouraging.


Japan is also trying to keep up and makes its good and cheap vacuum cleaners. Panda is trusted by customers; its vacuum cleaners are high-quality, durable, somewhat unique. For example, in many Panda models there are no brushes near the dust collector, although their cleaning efficiency is also high.

There are other well-known companies like QWIKK, LG, Philips.All of them produce fairly good robot vacuum cleaners. Polaris is also popular in the Russian market, and the brand’s products are also quite good. You can list all manufacturers for a long time. Imagine below a selection - the subjective rating of the robot vacuum cleaners for the apartment.

QWIKK Xrobot 400

This is a simple and cheap model, which for these reasons is in great demand. The device is manufactured by QWIKK under license from Xrobot. The official company has its service centers in Russia, supplies components. The cost of the device on the market is 5,000 rubles. For the money the buyer will receive the device itself, as well as three brushes in the kit: rubber, side, pile. The capacity of the dust collection container is only 0.25 liters, so a vacuum cleaner is suitable for small rooms. As for the cleaning efficiency, it is not very high. The model is capable of collecting very small debris and dust, but its price is also low.

QWIKK Xrobot 700

A more advanced vacuum cleaner from the same manufacturer will cost 10,000 rubles. Unlike the previous model, this one is equipped with a programming function, has a control panel. The cleaning efficiency of this vacuum cleaner is much higher than the previous one in the rating.Yes, and more than a dust collector in it - it is recommended to use it for cleaning of rooms of 50 square meters or more. At the bottom is a lamp with UV radiation, thanks to which the device performs cleaning and disinfection at the same time.

Reviews robot vacuum cleaner QWIKK Xrobot 700 collects positive. And this is not surprising, because with such a price tag the gadget has a solid functionality.

iRobot Roomba 620 and 631

Both models are similar to each other, so it is appropriate to present them together. The price of robot vacuum cleaners is 23-25 ​​thousand rubles, which is higher compared to the models above. Both gadgets have a block of two brushes - rubber and nap. On the side is another brush that cleans dust and debris along the walls, in the corners. Models very well cope with animal hair, equipped with a large 1 liter waste bin. The devices were originally designed for apartments in which animals live. Both vacuum cleaners have simple controls, and there are only three buttons on their cases. Despite this, the quality of cleaning is quite high, and they are not at all inferior in efficiency to more expensive models.

Included is a spare filter, a virtual wall and a set of additional accessories.But such a kit has only the 631st model, and the 620th has all of this.

iRobot Roomba 765

We continue the review of robotic vacuum cleaners and present a more expensive model for an apartment of 60-80 squares. Its price averages 30 thousand rubles, and the device itself has a capacious battery that allows you to work for 90 minutes without recharging. During this time, you can clear a large room. In the functionality of the device there is the possibility of programming, soft touch. There are also constructive advantages. In particular, it is possible to identify good fine filters that hold the smallest particles of dust. Comes with a virtual wall. For medium-sized apartments, the model is ideal, which explains its popularity.


LG robot vacuum cleaners are less popular, but still are not bad. This model costs 35,000 rubles, it can run on a battery for 100 minutes, which makes it suitable for cleaning large premises. Dust collector with a capacity of 0.6 liters contributes to this.

The only possible drawback of the device is the noise in the region of 69 dB, which creates some discomfort during operation.

Robot vacuum cleaner for flat Philips FC 8776

For approximately 19,000 rubles, you can purchase this model, which is able to work on a battery for 130 minutes. During this time, you can remove dust and debris from a huge apartment, only a 0.3-liter dust collector does not always allow this. The vacuum cleaner is quiet (only 58 dB), it has a timer, a clock and a backlit display. This is a simple device that effectively copes with its tasks, collects positive feedback. The Philips FC 8776 Robot Vacuum Cleaner may be the best among all models from this manufacturer.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners for Xiaomi apartments are only gaining popularity in Russia. The Chinese manufacturer has already managed to occupy a niche in the mobile phone market, now it is gradually moving into the category of home appliances.

The price of the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi is 18-19 thousand rubles, it is able to run on battery for 150 minutes (the battery capacity is 5200 mAh). The gadget is equipped with a soft bumper, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, as well as a smart home system. This is a simple and concise vacuum cleaner that will cope with the cleaning of small debris, dust.

CleverClean Black Diamond

The Chinese manufacturer CleverClean is also not lagging behind and offers its products. One of the best is the Black Diamond model, which can work for 100 minutes without recharging.The capacity of the dust collector is small - its volume is only 0.35 liters, but the functionality is rich: there is a soft touch function, you can set the start of cleaning, there is a lamp for disinfection. The only possible disadvantage of this model is the low permeability of the obstacles. Thresholds one centimeter high vacuum cleaner can no longer pass, which is a drawback. The price of the model is 16 thousand rubles.

iRobot Roomba 880

This device is designed for cleaning apartments up to 110 square meters. There are two main rubber brushes. The manufacturer claims that this increases the cleaning efficiency. He is able to work 90 minutes from the battery, and inside it instead of the bag is a cyclone filter that can hold a lot of dust. Inside also provided for HEPA-filters, which allows you to catch even the smallest specks of dust. The robot itself is intelligent and able to adapt to different surfaces: carpets, tiles, linoleum, etc. The price on the market is 32,000 rubles.

iRobot Scooba 450

A rather expensive model for 43,000 rubles, and it can work on a battery of just 40 minutes. However, during this time, the vacuum cleaner will be able to clean the apartment. It does not have a bag, and a cyclone filter (container) is used to assemble dust. Its distinctive feature is the ability to wash floors.According to the manufacturer, one tank charge is enough to wash 50 square meters of the floor.

Before use, it is desirable to read the instructions. Robot vacuum cleaner has some nuances of use. For example, it cannot be used to clean floors that are covered with non-moisture resistant materials.


This concludes this review. Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular every day. More and more people are moving away from classical models and acquire automated systems, because it is more convenient. But It is worth noting that even the most expensive robot will not be able to clean the floor better than a full-fledged man-made washing vacuum cleaner does. Therefore, although robots are convenient in operation, they are much worse than conventional vacuum cleaners in terms of the efficiency of dust and floor cleaning.

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