Robin Givens: Biography and Career

Short biography of Robin Givens first and foremostreports her as one of the most sexy actresses in America. This is an ex-model, which was repeatedly filmed for the magazine "Playboy". Not everyone knows that she also tried herself in the writers' field. Robin wrote an autobiographical book, which was published in 2007.

A family

American Robin Givens was born twentyNovember 7, 1964 in New York. Mother - Ruth Roper, father - Reben Givens. For a long time the marriage of her parents did not last. They divorced when Robin was only two years old. She has a sister. After the divorce, the mother took the children with them to New Rochelle.


Mother always encouraged her daughters to be interestedart. Robin began to learn how to play the violin. But this was not her vocation and she was quickly bored with such lessons. When Robin was ten years old, she began attending acting classes. She liked it much more than playing a musical instrument. The mother did not object to her daughter's fascination, and the girl was able to get a great experience on the courses, which she needed very much in adulthood.robin givens


She studied Robin Givens at Sarah Lawrence College. After his graduation, he entered the Harvard School of Art and Science. In it she graduated from medical courses. During her studies she often worked as a model.

Career Model

The creative career of the girl began in 1978. First she tried herself in the modeling business. She was photographed for glossy magazines. Since Robin and in her youth was very bright, she was very much in demand. But still managed to combine the work of the model with study. For her it was only a certain stage of creative learning.

Career in cinema

In the film industry for the first time, Robin only gotin the eighty-fifth year. Her debut took place on the set of the series "Different moves". But first only in episodes. Then she got a small role in the Cosby Show. Then followed a more serious work - in the film "Madame from Beverly Hills."robin givens and nonsense pitts

But Robin Givens, whose films have becomethen loved not only by many Americans, but around the world, they wanted to achieve more. She wanted to appear in more large-scale projects. And luck finally smiled at her. In 1986, she was offered a role in the series "Master Class". He went on the air for 5 years. Robin played the role of Darlene. But in the same period, she also starred in the historical series.

Next work - in a mini-series, together withone of the most popular black American women - Oprah Winfrey. In 1994, Robin's photo appeared in Playboy. She was listed as one of the sexiest movie actresses. In the second half of the 90's there were no new ratings. But Robin once again reminded herself when she starred in the Brexton clip.

In total, Givens appeared in more than fifty-five films. And in small episodes, and in serials, and in individual films.short biography of robin givens

Personal life

Robin Givens married twice. But both her marriages were fleeting and she did not bring happiness. The first time she married a world-famous boxer Mike Tyson. The wedding took place in 1988. But they lived in marriage only a few months. Robin said that after the miscarriage the boxer began to beat her. Tyson, for his part, argued that this is not true and Robin just wants money.

Twenty years after their separation, heunveiled the real reason for their divorce. It turned out that Robin Givens and Brad Pitt were lovers. At that time it was still only a beginning and little-known actor. As soon as Tyson found out about their connection, a divorce followed.

Tyson had to pay the former wife ten million dollars. Robin, in turn, lost a large audience of African Americans who worshiped the boxer. They just began to hate Robin.

The second time she married an instructor fortennis - Svetozar Marinkovich. The couple had time to quarrel on the very first day of life together. As a result, they almost immediately began to live separately. The official divorce came only after a year.robin givens movies

Robin Givens has two children. She adopted the first child in 1993. This is Michael Givens. She gave birth to a second child out of wedlock in 1999. His father was Murphy Jensen, with whom the actress met for some time, but before the wedding they did not get it.

Legal issues

Recently, the famous American actressThey constantly pursue troubles connected with the legislation. In 2004, Robin, sitting behind the wheel of her car, knocked down an elderly woman of 89 years. The old woman first did not contact the police, and the matter was settled peacefully. But a year later, the victim suddenly changed her mind and demanded compensation for material damage.

Then Robin began to have problems with the tax. In 2009, the Federal Service presented Givens with a charge that she did not pay income tax. And the amount was pointed out is not small - almost 300 thousand dollars. It included fines and run-in penalties.

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