Reviews for the thesis: example, sample

Being a student is not easy. About this know, probably all people. A lot of credits, examinations, various individual works: coursework, accounting, graphic ... However, the most important and necessary work of the student is the thesis work. In this article I want to talk about such details of the thesis work as a review: when, how and by whom it should be drafted.

testimonial review

Basic Documents

When the most important scientific work of the student is already written, it must be supported by a certain set of documents. Among them there must necessarily be two important elements:

  • review;
  • a review for the thesis.tip for a diploma work sample

So what are they different about? If we talk about the structure, then the review and review will be almost the same (there are small nuances, of course, but the essence will be approximately the same). In what all the same a difference? In who should make these documents. If the tip is written by the supervisor, that is, by the employee of the department who helped the student along the whole way of writing the scientific work, then the review is written by an independent specialist who is an expert on the topic studied by the student. All the rest will be very similar: the structure and points, which will be given attention in these documents. The essence of these documents is the same: to reveal how much the student coped with the topic. If the student is required to withdraw the organization for a thesis, then there is still to clarify: maybe it was meant that you need a review from the organization, not a review? This is possible if the document is drawn up in the place where the student passes pre-diploma practice and practiced his empirical section. Once again I want to remind you: the review should be written by the supervisor of the student, who helped him on all the way of writing the thesis. The head of the enterprise can write a review.

About the standards

So, how to write a review ondegree work? The sample is an excellent assistant in this matter. But where to find it? So, it is worth mentioning that there is no single template, GOST. It is best to take the example of writing this document at the department where the student will be defended. This is the only way to avoid major mistakes in its drafting (after all, the department can put forward certain requirements that will be relevant only for this academic unit).

The main thing

How are the reviews prepared for the thesis? An example of his writing can be found in the staff of the department (most likely - the methodologist), who must provide all the information of interest. Although, by and large, feedback is a document that is drafted in an arbitrary form. However, one must take into account several especially important nuances:

  • the size of the recall can vary in the amount of 1-2 pages A4;
  • in its essence it is an assessment of the student's work with indication of both positive and negative aspects of the work;
  • the review should contain certain formal moments: the so-called "cap" indicating the name of the student, the topic of his thesis work, etc., from the bottom, everything should be sealed with a seal and a signature.

writing a review for a thesis


It is also important to say how correctlybe issued a review for the thesis student. So, the main thing today is the requirement: this document should be printed, handwritten not accepted. Also, you need to sustain the volume (as already said, at least 1 page and not more than two). When drawing up a document, you can use a bold font to indicate important nuances that you want to draw attention to, some points can be selected in italics. No more special text selections are recommended. Must be the signature of the supervisor. There must also be a wet seal.

About the content

This document should contain the following information:

  1. The text of the review should necessarily include a concise conclusion about the work of the student as a whole (as far as it meets the requirements).
  2. Evaluation of the relevance of the chosen topic (how it is in tune with the requirements of the present).
  3. Separately, an estimate must be made for the section responsible for the empirical part of the work.
  4. The very text of the response should end with a brief and concise conclusion of the supervisor about the work done by the of the organization for a thesis

Generally speaking, writing a review forthesis work should consist of a short evaluation of the work that the student has done, studying his topic. In this case, the supervisor should pay attention to all its parts.

Official moments

How correctly are the reviews made for the thesis? An example of such a document is presented in the photo below, he himself must necessarily contain the following important points:

  1. Name of the author, i.e. student.
  2. Theme of the diploma, over which the student worked.

At the very end of the document should be setthe signature of the person who compiled the review (supervisor). Also his scientific degree should be indicated. Everything is sealed by the seal of either the department or the faculty. Only when all these conditions are met, the reviewer's review of the thesis is considered an official document.reviewer's review of the thesis


So, what you need to make a review ondegree work? The sample is an excellent helper. As it was said above, in principle, its shape can be any. However, it is better to stick to certain points. So, about the tip might look like this.

Official part:

  • Full name of the student.
  • The title of the thesis

Main text:

  • brief information about the structure of the thesis (how many parts it consists of, how well the structure meets the requirements);
  • a few words about the introduction - the most important partthesis, where the object, object, the purpose of writing scientific work must be formulated, the urgency of the question under consideration, etc.,
  • a summary of what is the subject of the first and second chapters;
  • the scientific supervisor should give special attention to the characterization of the empirical section, where the student's research on the topic should be described;
  • further general conclusions about scientific work follow;review review on the thesis
  • a separate point should be highlighted the strengths of the student's thesis, which he did especially well;
  • Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the weak sides of the work, over which the student has not worked enough;
  • the supervisor should also indicate whether various sources regarding the topic have been used to a sufficient extent;
  • at the very end, the principal makes the main conclusion: how much work meets the requirements, whether it can be admitted to protection, what evaluation at the time of its writing deserves.

Special nuances

What else can reflect the testimonial reviews? An example is the optional nuances listed below that make this document more "alive" and personified. So, the supervisor can evaluate the student's independence during the research of the chosen subject. Here you can indicate the consistency of the presentation of the material, its competent processing and presentation. Also, the general literacy of the student can be assessed: how much work is sustained in a scientific style, how accurate and competent is the presentation of the material. The teacher can at the same time make several wishes to the student in this document, you can, if desired, give recommendations.

Now you know how to prepare reviews for the thesis. An example of design was discussed in detail in the article, to the materials of which, in case of difficulty, you can always turn.

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