Review of the motorcycle BMW R1200RT

Motobikes from the German company BMW have long beenare the status of a standard of high strength and reliability. In this connection it is not surprising that connoisseurs of two-wheeled transport always look forward to the appearance of new motorcycles from this manufacturer. One of the most successful novelties on the motorcycle market is the debut last year, the latest version of the BMW R1200RT. Comments from experts and owners of the model characterize it as a very high-quality motobike, which excellently suits not only for long tourist trips, but also for high-speed driving. More details about it will be discussed later.BMW R1200RT

general description

The novelty is a motorcycle thatrefers to the tourist class and by the degree of comfort is one of the world leaders among all two-wheeled vehicles. The developers took care that during the ride on the BMW R1200RT the driver did not experience any inconvenience. Thanks to the aerodynamics of the windscreen, the rider is fully protected from the oncoming airflow. At the same time, the handle on the handlebars and the seat are equipped with a heating function. The driver's seat can be adjusted in height from 805 to 825 millimeters. If there is such a need, potential buyers have the opportunity to order a lower or higher seat. In comparison with the previous modification, the novelty has a narrower frame. The owner of the bike can also adjust the position of the steering knobs and the footrests.BMW R1200RT specifications


Two-cylinder, four-stroke opposedpower unit with a volume of 1170 cubic centimeters, which was previously tested on the model BMW R1200-GS, the developers have installed on this bike. However, it was slightly modified. Its power increased from 110 to 125 "horses". In addition, a stronger thrust from the very bottom is provided by the engine itself, which is used in the BMW R1200RT. The technical characteristics of the installation allow the motorcycle to accelerate from its place to "hundreds" in just 3.8 seconds. The main differences of the unit, in comparison with its older brother, became a larger generator and a heavy crankshaft. These nodes have a more serious mahovogo effect. Together with this, the designers were able to almost completely remove the vibration. The engine is operating very smoothly at both idle and maximum speeds. The size of its fuel consumption in the mixed cycle averages 5.3 liters for every hundred kilometers of run.motorcycle BMW R1200RT

Modes of operation

In the model BMW R1200RT on-board computerthere are three driving modes. The first one is called Rain and is best suited for driving in rainy weather or just on wet asphalt, the second is for slow travel and urban cycle, the third Dynamic is designed especially for fans of high speeds. The handle of the gas functions without failures and jerks in any of them. Moreover, even a small fraction of the power of the engine is not muffled by electronics, and the dynamics depends solely on the activated mode. It is impossible not to mention the stability control system. Its function is to track the speed of rotation of the wheels and reduce the fuel supply in the event of imbalance. It should be noted that the settings of this assistant differ in different driving modes, which significantly increases the safety of the driver.


Motorcycle BMW R1200RT is completedsix-speed manual transmission. As an optional add-on, the model can be completed with an assistant, which is called Gear Shift Assistant Pro. Its main purpose is to softly switch gears up and down. However, even with his absence, the trip can be called smooth and soft. As a standard, there is also a help system at the start of the hill, which itself holds the brakes and does not allow a rollback, because to move on a three-hundred-kilogram vehicle up without it is very problematic.BMW R1200RT reviews


Separate words are deserved in the latest version of BMWR1200RT suspension specifications. This node was inherited from another popular model from this manufacturer - the K1600-GT. Together with this, the designers brought his electronics to the realities of the present time. Suspension settings the motorcyclist has the ability to change, even while in motion, alternating normal, soft and hard modes. It is impossible not to note the fact that they are directly dependent on the engine operation options that were described above. The onboard computer automatically tracks and regulates the release and compression of the springs.

As evidenced by feedback from motorcycle ownersBMW R1200RT, its character largely depends on the suspension settings. If in a soft mode this iron horse is something remotely like a large scooter, then in a hard one it is converted into a powerful sport motobike. It should be noted that the nuance that German developers have reduced the clearance, compared with the previous modification. This makes it possible for model owners to safely enter bends even on a racing track.BMW R1200RT specifications

Additional equipment and cost

List of additional equipment availablebuyers of this motorcycle for a fee, is quite extensive. This includes acoustic system, navigation, trunks and much more. It should be noted that the function of heating the seat and handles is also optional and it is necessary to pay extra for it. The feedback of many owners calls this one of the main drawbacks of the model. As for its value, then in the salons of domestic dealers, the price of the BMW R1200RT in the standard set-up starts from the mark of 850 thousand rubles. When installing additional equipment and systems, it can step over the mark of one million rubles. This cost to many motorists may seem greatly overstated. On the other hand, do not forget about the motorcycle of which brand in this case there is a speech.

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