Reverend Seraphim of Sarov - the patron of what?

Seraphim of Sarov - the patron of what?To answer this question, you first needlearn the life of the elder. After all, the name of this saint is widely known all over the world, especially reveres him in Russia. The Lord granted him the ability to heal, and also to talk about the past, to foresee the future. Prayers with requests to the holy saint perform miracles: fulfill the most cherished desires, heal, help to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Brief description of the life of the Reverend Elder

Heavenly patron Seraphim of Sarov comes from Kursk. The exact date of his birth is known - July 19, 1759. At the baptism, the baby was named Prokhor.

seraphim of Sarov

Miracles began to happen to the boy from an early age. There was a case when Prokhor could not resist and fell from the bell tower of the temple. Everyone saw the miracle in the fact that the boy was absolutely unharmed.

Prokhor since childhood loved to read the Holy Scripture, enjoyed visiting the church and often prayed with zeal.

In 1776 in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra there was a fateful meeting of the young Prokhor and the elder Dosifei, who pointed out to the young man that he should take tonsure in the Sarov Wasteland.

In 2 years the young man got to Tambovprovince, where he became a novice in the Sarov Monastery. And eight years later, in 1786, he did what Dositheus told him-he took monastic vows and became a monk Seraphim.

Seraphim did not need rest at all, the Lord himself gave him the strength to serve. In 1794 he took a silent feat and settled in the forest to be able to pray incessantly.

heavenly patron seraphim of Sarov

Father Seraphim spent 16 years in the desert, and in 1810year returned to the monastery to take another shutter, which lasted until 1825. Everything changed on November 25 of the same year. In a dream, Seraphim of Sarov appeared to the Mother of God and punished him to stop fulfilling his vows and begin to receive people in order to help them with his advice, instruction and healings.

Miracles according to the prayers of Father Seraphim

For their love of God and the feats of asceticismFather Seraphim received from the Lord a gift to heal people, as well as to predict important events. He knew everything about the past and the future, gave wise advice, helped to overcome difficulties. Sometimes what he advised seemed strange and incomprehensible to people, but those who exactly fulfilled the predicted, were convinced in the future that everything that Father Seraphim said makes sense.

Seraphim of Sarov - the patron of what? They went to him for advice and with a request, he helped in the treatment of bodily and spiritual ills, and sometimes advised against adversity.

seraphim Sarov patron of marriages

To all who addressed him, he helped with prayer and water from a miraculous spring. Many cases of healing of hopeless patients with the healing water of Father Seraphim were recorded.

After the death of the saint, the healing spring continues to work miracles. Its water is truly curative, it returns to life, gives health and peace of mind.

However, the main miracle left afterSt. Seraphim of Sarov, is a prayer. It has long been known that people who are endowed with certain abilities do not heal themselves, they through prayer send their requests to God, who loves them, fulfills petitions. Saint Seraphim of Sarov is still praying for all of us before God, therefore the wonder-working prayer of this old man fulfills his desires, saves him in a difficult moment, helps to overcome his misfortune.

Icons of Seraphim of Sarov

Now there are many honored icons of the holy elder Seraphim of Sarov. His image is depicted not only in icons, but also in frescoes.

seraphim Sarov patron of late marriages

There are picturesque icons that are writtenskilful artists soon after the death of the Reverend Elder, with the involvement of people who personally knew him. There is a well-known portrait of Seraphim of Sarov, which is now kept in the Moscow Theological Academy.

In the Christian world the personage of Seraphim of Sarov is worshiped, he is prayed, he is approached with requests for help.

Seraphim of Sarov - the patron of what?

So we came to the main question. The memory of the Holy Father Seraphim is revered by believers twice a year: January 15 and August 1. But this does not mean that the saint is prayed only these days. Sincere prayer will be effective at any time, the main thing is to believe and think about good.

Whose patron is Seraphim of Sarov? He is approached with requests for help, as well as in despondency under sinful circumstances, praying to get rid of demons temptations. He is asked for the mercy of the gift of love. He helps in the development of memory, relieves the diseases of the spirit and body, helps in solving problems of a material nature.

Prayers for Seraphim of Sarov are effective, if you forgive not only for yourself, you can pray for your loved ones and for your enemies.

Prayer for a happy marriage

Seraphim of Sarov is the patron of marriages. To this saint they are asked to arrange the destiny of single girls. It has long been known that, in order to receive help, one prayer is not enough. Prayer will be effective if it is read to the water. And for this purpose, living water - spring water - is best.

Taking a liter of water, read a prayer to her, withthis put near the vessel a lit church candle and the icon of Seraphim of Sarov. Prepared in this way, water should be drunk, and also sprinkle it with your bed and room.

Of course, we should not forget that the main attribute of such a request is faith in God and the belief that a miracle will happen and you will meet your destiny.

It is believed that Seraphim of Sarov - the patronlate marriages, so those who have already lost all hope of arranging their destiny often turn to him. If you are 30 years old or more and you are still single, ask Father Seraphim and be sure that sincere prayer will be fulfilled.

A very strong help will be the prayer of the mother, who wants her daughter to be married, for the Lord accepts any request of the mother for her beloved child.

How to pray to Seraphim of Sarov

This saint is very fond of and revered in Russia. It has long been so pathetic that they turned to him lovingly: Seraphimushka, an elder, a saint, a saint of God, Father Seraphim, a miracle worker.

whose patron Seraphim of SarovAddress and you are in prayer the way you like best, the main thing is that it comes from the heart, it is clean with good intentions.

So, Seraphim of Sarov - the protector of what? Probably, everyone will answer this question for themselves, because it is known that faith and reverence by the elder of God created true miracles.

After the saint died, Orthodox peoplethey turned to him with faith, and a miracle happened. As early as 1895, a special commission recorded 94 miraculous healings that occurred after the prayer to Father Seraphim. This is only a small part of the real cases of the help of a saint who is always ready to support a believer.

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