Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features

Some people think that the chic restaurantsthere are only in the largest cities. But, fortunately, this is fundamentally wrong. There are also good places in small towns. Today we will tell you about the best restaurants in Syktyvkar. Of course, they are much smaller here than in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but they also attract a large number of visitors. After reading the article, you will find out which of Syktyvkar's restaurants are the most famous and visited. We will also talk about their features and introduce them to the menu.


There are enough decent places in the cityCatering. In them you can meet friends and grandiose banquet. We included in the review only those institutions, of which there is a large number of positive reviews. We hope that you will have the opportunity to meet them personally. Let's start acquaintance with the restaurants of Syktyvkar.Maybier restaurant Syktyvkar


Restaurant in Syktyvkar enjoys greatpopularity not only among local residents, but also among visitors. It sells the most delicious live beer. In addition, the restaurant "Maibir" in Syktyvkar is a place for successful people who know how and like to rest. The place is very special: a cozy atmosphere, exquisite cuisine, beautiful interior, a karaoke room, live music and your favorite beer. Here you will be offered ice cream from dark beers. This dessert is gaining popularity.

The restaurant has four halls, in each of themyou can celebrate any holiday or an important celebration. The employees of the institution are always ready to help with the out-door banquet and the organization of the restaurant service. The address of the institution is Oktyabrsky avenue, 123/7.

"Barrymore Pub"

Here you will find a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. Pleasant interior in the English style, decent service and low prices attract many residents of the city and non-residents. What delicious can you order in the menu? Be sure to try the pork steak, deer chips, duck breast, good beer. The address of the institution is Gorky Street, 2.

"Coffee Courtyard"

Here you should definitely try the mostdelicious coffee and desserts. At any time of day, warmth and comfort reign here. The table is best reserved in advance, so that there are no surprises. The address of the institution is Babushkina, 31.restaurants in Syktyvkar


Local residents know that it is worth to come here forthe most delicious desserts and excellent mood. Also to the distinctive features of the institution are: the availability of business lunches, children's menu, wine list, the possibility of free access to the Internet. In the evenings, live music is played here, and sports and entertainment programs are broadcast. Workers of the institution will help organize and hold a children's party and organize a festive banquet. The restaurant is located at the street Internationalnaya, 119/1.


At the International, 126 is the exquisiterestaurant of oriental cuisine. The menu also offers delicious desserts and stunning wines. Skillful chefs work fast and with a soul. Here come to romantic meetings and business meetings. The atmosphere that reigns in the institution, enchants and bewitches.


Surprisingly beautiful institution awaits you atPervomaiskaya, 62. From the panoramic windows you can see beautiful views of the evening city and its surroundings. The restaurant is located on the 15th floor of the entertainment complex. There is a large hall for banquets and a dance floor. The menu of dishes from the cuisine of different countries.cafes and restaurants Syktyvkar


Describing the best places in Syktyvkar, it is impossiblenot to mention this institution. Restaurant-club "USSR" attracts a huge number of visitors from 18 to an older age. Despite the difference in age, everyone here is comfortable and fun. The institution is located on two floors and is located along Malysheva Street 31.

Cafes and Restaurants in Syktyvkar: List

We offer a few more catering establishments where you can have a pleasant and fun time.

  • Cafe "Shashlik Dvor" - street Dyrnos, 8/1.
  • "Izbushka" - Ordzhonikidze, 87/1.
  • "The lampshade" - the Communist, 46/5.
  • Cafe "The Pancake Court" - Karl Marx, 192.
  • "Comilfo" - May Day, 62.
  • "Pushkin" - Pushkin, 20/2.
  • "Spassky" - The Soviet, 22.
  • "Frau Marta" - Sysolskoe highway.
  • "Eclair" - Pervomaiskaya, 62.

Syktyvkar restaurant menu

A few words in conclusion

The best restaurants in Syktyvkar can easily make upworthy competition to the capital's institutions. It's so easy to forget about all the problems and enjoy beautiful interiors and delicious food. In the menu of restaurants Syktyvkar only the most delicious and varied dishes of different cuisines of the world.

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Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features Restaurants in Syktyvkar: addresses, features