Restaurant "Cheese" on Kutuzovsky: address, menu, reviews

Moscow is one of the most beautiful and richcities of the Russian Federation. The capital of our country is a huge number of diverse complexes created for people. Among them are all kinds of shopping and entertainment centers, restaurant chains, cinemas and so on.

Today we will discuss in detail the culinary establishment,which is one of the projects of Alexander Novikov's group of companies. The Syrovarnya restaurant on Kutuzovsky is an excellent place where the interior fits perfectly with impeccable service and a truly home-like atmosphere. Let us rather discuss this institution and its menu, learn about it, schedule and other information!

A little about the company

Arkady Novikov created his own large-scale projectmore than 25 years ago, and today its restaurant complexes operate all over the world. Just imagine, in the most prestigious European cities there are the best institutions where you can try dishes of different orientations. For example, in Moscow there is a "Syrovar" - a restaurant (Kutuzovsky, 12), which we will discuss a few minutes later in this article. In addition, Arcadia can be found in London, Dubai, Sochi and many other cities of our large planet.


Why do people choose these restaurants?Let's think: would you refuse to visit a good institution with impeccable dishes, excellent interior, pleasant atmosphere, high level of service and an acceptable price policy? Of course not!

One of the advantages of this company is itsstable development, because almost every year in several countries there are several restaurant complexes that are popular in the future. In this case, Arkady Novikov himself claims that he is going to open as many culinary establishments as possible, so that everyone could visit the best café!


Now let's discuss in more detail the restaurant "Syrovarnya" on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The main chef of this project is a professional chef named Alexei Medvedev.

He was born in the capital, and after graduationat school I decided to enter a cooking school. Alexei first started working in the kitchen of the restaurant at the age of 15, which already deserves respect. After completing his studies at the cooking college, the guy got a job as a senior sous-chef at the restaurant Chateau de Fantomas. In addition, the track record of this man is far from being one institution, due to which he has great experience.

The chef thinks that at any time of the year you should eat food prepared from seasonal products. Of course, some may disagree, but everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Restaurant "Syrovarnya" on Kutuzovsky stands outamong other institutions of this kind, because there are working exclusively self-confident people. Well, when professionals get on well and always help each other, there simply can not be any shortcomings.


In turn, the brand-chef of the project "Syrovarnya"(Moscow) is Sergei Nosov, born in Sergiev Posad. The man also has a professional education - he graduated from the Moscow Culinary School No. 188. In the restaurant business, Sergei came in only in 1998, when the situation in our country was really tense.

During his career, Nosov worked in manypopular restaurants. For example, he was a chef in the Nizhny Novgorod institution "Robinson". In the capital, the brand-chef of such an institution as "Syrovarnya" (restaurant), where you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices, was a sou-chef in Boulevard and other projects, and worked as an ordinary chef at Invivo. A few years later, the man began working with several other restaurant complexes, one in Krasnoyarsk and the other in Moscow.

Being recognized as a concept chief, Sergei Nosov, along with Yuri Rozhkov, opened the Syrovarnya restaurant on Kutuzov Avenue in the capital.


This project was opened on the territory of the formerBadaevsky brewery. Here Dmitry Azarov and Arkady Novikov launched the production of their own cheese product, while opening the institution with the saying name "Syrovarnya".

It should be noted that everything is prepared hereexclusively by Italian technology, which makes the cheeses very tasty. At the moment (end of 2016), cheese makers produce only five varieties of soft cheeses: ricotta, burrata, mozzarella, cachotte and strathatella. Each presented species you can taste in the restaurant. By the way, there is even a special section in the menu, and if you can not choose anything by yourself, contact the waiter who will gladly tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each cheese, if any, of course.


The menu of this project was designedThe most experienced chefs who managed to create simple and understandable positions. The menu of the restaurant "Syrovar" in Moscow is laconic, and it consists of excellent dishes prepared in a rustic style. By the way, in almost everything that is cooked here, there is cheese, and local production.

In addition, they are preparing amazing pizza.Just imagine that now you have the opportunity to try a variety of variations of classic dishes. For example, pizza "4 cheeses" here is prepared according to a special recipe. Believe me, you will definitely like it.


"Syrovarnya" is a family establishment, therefore inhis menu has a large number of dishes designed for the whole family. For example, you can try beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, different kinds of omelette and a host of other dishes. By the way, pizza "4 cheeses" is also ideal for a family dinner!

basic information

The institution is in the capital on the followingaddress: Kutuzovsky Prospekt (on the Internet sometimes there is the quay of Taras Shevchenko), house number 12. The restaurant "Syrovarnya" (how to get there, see below) is always open for banquets. To ask the administrator questions, clarify any information or reserve a table, be sure to call +7 (495) 803-24-01.

As for the kitchen, then there are dishesan exceptional Italian village orientation. In turn, the average bill in the cafe is about 2 thousand rubles. In addition, payment is possible not only in cash, but also by the cards of Russian banks.

The institution operates from 12 pm to midnight every day. The maximum number of seats is 120.

So, how do you get to the restaurant?The nearest metro station is "Kievskaya" (there are 3 of them, but any of them is suitable). From this with. m. it is necessary to go long to the destination. Fortunately, there is also an easier way to get there: you need to take a bus number H2 or M2 at the "Teatralnaya Ploshchad" stop. You need to leave on the island. "Hotel Ukraine", where the restaurant is only 400 meters away.

Guests recommend

The main menu of the institution consists of the following sections:

  • "For a snack."
  • "Cheeses from the dairy."
  • "Dishes from cottage cheese and eggs".
  • Focaccia and Bruschetta.
  • Salads with cheese.
  • "Soups".
  • "Dishes in the frying pan."
  • "Paste".
  • "Pizza from a wood stove."
  • "For hot."
  • Grilled dishes.
  • "To the garnish."
  • Morse.
  • "Dessert".

So, restaurant customers recommend to orderomelet from bacon, onions and tomatoes for 450 rubles (5 eggs), as well as classic mashed potatoes for the same amount, rabbit stew with sour cream and zucchini for 700 rubles., Royal trout with avocado mousse for 950 rub. and a poppy cake for 350 rubles.

Menu of the

In addition, a large number of positivethe following dishes are collected: pizza "4 cheeses" for 750 rubles, "Pepperoni" for 600 rubles, ice fish with mashed potatoes for 850 rubles, vareniki with cherries for 420 rubles, beef brisket with lentils and poached egg for 950 rubles.


Many customers of this restaurant completelysatisfied with the service: the waiters are quick and polite. Negative reviews about the quality of dishes here simply do not exist, because experienced chefs prepare their culinary masterpieces only from good products.


However, some guests of the "Syrovar" still note that the prices for food here are too high. Of course, the cost of food can not suit everyone, but its taste is simply a must.

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