Restaurant "Arbat" on Novy Arbat: history and modernity

The legendary Moscow restaurant Arbat on Novy Arbat was once the real attraction of the capital! It opened back in 1967, but remains as popular today. So, get to know him better.

The history of the restaurant "Arbat"

After the opening, the institution began to enjoy incredible popularity among local residents, Muscovites, and among guests of the capital. Every tourist, arriving in Moscow, considered it his sacred duty to come here!Arbat Restaurant

At the time of its opening, the Arbat restaurant was the largest establishment of this kind, not only in the capital, but throughout Europe. Initially, the number of its employees reached 1,000! For this reason, the restaurant has even been listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another interesting fact regarding the building institutions. In the year when the 50th anniversary of the USSR was celebrated, Globus Aeroflot, a famous advertisement with illuminated routes and an airplane of the Soviet airline, was installed at the Arbat restaurant. She lasted until the 90s.

Institution concept

From the very beginning, the Arbat restaurant in Moscow was conceived as a cultural and entertainment center.Arbat restaurant on the new Arbat

Since the area of ​​the institution is quite large, there was a dance floor and a stage for performances. By the way, many popular singers began their pop career on this stage!

Also in this restaurant on Novy Arbat, 21, various variety shows and night discos were held, where you could not only dance, but also try exotic cocktails. And it is still in those Soviet times!

Later, a casino was opened here, but in 2009, as elsewhere in the Russian Federation, it was closed.

Banquets in the restaurant have always been and are at the highest level, and the number of guests can reach several hundred. It was awarded an international award in 1982, when Arbat was voted the best banquet restaurant in Europe.

Present tense

Today the Arbat restaurant in Moscow is a cultural center, where there is an excellent concert space, where you can hear famous pop stars, attend a show program, and dance. In addition to the VIP-zone, there are also several banquet rooms for up to 1000 guests.New Arbat 21

This is one of the most popular venues for any celebration - from a small gourmet dinner with your family to a grand banquet!

The level of service in the Arbat, as always, is high, and there is still a guard. All this makes the restaurant very attractive, because it fully complies with all the requirements of even the most demanding customers.Arbat restaurant in Moscow

Also here the traditions that were created when the restaurant was founded are very deeply honored!

Unique interior

The cultural and entertainment center "Arbat" and in this respect was on top. Its cozy interior, a large and comfortable space, as well as a pleasant atmosphere, help clients to leave all the problems and concerns of ordinary life beyond its threshold, plunging into the musical and dancing atmosphere of a real holiday. Here, in addition, you can taste the delicious dishes of traditional Russian cuisine.

The two main halls of the restaurant are equipped with the best design taste. One of them is made in a classic style, and the second is a real exotic.

Where better to organize a celebration in Moscow?

The answer is simple - in the Arbat restaurant! Here you can find everything you need.

If a wedding is planned, then the huge hall, where there is an opportunity to invite about 700 guests, will be exactly what today's newlyweds need!Restaurant Arbat Story

Modern musical equipment, as well as the stage and dance space of the Arbat restaurant, will be an additional advantage when choosing a venue for a celebration.Arbat restaurant menu

There is also a unique opportunity to have a themed evening or to invite a famous artist to a celebration. Corporate parties in this institution spend many organizations. And for each client an individual approach is carried out, all his wishes and preferences are taken into account. Thus, the Arbat restaurant is a great place to hold a variety of entertainment events.


As noted above, there are two large banquet rooms in the restaurant. The first has an area of ​​one and a half thousand square meters and is designed for servicing from 300 to 700 people. The interior of this room is designed in the style of strict classics. In the upper part of the perimeter there is a circular balcony, decorated with a refined balustrade. All this gives the interior a royal majesty and extraordinary refinement.By the way, there is a small art gallery on the balcony. Also in the whole hall there is very good lighting of the space, modern audio and video equipment.

Restaurant Arbat USSR

The second hall is a real exotic, as evidenced by its name “Tropikanka”. There are 220 seats for a banquet or 500 for a banquet. The interior is made in light golden and light green tones, which gives the space an extraordinary tropical atmosphere. As for the banquet menu for this hall, you can find a lot of tropical fruits in it. All this is done to more fully immerse customers in the atmosphere of tropical latitudes. And included in the general interior of the hall are such raisins as thatched roofs, bamboo scatterings, pagan religious objects, as well as slightly dimmed lighting and quiet music, with surprisingly magical ease immersing visitors into the atmosphere of real tropics.Hall Tropikanka Arbat Restaurant

Facility's Kitchen

The menu of the Arbat restaurant amazes with a variety of delicious dishes. It mainly contains dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, as well as European.

A huge range of hot meat dishes and cold appetizers.Presented in the menu on a mandatory basis and seafood: fish of all kinds, shrimp, caviar. All this can be served as a separate dish or in combination with vegetables, as well as tropical fruits. The menu has a variety of salads, which perfectly combines meat and restaurant Arbat

Regarding the choice of alcoholic beverages, the bar provides fans of fine drinks with an excellent wine list. And there are plenty of exotic cocktails, as well as cocktails made according to ethnic recipes.

For dessert, visitors are offered tropical fruits and sweets: pastries, cakes, ice cream.

As for the dishes of classic Russian cuisine, here they are of the class thanks to the magician chef!

In fact, Russian cuisine has always been considered the most delicious and rich in the world, but at the same time quite simple. The main products for the preparation of modern Russian dishes are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, rice, corn, cabbage, radish, mushrooms, fruits, berries. As well as cereals, peas and lentils.

But to cook traditionally Russian dishes, knowledge alone will not be enough, it also takes tremendous experience.Nowhere in the world will you taste such delicious traditional salads, potato dishes, pancakes, ravioli, dumplings, cabbage rolls, borscht, soups, baked goods, sweet pastries, kvass and beer. Restaurant "Arbat" cordially invites everyone who wants to try these magnificent Russian dishes. And there are a lot of such people.

Why here

Every visitor who has ever visited the Arbat restaurant will not remain indifferent to this amazing establishment. Many companies spend corporate holidays here for several years in a row and are always satisfied.

Also, weddings and anniversaries are a pleasure to celebrate here, because the restaurant's space allows you to invite a huge number of guests, which sometimes plays a big role.Wedding in Arbat Restaurant

And the organization of events, and the service, and the kitchen, and the atmosphere of the Arbat restaurant all deserve the highest praise. In this elite institution everything is selected with taste and special elegance.

Information for customers

There is a restaurant complex around the clock. There is a table reservation service. The average bill is from 1,500 rubles per person, and banquets - from 1,500 to 10,000 rubles per person.

The restaurant "Arbat" on Novy Arbat, 21.

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