Resort complex "Manzherok": lift to the mountain Malaya Sinyuha

As the song says: "What is Manzherok? Maybe it's a small town, maybe an island? ". In fact, this is a small village in the Altai Mountains, which stretches along the banks of the deep Katun. Places here are reserved beauty indescribable, air and water are healing. And even more popular was the Manzherok village, which was attached to a ski lift, set up near it, from which views of all surrounding beauty are revealed. All of the above has brought great popularity to this amazing place.

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Lake Manzherok

One and a half kilometers from the village there is a lake withwith the same name Manzherok, which, combined with the surprisingly clean air, infused with intoxicating motley grass, and the skiing complex "Manzherok" with a lift that delivers athletes and tourists to the famous mountain Sinyuha, create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The lake has a regular ellipsoidal shape with a widthfrom 20-30 meters and length up to 240 m. The water is cloudy-green, fresh. In summer, the surface layers of water warm up to 22 degrees, while the lower layers, fed by springs, remain cold. The water is very soft, has a specific taste and smell. This is due to high mineralization. It can be drunk and it has medicinal properties.

Researchers explain the appearance of the lake by the fact thatthe Katun River changed the channel, leaving the lake in its old place, which feeds on the underground waters of the river basin. Rich flora and fauna of this place. Here grow plants, listed in the Red Book. So, for example, is a unique chillim nut. The primeval beauty of the nature of the surroundings of the village of Manzherok is striking. The lift of the cable car allows you to admire them from a height of 1012 meters.

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The village of Manzherok

The village was founded more than 160 years ago, namely in1856 year. Its first inhabitants are peasant-migrants from central Russia. It is located at a distance of 2 km from the Chuysky tract. Gradually, indigenous nomadic people settled here, mixed families were formed. Over time, a church was built, a parochial school.

Residents of the village were engaged in farming, growingcereals, potatoes, as well as by hunting, gathering berries and mushrooms, chopping and melting wood, burning charcoal, mining tar and tar. Engaged in cattle breeding.

Nowadays the nature of the surroundings has helped to open a children's health camp in these places. Many remarkable Soviet films were shot here.

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The resort complex. Chairlift "Manzherok"

At the foot of a famous mountain with an unusual namesmall Sinyuha resort complex "Manzherok" is located. If you have a desire to see all the charm of the Altai Mountains, the Katun River, the boundless taiga, Lake Manzherok from a bird's eye view, the chair lift will suit this perfectly. It's a breathtaking spirit!

Complex "Manzherok" is focused onyear-round family vacation. This is the most visited place in the Altai, vacationers come here from all over Russia and the near abroad. In summer, you will find the amazing nature of an environmentally friendly region, in winter - a ski resort. Guests are offered mountain skiing, a service of experienced instructors, ski service, extreme park, tubing. Located near the village of Manzherok recreation centers of various companies.

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Infrastructure of the complex

For accommodation there is an excellent hotelhousing with comfortable rooms, meals in a cozy cafe, modern bath complex, ice rink, rental of snowmobiles. On the territory of the complex is Fan Park, where you can have a great time for adults and kids. Older children can test their strength in the "Rope Park", "Inverted House", and the children are waiting for "Children's playground." At the top of Malaya Sinyuha mountain there is a mini-museum of national culture.

If you want to communicate directly with nature, you can book a horse ride or rent a horse. If you like modern means of transport, then take a quad bike at the box office.

The resort complex "Manzherok" price of lift depends on the season and is for an adult from 300 to 450 rubles. Children under five years of age make the ascent and descent for free.

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How to get there?

In the village of Manzherok recreation centers in the mainlocated near the Chui tract. Up to the village of the tract will be about two kilometers. The nearby town of Gorno-Altaisk is 40 km away. The journey time by car is only 40 minutes.

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