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Research. Existential longing.

Research. Existential longing.

What will happen to the existential crisis of personality when humanity enters the era of “eternal life” in the virtual world with the transfer of its consciousness into the information cloud.Is this "eternal being"in principle, a new form of existence of our consciousness or simply its materialization of a long-existing collective unconscious. The great existential longing already now openly manifests itself in sucking our minds, still weak in individuation, into the cycle of electronic paradise. Likely,we are already in a virtual electron cloudor virtual reality, absorbed by the information flow, the main difference of which now is that we are not looking for it ourselves, it finds us. We just have nowhere to go from it.


Great existential angstby losing their primary ability to instinctivethe search for the maternal breast and the replacement of this realization of instinct with a forced infusion into our throats of streams of oily and hard-to-digest information slurry has led to the fact that we gradually stop desiring to find and turn to the need to discard the excess (at best), thereby depriving ourselves of a unique connection with that imaginary cosmos, which for us is a mother, or our instinctive search for ourselves in this world.Now we are not looking for ourselves, now they tell us who we are. It is not even artificial feeding, it is something more simulating feeding and growth,it is a kind of pump to suck our original ability to be different, while remaining ourselves.


The future is already experienced in the present. We grow and shape ourselves in the future with our unconscious motivation to keep up with the times, equating our identity with the spirit of the times. What we lose and what we gain we do not know, everything is so conditional,all borders have been erased and only collective remains of our individual.The mass is becoming more critical, and it has already gained strength to generate the new God within itself, the new collective God, who, like the prescription, will rise and acquire a new life in the form of the collective consciousness of the network.God demands sacrifices, and the again sacrificial altars are filled with blood flowing through fiber optic wires, streams flow, servers work, God is saturated,The natural lighting in our eyes is less and less.


The great giving mother - existential longing, will feed the children who are hungry for the illusions and will give them shelter and comfort, love and care, everyone who wishes will be accepted into the vast expanses of artificial intelligence is great network.New Babylon is being built right now,it is more powerful than the old, it is virtual and therefore has no boundaries in the mind.All the builders of Babylon speak the same language of machine code,and as before, the tower will reach heaven in its majesty, and the builders will disperse in their dreary villages speaking with ghosts in the incomprehensible languages ​​of the real world.



Great existential longing will enter each of us and bring us eternal peace and eternal oblivion.and at the same time a new life in the promised new world.

We ourselves did not notice how we fulfilled the will and covenant and built our inner world in the form of an internal network.We yearn for our nature and our freedom, and run from it to ourselves.And this flight from freedom will be very expensive.

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