Replenishment of the "Arrow" map: popular ways

The "Strelka" card was issued to pay for the trip totransport around the capital. It is very convenient, because it allows you to quickly make a calculation. With its help, the flow of money for travel is monitored. Cardholders have the opportunity to save up to 20%. But not everyone knows how the replenishment of the Strelka card is being carried out. Nevertheless, to achieve the result, there are several proven methods.

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Advantages of the card

Residents of the capital map "Arrow" are required forpayment of a trip on transport. It is only necessary to transfer money to the account in a timely manner and pay off, by touching the validator. And you do not need to take cash with you.

The validator is equipment for monitoring the payment of travel by passengers. Cards can be paid for by different carriers. "Strelki" are sold in kiosks, in "Euroset" and at the post office.

The advantages of the card include:

  • non-cash payment;
  • convenient use;
  • do not require travel.

A replenishment of the "Arrow" card can be performed by any of the proposed methods. Each of them is convenient, because it allows you to queue up for services without queue.


Translate money to the card through the company's official website. On the first page there is a special field, where you can find out about the balance on the number, and also replenish the account.

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For map users, there is an application, withwhich will help you to monitor the balance in any place. And you can refill it with a MasterCard or Visa card. The minimum amount of money is 50 rubles, the maximum is 3000.

Use of payment systems

You can replenish the "Strelka" card with the help of "Yandex.Money" or Webmoney purses. If you are interested in the first option, you should use the following instruction:

  • open a personal account;
  • visit the section "Goods and services";
  • the service is in the category "Transport and Travel";
  • After finding the "Arrow" it is necessary to enter the number and amount;
  • the payment method is selected at the end and the enrollment is performed.

On Webmoney, replenishment takes place in a similar way. There is no commission for such services.

Mobile phone

Replenishment of the "Arrow" card can be performed through the phone, from the balance of which funds will be written off. To date, customers can use the service of "Beeline" and MTS.

To replenish the card, you need to write a message to the number 7878. The text should be: "ARROW number card number". A fee of 4.95% is charged for the service.

The shops

Cardholders can replenish them through some stores that perform similar services:

  • Mostransavto;
  • "Euroset";
  • "Crossroads", "Auchan", "Pyaterochka";
  • "Connected".

You just need to name the number, amount, and money will be transferred instantly. The card is immediately available for travel.


Savings Bank Replenishment Card Arrow

Many owners of payment cards choose "Sberbank". Replenishment of the "Strelka" card can be performed thanks to the personal cabinet service:

  • the section "Payments and transfers" is selected;
  • you need to find "Goods and services";
  • you should select "Transport", find the name of the card, then fill in the data and execute the payment.

In this way, the "Arrow" card is replenished with a bank card. The service is free of charge, funds are credited instantly. You can pay for services through the Sberbank ATM.

Prices for trips

If you need to know exactly the amount of replenishment, you should familiarize yourself with the tariffs:

  • 1-10 trips - 30 rubles (for one);
  • 11-20 trips - 28;
  • 21-30 trips - 26.

For students there are discounts of 50%. To use the proposal, you will need to provide the necessary documents: application, pension certificate, passport, student card.

You can recharge the card with any of the presentedmethods. Many operators do not charge a commission and transfer money quickly. And in order not to remain without funds on the card, you can activate the service "Autoplate" from Sberbank.

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