Replacing stabilizer struts: how to do the work yourself

For the newest cars have long been established requirements for performance. All new models should provide safe and comfortable traffic, while demonstrating ease of operation and stability on low-quality domestic roads.

For these parameters is responsible depreciation system of the car, which consists of the struts of the stabilizer, springs, ball bearings and some other elements. Due to high loads, stabilizer struts often fail.

Today we look at how to replace the stabilizer struts, as well as the main purpose of these parts.

What is the stabilizer

Replacing stabilizer strutsThe stabilizer struts are special devices with the help of which the waves, coming from different parts of the car, are damped during movement.It is performed only when driving on uneven surfaces, therefore, with constant driving on impassable roads or bad road surfaces, the racks start to fail. Manufacturers have established the average life of their use in cars entering the Russian Federation: 80,000 km.

In the suspension of the car all existing components and assemblies are equally important. Therefore, the failed stabilizer must be changed in a timely manner, otherwise the destruction of other elements may occur, and this is fraught with uncontrollable cars and, as a result, it will sooner or later lead to an accident. Rack stabilizer can be changed independently.

Signs of racks inoperability

If during the movement there are knocks, especially when cornering or on an uneven surface, this is a direct sign of wear on the stabilizer struts. Therefore it is necessary to replace them immediately.


The procedure for replacing the stabilizer struts on all vehicles is almost the same. To produce it, you need to purchase new parts, as well as acquire a torque wrench to control the torque. It is different for each car, you can find out the indicator from the technical documentation supplied with the car.

Work on the replacement of racks is best done on a lift, but not everyone in the garage has this device, so a pit and a jack will be suitable for repair. Also, if possible, it is best to purchase special spring couplers and a steering puller for replacement, as with these tools, repair work will be much easier.

All work is done on a suspended car. Rack stabilizer installed on all vehicles, regardless of the type of suspension, and may differ among themselves in mounting: studs or eyelets.

Purchase of spare parts

Rear stabilizer barAcquire new racks should be only those that are designed by the manufacturer for a particular brand of car. Also, when buying spare parts can not be saved, it is better to take the original parts.

In some cases, when carrying out timely maintenance, it is not possible to establish the wear of the racks themselves, but only of the bushings, the replacement of which will significantly save money. But if the car owner moved for a long time to the vehicle with knocks, then replacing one bushings is clearly not enough, and a new stabilizer bar will be needed.The price of this part is quite acceptable today and ranges from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

Replacing front struts

Once the front stabilizer has been acquired, you can safely proceed to replace. To do this, loosen the wheel nuts and jack up the car. In this case, do not forget about your own security. The car should not only stand on a level surface with wheel chocks, but also substitute a log or a bar under the car if suddenly the jack breaks.

Front stabilizer bar is changed as follows:

  1. Removed the wheel.Front stabilizer bar
  2. Dismantled liner.
  3. Removing the crankcase protection.
  4. Fasteners should be treated with grease VD-40 and cleaned with a metal brush from dirt.
  5. Set the stop under the lower lever.
  6. The key to 19 (for some models of cars may need another key) with a little pressure removed the old stabilizer bar.
  7. Next, install a new rack. To align the bottom hole, use the mount.
  8. The remaining work is performed in the reverse order.Stand stabilizer price

This technique was prepared on the basis of the Volkswagen Golf car, but it is worth remembering that the replacement of the stabilizer struts on other cars is similar.

Replacing the rear stabilizer struts

The rear stabilizer bar is changing almost the same as the front. But this business has its own nuances. In general, the order of work when replacing the stabilizer struts is similar.

If possible, it is better to use the lift. If not, then for the work it is necessary to install the car on a flat area, substituting the wheel chocks under the wheels. Then, jacking the back of the machine, remove the wheel. Under the lever, where the spring rests, it is necessary to substitute the bar. Then having processed with grease and a metal brush at the attachment point, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts of the stabilizer rack. For convenience, when replacing the bar fully release the jack.

Next, carefully remove the old rear stabilizer strut and install a new part on the car. When removing the old parts, you must begin to knock out the lower part, and only then the upper mount. It is worth noting that, unlike the work on the replacement of the front struts of the stabilizer, the replacement of the rear stabilizer struts will require a multifaceted key.

The assembly takes place in the reverse order; after tightening all fasteners, it will be necessary to lift the rear part back and install the wheel.Replacing the stabilizer racks with their own hands

Thus, the procedure for replacing the stabilizer struts is not so complicated. This procedure can easily be performed by any driver independently. Replacing the stabilizer struts with your own hands will not only save money, but also give you undoubted experience in car repairs.

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