Repair windows

Today I wanted to open the window to air the room, but I could not do it. Something stuck there, and all my attempts were hopeless. Who can tell where to turn in Odessa to repair the window.
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Answered on February 10 01:11
Wherever the hardware is used, it should be of high quality, and it’s not worth saving on these details. At first glance, the hardware seems insignificant detail, but the whole mechanism depends on it.
Answered on February 10 01:16
Repair of plastic windows can be done independently. I once stuck a pen, after updating the lubrication mechanism did not work. I then tried to tighten the hinges - and the handle began to turn.
Answered on February 10 01:26
I don’t really know much about all the mechanisms, so I’m used to having all the repair work done by professionals in their work. Here, for example, I found a company that is engaged in repair of window fittings. Consult, perhaps their conditions will suit you.

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