Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks

In recent years, at country and homesteadsIncreasingly, motoblocks and cultivators began to be used. Having an external similarity, these machines in their functions slightly differ from each other. The motor-cultivator is a technique adapted to cultivate the prepared surface throughout the entire process of plant growth (loosening, harrowing, hilling, etc.). Structurally it is executed on one axis. The movement is carried out by transferring the force from the motor to the axis on which the driving wheels are installed, during the agricultural work a milling cutter is installed instead of them. The rigid connection between the number of revolutions of the motor and the revolutions of the working tool does not allow the cultivator to perform work on heavy ground, at low speed the rotation of the knives will be slow.


A motoblock or mini tractor isMultifunctional unit, equipped with a petrol, and sometimes a diesel engine. Motor power can vary in the range of 5-15 hp. On motoblokah with diesel engine high torque at low speed, which, without doubt, is a big plus for this technique. Due to the high cost of diesel engines, their use is limited. Motoblocks are divided into light, medium and heavy. Medium and light, complete with equipment weigh up to 100 kg, they are used mainly on individual sites.

Heavy motoblocks due to their versatilityhave become widespread in the performance of agricultural and communal services. Motoblocks are much more powerful than motor cultivators, this unit is able to process farmland with an area of ​​several tens of hectare. It can be equipped with hinged and towed mechanisms, numbering about two dozen different in terms of functional designation of equipment.

Considering that heavy motor blocks are placedthey must be mobile, for this purpose they are provided with a multi-speed range (1.8-12 km / h) of movement. It is important that they have a power take-off shaft, to which attachments and tools are connected, while the additional equipment is operating, the speed of the machine does not change. Although it is considered that the difference between a cultivator and a motorized unit is conditional, the latter, apart from soil cultivation, can carry out the work of transporting fairly heavy loads, cutting logs, mowing grass, cleaning the area, plying stumps, etc.

Heavy motor blocks can be used on manyoperations year-round, especially in those jobs where the use of the tractor is inexpedient. The heavy weight of the motor block is its advantage when working on heavy ground, while it is difficult to perform work on loose and soft soil on it. Rotation of wheels and cutters in different directions ensures a uniform and focused movement forward.

During work related to soil treatment,haymaking or lawn mowing on a large area, for the convenience of the operator of the motor block, you can use the adapter (driving module with a seat), in this case, additional equipment must be hooked or suspended directly to it.

In recent years, heavy motor blocks ( ) were actively imported from China, this is due tothe fact that the Chinese have a lot of experience in the production and use of such equipment. Means of minor mechanization, coming from Chinese manufacturers, are made on conscience and deserve close attention. According to the reliability and quality of production, Chinese motorized blocks are on par with our and foreign models, while the price for their products is more acceptable.

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Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks Reliable assistant - heavy motoblocks