Refrigerator "Vestel": characteristics and reviews

Vestel Group - known in Turkey and around the worldproducer of large and small household appliances and electronics in the middle price segment. The company operates on several basic principles: the use of innovative technologies, environmentally friendly materials, the release of reliable, convenient and affordable for the consumer products.

Product Description

The main difference of the company from other worldproducers - strict adherence to environmental standards, especially when it comes to the production of refrigeration equipment in which products are stored. The refrigerator "Vestel" is a reasonable combination of good quality for reasonable money.

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Work devices quite quietly, shelvesmade of impact-resistant glass. The design of the technique is made in classical colors, so that the refrigerator can look harmoniously in any interior. A very convenient function that allows you to quickly solve the problem with the installation of equipment - a removable door.

Defrosting system

Choosing a refrigerator "Vestel", the first thing you needTo consider - for what volumes of storage of products it will be used. There are small-sized single-chamber models, which are convenient to use in a small kitchen. The two-chamber unit is designed for large volumes and is much more massive in dimensions. The volume of the chamber of such a refrigerator is from 400 liters and more. All products are equipped with the basic functions that modern home appliances should have:

  • adjustable frost capacity;
  • superfrost and quick defrost;
  • two defrosting systems: manual and No Frost.

Devices with automatic reaming systemcost will be slightly higher, and in service they, according to consumers, it is better that the products in them stay fresh longer. This is a fully justified explanation. Cold air is distributed more evenly through the chamber and the possibility of accumulation of excess moisture is excluded.

Two-compartment refrigerators

To be more precise, the volume of the freezer inSuch models start from 200 liters (up to 570). In all two-compartment refrigerators, a drip defrost function is provided. In the event of a power failure, the Vestel refrigerator will keep the temperature regime up to 15 hours.

fridge was well reviewed

The energy consumption of such equipment isyear 288 kW, which makes the purchase of the unit economically viable. Some models are equipped with the "Holiday" mode, for setting and saving the temperature of +15 ºС.

Features of operation

No complications in operation do not representrefrigerator "Westel", the instruction is always attached to the device, and you do not need to ignore it. To set a certain temperature mode, a special small rotary regulator is used. On the top panel there are light indicators, the colors of which signal two things: green - the refrigerator is on, red - the door is open.

Customer Reviews

Relying on numerous about the refrigerator"Westel" reviews, you can make a brief summary. The quality and price of this technique are in perfect harmony, as users note. Buyers' opinions about the noise level at work vary greatly, someone says that freon is hissing, others note the silent operation of the device as the main advantage.

fridge is beautiful.

Also, high operational andaesthetic characteristics. Capacity and a system of freezing / defrosting can be safely attributed to the merits of the refrigerator "Westel", customer reviews confirm this fact repeatedly.

From disadvantages noted the inconvenience of using the compartment for vegetables. Plank-limiter opening the door to many causes discomfort due to the difficulty of removing the shelves.

Vestel VCB 385 VW Overview

One of the most popular models is a two-chamberrefrigerator Vestel VCB 385 VW. The freezer compartment is located in the lower section. The technique is different from the possibility of hanging the door and a high energy consumption class "A". There are 3 glass shelves, which are easily adjustable in height. For eggs, two grilles are provided, on the door 4 shelves. A roomy storage compartment for fruits and vegetables.

the refrigerator has got the instruction manual

The freezer itself is divided into 4 sections. When the light is turned off, the refrigerator will keep the temperature in the autonomous mode for 16.5 hours. The mechanical control is very simple, the unit is roomy, economical and functional.

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